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Transformers 3: Dark Of The Moon brings back most of the characters from the previous 2 films minus Megan Fox along with a few new faces like Patrick Dempsey along with the voice talents of Leonard Nimoy and others.


Dark Of The Moon picks up a few years after the last film's events.. Sam Witwicky has been honored with a medal from the president yet can't find a job, even with his college degree. His girlfriend Clare (played by the lovely Rosie Huntington-Whiteley) is one of the few things he has going for him. He had hoped that after literally being a hero to the world, he'd be able to find work somewhere, somewhere where he mattered. 


Early on in the film its revealed that the space race of the 60's wasn't solely just to be the first to the moon for the sake of being the first one there... its to find out what has crashed on the dark side. Apollo 11 is of course the first to land man on the moon and Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin (who makes a cameo in the movie) are the first to walk on the moon... but they also have a secret mission to do while there... investigate and recon the crash site which they have landed next too. They discover nothing alive of course but lots of machinery.


After receiving a tip Lt. Colonel Lennox and his team head to Chernobyl to find a new decepticon and a new mystery... a piece of alien technology at the heart of the old reactor. The item is taken back and Optimus Prime is less then pleased that this item has not been made known to him until then. Its revealed to him of the crashed ship on the moon so Optimus and several of the other autobots head to the moon to search the crash site. They find 5 pillars which when used together can be used to make a matter transportation device (think of a transporter from Star Trek), they also find Sentinel Prime... one of the wisest and smartest of all the autobots. He is re-energized and brought up to speed on whats happening. Before long, things go crazy and Chicago is under attack... Sam and his autobot friends are the only ones that can save the city... and the world.


If you want a movie with plenty of effects and explosions then you'll probably be happy with Transformers 3.... if you want a movie that with a solid plot, Transformers 3 probably isn't the movie for you. In other words if you just want a movie you can sit and watch and just enjoy the action without having to worry about the story to much then this movie will entertain you.. basically what they call a good popcorn movie. It seems that Michael Bay took a liking to Star Trek a little in this film as not only did he reference Star Trek a few times with a few quotes from one of the Trek movies but also used the voice talents of Leonard Nimoy, better known as Mr Spock to many. I did notice a error in the film too... when the autobots landed at the site of the Apollo 11 landing, the Lunar Lander was sitting there with the Lunar Module still attached.. the Module is what Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin used to leave the moon so kind of tough for it to still be sitting there on the moon.


I'm going to give this movie a 7 1/2 out of 10!

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I saw the first movie when it came on TV and it was so bloody awful I would never watch it again. I didn't bother with the second one and judging by your review comments about it not having anything resembling a coherent plot, I won't see the third one.
I couldn't say they were movies for everyone... all 3 are basic Michael Bay movies, lots of explosions and action and not so much of a plot. On the bright side, I've apparently saved you about 2 1/2 hours of your life that you wont have to feel you wasted now... haha
Thanks for that!


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