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Time for another official CRB Top 5 discussion.  So I was thinking if we really wanted to heat up the conversation what better band to discuss is there than KISS?  Seriously!  For a band with a Love 'em or Hate 'em fan base they sure generate a lot of chatter, so that's what were hoping for here as well...

Rather than a career spanning Top 5 list, lets break this up a little and look at a specific era of the band, it focuses the discussion, narrows the possibilities, and generates lively discussion.  So to do that lets start with the first era - KISS with Makeup on.  We'll not fuss over who played in the studio, and we'll only focus on the albums where the band wore makeup up to the point they removed it.  So here are the rules...

  • Only Studio albums prior to Lick It Up are in scope (No live releases*, Greatest hits**, or Tributes)
  • The 4 solos releases are NOT in play, were focusing on the band releases only.
  • You may only consider side 4 of Alive II as in play for your list.*
  • You may also consider the 4 new tracks from Killers as choices.**

Here's mine and I'm kicking it off with a wildcard pick!

5. The Oath - The Elder

4. War Machine - Creatures Of The Night

3. Cold Gin - KISS

2. I Was Made For Loving You - Dynasty

1. Detroit Rock City - Destroyer

Man, that was way tougher than I expected!!!  Good luck!

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Sorry Boss!  Totally spaced out Killers in my "Rules" - fixing it now

No problem, I had an alternative song if needed.

This might be a difficult one to come to a consensus on because of the amount of choices.  

Then my list should be the one to judge all other lists. Don't know how I came up with that theory, but it works for me.

I'm surprised you could come up with 5 songs period.

I know a LITTLE (or maybe too much?) about this group and have a few albums. Bummed that I forgot to list "Is That You?", had it in my mind and then just completely forgot about it. Oh well.

I think Sussex The Greek posted that one.  If you change your list it might actually make the final list.

So do you think its worth pursuing if the sample size is too large?  I considered limiting this to the first 6 studio releases, perhaps that's a more intriguing Top 5?

Oh yeah.  DRC will probably be number 1, but if we get enough responsed, the rest will shake out.

There are too many choices to name & too many ways to attack this catagory, but I'm going with nostalgia & my favoites Kiss songs during that era.

5. A World Without Heroes

4. I Was Made For Loving You

3. Rock & Roll All Nite

2. Detroit Rock City

1. Beth

Love the pick of A World Without Heroes.  That's a great song.  Can't say the same about Beth.  To me (personal opinion of course, although I liked the song when I was younger) it's the absolute weakest song in this time period (well maybe not, Down On Your Knees and Partners In Crime from Killers are pretty weak).

I understand your point & agree that "Beth" is not very strong musically, but the song definitely had a strong impact. It & "Rock & Roll All Night", while not the strongest musically, are Kiss to me. Those songs take me back to my earliest memories of Kiss, so to me they had a strong influence & I still enjoy listening to them.

5. Beth

4. Shock Me

3. Dr. Love

2. Love Gun

1. Strutter


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