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If you've read the news or not, a baseball fan died at the Texas Ranger's ballpark last night.  This story is so sad to me that I can't even copy and paste the article.  He was with his young son and he fell over the railing trying to get a ball that a player (Josh Hamilton) was tossing back into the crowd.  If you get a chance, just read the news article on the internet.  I have so much sorrow for this man and especially his son and family that it really, really upsets me. 


I have a young son and I couldn't imagine something happening to me when he and I are alone somewhere.  This is not a religous site, but I for one will say a prayer for him, his son and the rest of his family.

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just read this!  very sad, just awful...
Absolutely horrible.
Its a sad situation and one that probably could of been prevented as you would of thought that there would of been at the least some sort of netting or something over the top of the scoreboard for just that situation. I've often wondered why some ball parks/stadiums have areas that could be dangerous, like with low railings. I guess this is part of the reason why I like to stick close to the ground when I go to a stadium... my last 3 excursions to baseball or football games has had me no higher then row 12 from the playing field.
I'm with you RJHog...prayers are needed for all involved in this, including the player who tossed the ball in the stands. I pray that these people are able to find peace through all of this at some point.
I tell you, I'm absolutely heartbroken for this little boy.

No doubt. So sad he watched his Dad fall, and now has to carry on without him. I'm hoping that the young boy and Josh Hamilton can become life long friends. I think they could both help each other through the grief. I'm sure the Dad just wanted that ball for his little guy, and Hamilton just wanted to help a fan make a memory.

We almost had another one of these accidents last night at the home run derby... some guy nearly fell over a rail but lucky for him, his buddies and a few other fans were able to grab him and keep him from falling. Hopefully the powers that be with the MLB are taking notice and will take appropriate precautions to prevent any further accidents.

Something really needs to be done.  I realize it's not something that happens every day, but one death or serious injury is too many.  And the All-Star game just sets itself up for something along those lines.  Problem is, what do you do?  Raising the railings is an obvious answer, but maybe they should stop throwing the foul balls back into the crowd.  Didn't that really start after the strike in '94?  Before that, ballboys never threw the ball into the crowd.  But MLB needs a positive PR statement.  And I'll bet they won't stop. 


I don't know the answer.  I certainly don't want to take any of the fun out of going to a game, but they must fix these areas, maybe with some netting like you mentioned above.

Netting sounds like a great idea to me. And yes, without a doubt, baseball players have been tossing balls into the crowd far more often since the strike of '94. I dont see that changing too much. The fans enjoy and appreciate a chance to get a real ball from an MLB game...especially the kids at games.

I think the players just need to be sure, that if they toss a ball into the stands, they need to make the throw go beyond the first row. Of course, a home run is going to fly however far its going to fly...a netting system makes sense. And if everyone in the game, players and fans alike, are now more aware of the potential danger...then at least this man did not die in vain.



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