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Who are your Top 5 musicians?  It doesn't matter whether they sing or play an instrument or multiple instruments.  Genre also doesn't matter.  

Keep in mind the spirit of this thread.  These would be your personal favorites.  There are no further qualifications other than that.

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Off subject, but Gary Cherone has a new Hurtsmile album coming out soon.

Cool. I like the Hurtsmile debut...just listened to it this past weekend. I do hope Extreme does something again one day.

Niels, I used to think that "grunge" nearly killed "real" rock n roll. But now, I actually tend to think grunge was what saved rock n roll. It was the only real heavy stuff for a while there. To me, the only real difference between grunge and "regular" rock n roll was that grunge bands, for the most part, did not use much lead guitar. Plenty of heavy rhythm guitar, but not much lead, comparatively speaking.

Good topic!! And Niels left off Pete Townsend!

Speaking of Pete, I must say I've been educated a little more about him recently. A friend of mine gave me a DVD that has some live Rolling Stones on it, but it also has a couple of Who from the early 70's. So, it's ancient stuff, but...what I did not realize, until I saw this DVD, is how good of a singer Townsend is. Always thought Daltrey was sensational, but never knew Townsend could sing so good.

I was thinking about Townsend, but he's more like my favorite PERSON in "rock". A cool dude, great performer and exellent song-writer, but also a good singer and musician, but not just great enough for this list.

Don't get me wrong: I too thought that Grunge saved rock at the time, and I was a big fan, but just around the time, "3 sides...." was THE album for me, and then suddently it was "outdated". I always thought, that Extreme was the absolutely last of the great "new" bands before Grunge, and I still think, that they could had made a great follow up, if the Industry hadn't changed so much.

Pornografitti, which I'm probably spelling wrong, was/is a great album. It may be Nuno's very best. But Niels, if you have not heard the Extreme "comeback", or "reunion" album from 2008 or 2009, it is very good, too, in my opinion.

Not quite as heavy as Pornografitti, but still a great listen. "Three Sides" and the Extreme debut are both really strong records for me. "Waiting For The Punchline" is the only Extreme that I never got into that much. I have it, and it's ok, but it's easily the weakest Extreme, in my opinion.

Alice Cooper, Ronnie James Dio, Doro Pesch, Billy Sheehan, Randy Rhoads

1. Neil Peart (Rush - drums, lyricist)
2. Paul Stanley (Kiss - guitar, vocals)
3. Eddie Van Halen (Van Halen - guitar, keyboards)
4. Geddy Lee (Rush - bass, vocals, keyboards)
5. Sammy Hagar (Van Halen & solo - vocals, guitar)

THAT band would be pretty badass! lol

I realize that I'm about a year late to this post, but it's the thought that counts....right?

Definitely a talented crew there.


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