Classic Rock Bottom

First, the rules:


1. Only double albums from the beginning of time thru 1985 will be counted.

2. NO live albums and the album(s) must be studio recordings with no live tracks

3. NO soundtracks, original Broadway cast recordings, greatest hits, etc. etc.

4. It CAN be any type of music

5. If they were double albums on vinyl but not CD, they're still double albums

6. NO triple+ albums



So there you have it. List your top 5 double albums following the rules above, and we'll tally the list in about a week and come up with the definitive list to be used by all for the rest of time.


To get things rolling, here's mine:


5. Elton John--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

4. The Clash--London Calling

3. Led Zeppelin--Physical Graffiti

2. The Who--Quadrophenia

1. Pink Floyd--The Wall

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You don't say!!! Here I thought, I was the only one around here, that thought "Melon Collie..." is a great album.

But I guess, it would have been a triple-album on vinyl. What is it, 150 minute's long?!!

5. Humble Pie - Eat It

4. Derek & The Dominos - Layla & Other Assorted Love Stories

3, Roliing Stones - Exile On Main Street

2. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

1. Beatles - White Album

Nice list Randy BUT...will have to call you out on Humble Pie. Isn't the last side live material?

Alright, let me just go with Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life.

5. The Who - Tommy

4. Jimmy Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

3. Led Zepplin - Physical Grafitti

2. Beatles - The White Album

1. Pink Floyd - The Wall

I'm seeing a run on The Wall!!!!

The Wall and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road seem to be doing quite well.

5. Jimmy Hendrix - Electric Ladyland

4. Pink Floyd - The Wall

3. Chicago - Chicago (Chicago II)

2. Elton John - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road

1. Prince - 1999

More Pink Floyd and Elton John...Chicago, Hendrix and Prince are creeping up!

The voting is CLOSED!!!!

The votes have been cast and, the numbers have been crunched (with the help of Price Waterhouse).

So here it is....Classic Rock Bottoms list of the 5 best double albums (thru 1985) of all time (but thru 1985):

                                         1. Pink Floyd--The Wall (65 pts)

                                         2. Elton John--Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (50 pts)

                                         3. The Beatles--The White Album (48 pts)

                                         4. Led Zeppelin--Physical Graffiti (35 pts)

                                         5. The Who--Tommy (26 pts)

Thanks to all who voted!!!

Nice outcome!


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