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What is the best collection of talent to ever come together & form a band? This catagory's not about who was the most sucessful or who's the most popular, it's about talented musicians & which band had the best collection of them. So quite simply, vocals aside, name the bands that could flat out play?


1. No All-Star or Reunion Bands.

2. The musicians had to have recorded together at some point, during the bands career. Not looking for the band that had the most talented musicians pass through, during the course of it's career.

Here's My Stab:

5. Iron Maiden

4. Toto

3. Led Zepplin

2. Dream Theater

1. Rush

Anyone Else, Dare To Take Theirs?

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Outstanding List Scott!!! I like the way you think!!! Kansas is a good choice! I went with Maiden, because of their complex riffs, but I could have gone a different direction with my number 5.

5. Yes

4. Kansas

3. Chicago

2. Rush

1. Toto


Toto number one, Cool! I Love the Chicago mention, excellent rhythm section! Nice List!

I thought of Chicago too.  Nice choice.

I'm really enjoying all the responses!!! The bands listed, are exactly the types of bands I was wanting to see! A lot of great musicianship here, I hope to see more!!!

Haven't really had time to sit and think this one out yet to make a top 5, but I noticed nobody giving ole' David Lee Roth's band from his first two solo albums any props....Steve Vai (who made the top 5 '80s guitarists list here, Billy Sheehan (Great bassist and mentioned as great in an earlier Mr.Big pick) and Greg Bissonet (an amazing jazz drummer pre DLR and known in the drum world as premier). Those on here that know me, probably know that Eat Em And Smile is one of my favorite albums of all time due to the great song writing and top 5 to follow soon...hopefully.


Randy, I thought seriously about DLR's band.  I decided against them only because I had no room in the top 5.  But they were absolutely on my short list.

This has definitely been fun, and great conversation going back and forth!

A few mentions from other people's list, I did not include, but agree completely on outstanding musicianship....including but not limted to Maiden and the DLR band.

I never got into Yes, Toto, or Chicago that much...always preferring harder rock, with guitars being the "more featured" instrument. But no doubt, these bands are all extremely talented, and their longevity is amazing.

A few more bands that are/were loaded with least for me...would be:

Damn Yankees (everyone knows/talks about the talents of Tommy Shaw, Jack Blades, and Ted Nugent...but whoa....Michael Cartelone kills on the drums!)

And want to throw out Alter Bridge...enormous talent as well, at all 4 spots in the lineup!

And of course, we need to include the most recent so called "super group"...Black Country Communion.

And I may have mentioned this before, but I'll go ahead and mention it here. About two months ago, the "Experience Hendrix" tour came through Atlanta, and I went. It was awesome! It was so cool how each musician would come out, being introduced over the PA system, and would play a few songs, and then leave. Most would come back out again later on and play with others for a few songs.

But the list of performers included Johnny Lang, Dweezil Zappa, Brad Whitford of Aerosmith, and more...just a great list of performers.

But the two who impressed me the most out of this "all star" Hendrix jam...were Kenny Wayne Sheppard....and hold on for the...umm, guy...I enjoyed the most. And that would be one Mr. Buddy Guy!

Dont know how old Buddy Guy is, and don't care! I've heard his name many times in the past, but have never heard his guitar playing. Well....he flat out cooks...I'm willing to bet he plays awesome blues, jazz, what ever...but he can play an awesome rock style. He flat out blew me away!

Sorry to go on so long!! Slow at work today, and when the subject is rock n roll...

I thought about BCC, but no all-star bands allowed, so BCC and DY wouldn't qualify, I don't think.


I like Alter Bridge a lot too Gordon.  Good call on them.

Oh, Gordon, are you aware Mark Tremonti has a solo album coming out July 10th?  No guest vocalist, just him on vocals.

Ah yes...forgot the "no super group" rule...and I agree, that would leave out BCC, and even the Damn Yankees...3 out of 4 members were already pretty big stars before they got together.

And yes, I am aware of the Tremonti solo album...but only thanks to the "smash or trash" song posted not long you, I believe? I thought the song was very good, although the vocals are mediocre. But I love Tremonti's playing enough that I'm sure I'll purchase it.


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