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What is the best collection of talent to ever come together & form a band? This catagory's not about who was the most sucessful or who's the most popular, it's about talented musicians & which band had the best collection of them. So quite simply, vocals aside, name the bands that could flat out play?


1. No All-Star or Reunion Bands.

2. The musicians had to have recorded together at some point, during the bands career. Not looking for the band that had the most talented musicians pass through, during the course of it's career.

Here's My Stab:

5. Iron Maiden

4. Toto

3. Led Zepplin

2. Dream Theater

1. Rush

Anyone Else, Dare To Take Theirs?

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Whoa!! I can't believe Zodiac Mindwarp and The Love Reaction got mentioned. I figured I was the only one whoever listened to about The Killer Dwarfs?

Wow, I remember the Killer Dwarves!

I don't believe anyone's mentioned Pink Floyd. Where do you think Pink Floyd ranks in this catagory?

interesting!  didnt even consider Floyd and I dont know why...

Something stopped me from including, can't remember what it was but I'm sticking to my list!!!!!!!!!!!

I know why I didn't consider Pink Floyd: Gilmour is one of the best guitarist around, but I'm not so sure about the rest of them. Well, maybe Waters is a pretty good bassist as well, but the drummer, Mason doesn't impress me. Maybe they do have a place in a top-10 but not a top-5. 

It's been a fun week, but today is the final day to submit your lists!!! If you want to be part of determining CRB's Top 5 Musically Talented Bands get your list in by midnight!!! The results will be tabulated & the final list will be posted Monday morning. So the waiting's over, if you've got a list, post it!!!

The results are in & CRB's Top 5 Musically Talented Bands Are:

                                   Votes        Points        Rank

Rush                               8              69              1

Led Zepplin                    6              47              2

Yes                                5              32              3 

Dream Theater               4              31              4

Toto                              4              23               5



That's nice for Toto. I didn't put them on my list, but still like them a lot. Good top 5 everyone!

Of course if you can do better, whatever.

Yup!  Looks right to me.  Nice Top 5 Mike!

I appreciate everyone who submitted lists & commented on this Top 5. This is a subject that I have a personal interest in & it was good seeing all the nominees & views of the CRB faithful. I think all the nominees & suggested nominees were excellent choices! There were some that surprised me & some that I was unfamiliar with, so I'm excited about investigating them! I appreciate all the interest & discussion, this thread generated over 100 posts! In all, I think we came up with an extremely talented list & I'm very pleased with the results!!!  



What about The Who

Just kidding, if you're in doubt. Nice list. I don't agree about DT and Yes, but nevermind.


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