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Ultimate Classic Rock's doing their version of the BCS. Let's help them get it right!

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What is the right thing, then? Neither Metallica nor Pinks Floyd have been among my favorite bands, but I do own quite a lot albums by each band. I voted for Floyd, because they have made 2 classic-classic abums, "Dark Side.." and "Wish You..". Metallica are a bit overrated. Sure, they've made some nice music, and they are a good band, but their best albums "Ride..", "Masters.." and "...And Justice.." are not as classic as Floyd's. Not in my opinion, anyway.

I voted for Metallica.

I just read your comment on facebook, saying that all the bands, you voted for were loosing.

I went with Floyd.

You can vote for all brackets in the 1st round.

I just did. Rolling Stones and GnR are tied and looks like Kiss is going to go the way of, well, something poopy. 

Pink Floyd


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