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What TV are you enjoying lately?


For me:


Monday nights I watch House and Chicago Code then Castle. I absolutely love Castle. House is slipping and Chicago Code is a way to kill an hour. On On Demand I watch Harry's Law which has been surprisingly entertaining. I also watch Chuck (good unless it is a scene with the Buy More people) and Hawaii Five-O which has been decent. Oh, and I watch How I Met Your Mother online.

Tuesdays I watch NCIS and NCIS Los Angeles with my mom and love both shows. I also watch The Good Wife which has been superb. I also watch the new show Body of Proof which has been okay to start. And I watch White Collar which I love.

Wednesdays I watched Human Target but that is over now and likely will be cancelled. I just got back into watching Law & Order SVU as well.

Thursdays I watch Bones and The Mentalist with my mom. I also watch Royal Pains and Fairly Legal.

Fridays, I was watching Medium until it ended as well as The Defenders. And I love Blue Bloods too. Also started watching Camelot on Starz.

Saturdays I was watching the new season of Primeval but that's over now. I also watch Doctor Who when it is in season.

Sundays I've been watching Breakout Kings and just started watching The Killing. I also watched The Walking Dead.

Other shows I watch but can't remember which night they air are Covert Affairs and Luther. Plus Hot in Cleveland and Retired at 35.


So yes, I have no life...LOL

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You're kidding.
Most definitely...the more arterial spray, the more I like!
Okay, just checking.
I thought it was fantastic.
I picked up The Walking Dead on blu-ray for $5.77. TOLD YOU YOU SHOULD HAVE WAITED!
Hey I watched it on TV, I didn't have to wait for the price to come down!

Okay, so you're both smarter businessmen than me...


The first step is admitting you have a problem.

How about Sons Of Anarchy?  Anybody watch it?

I don't watch it.

My brother does though and he loves it.

White Collar and Covert Affairs starts tonight on USA Network.
I work evenings mostly and don't have a DVR so I end up not seeing hardly anything on the regular networks..its mostly on the cable networks. I enjoy watching Pawn Stars, The First 48, Top Shot (when its on), COPS, Hollywood Treasures and pretty much most of the Star Trek series. I'll sometimes watch repeats of any of the CSI series or Law & Order of NCIS for that matter.


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