Classic Rock Bottom

First, the rules:


1. Only double albums from the beginning of time thru 1985 will be counted.

2. NO live albums and the album(s) must be studio recordings with no live tracks

3. NO soundtracks, original Broadway cast recordings, greatest hits, etc. etc.

4. It CAN be any type of music

5. If they were double albums on vinyl but not CD, they're still double albums

6. NO triple+ albums



So there you have it. List your top 5 double albums following the rules above, and we'll tally the list in about a week and come up with the definitive list to be used by all for the rest of time.


To get things rolling, here's mine:


5. Elton John--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

4. The Clash--London Calling

3. Led Zeppelin--Physical Graffiti

2. The Who--Quadrophenia

1. Pink Floyd--The Wall

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Don't make me get all Dr Suess on your .... Ah never mind!

5-The Clash-London Calling

4-Miles Davis-Bitches Brew

3-Genesis-The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway

2-Husker Du-Zen Arcade

1-Todd Rundgren-Something/Anything?

Wow... Pretty cool selections. Husker Du is familiar by name only. Any ackground info and recommendation about them?

See? Miles Davis! That is so cool, waiting for someone to pick one of his doubles. Scott's right, you got some good stuff listed!

Have to agree with Scott & Jon ---  Love your picks -

Interesting topic. This list was harder than I thought.

5) Frank Zappa-Freak Out

4)Prince-1999 (came out in 1982)

3)Todd Rundgren-Something/Anything?

2)James Brown-The Payback

1)Elton John-Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

This is a great list, like how you spread things out (rock, funk, pop).

What's Zappa and The Mothers, then? Rock??

Jazzy freakiness?

Wow, it looks like I got to the party late! I like the catagory! There's been some Great mentions, so far! After toying around with the topic a couple of days, this is what I've come up with:

5. Beatles - The White Album

4. Jimmy Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

3. The Who - Tommy

2. Elton John - GoodBye Yellow Brick Road

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall

There were some tough choices, but there was never a question about my number one. The Wall to me is a masterpiece! I love listening to it from beginning to end! Easily my favoite, in this catagory! Tough choices on 2 -5, but it basically boiled down to my personal preferences.  



#1 was a no brainer for me as well. I had that album when it came out and listened to it every day for a year, so it has a special place in my heart. Awwwww....

If there wouldn't have been an cut off date, I would have loved to mention Blood, Sugar, Sex, Magic, by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers & Melon Collie & The Infinite Sadness By The Smashing Pumkins! I love both of those!

I like the Prince 1999 pick, it almost made my list! The Genesis pick was interesting, but Led Zepplin & The Clash were very strong considerations.  


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