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What is the best collection of talent to ever come together & form a band? This catagory's not about who was the most sucessful or who's the most popular, it's about talented musicians & which band had the best collection of them. So quite simply, vocals aside, name the bands that could flat out play?


1. No All-Star or Reunion Bands.

2. The musicians had to have recorded together at some point, during the bands career. Not looking for the band that had the most talented musicians pass through, during the course of it's career.

Here's My Stab:

5. Iron Maiden

4. Toto

3. Led Zepplin

2. Dream Theater

1. Rush

Anyone Else, Dare To Take Theirs?

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See if I continue learning your language! HA!

Love the list RJ, I almost listed JHE. I kept debating with them & Maiden. Lynyrd Skynyrd is an interesting, but good choice, those guys could jam! I love Queen, I can't argue with that one either. If I had included vocals, they would definitely, be at the top of list!

First go (maybe will change)

5. Mahavishnu Orchestra

4. King Crimson

3. Dream Theater

2. Yes

1. Rush

I don't know anything about Mahavishnu Orchestra or King Crimson, so I can't comment on them.  Dream Theater would have been number 6 on my Top 6 list.  I've never really gotten Yes, so even if they are great musicians I wouldn't know it.  Rush was number two on my list.  They were behind Queen.  Guitar edge goes to Queen.  Bass edge is a draw.  Drummer edge goes to Rush.  So I put Queen first simply because overall, I like their music better.

Great list Jon! I love the inclusion of Yes! Heard of King Crimson, just not that familiar & I've never heard of your number 5 pick. I will have to check them out!

Mahavishnu Orchestra...jazz fusion man! Light up, sit back and take a listen.

I guess I could post if there's enough interest...

Good list, Jon. I'd rather see Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention rather than Rush, though. I know that's not a popular omission, though....

You know, that would have been a good pick, don't know if it's top 5 (at least to me).

Great question. I am going to try and be unbiased here (though I must confess I can't stand Rush so there may be some bias on that one, lol)

5-Alan Parsons Project


3-The Band

2-The Moody Blues




Excellent list Scanda!!! I love all your choices!!!

Here's my take....

5. Kansas
4. Toto
3. Led Zeppelin
2. Dream Theater
1. Rush

I think all of these bands are deserving.


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