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Yeah, I know you've probably seen all the RUSH-video's before, and know the songs, but it's my VOTW and I felt like having a RUSH-VOTW, so there. But what can I tell you about the band, that you already don't know? Probably nothing at all. Man, I wish I had gone to the RUSH-concert in Malmö, Sweden a few years back, instead of going to my youngest nephew's confermation. Noe it looks like I won't get a second chance. Bummer!! Let's look at some video's then:


One of my absolute favorites by RUSH. "Closer to the Heart" is a single by Rush, released in 1977, from the album A Farewell to Kings. It was the first Rush song to feature a non-member as a songwriter in Peter Talbot, a friend of drummer and lyricist Neil Peart. It was issued as a single for Christmas 1977 and was Rush's first hit single in the United Kingdom, reaching No. 36 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1978. "Closer to the Heart" was one of five Rush songs inducted into the Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame on March 28, 2010."Closer to the Heart" is one of Rush's most popular songs, and has been performed live regularly since its release. It was not played for the bulk of the Vapor Trails Tour (2002), the R30 Tour (2004), and the Snakes & Arrows Tour (2007–08) because, according to Peart, "we got sick of it."[citation needed] The song returned to Rush's setlists during the 2010-11 Time Machine Tour. After not being performed on the 2012-13 Clockwork Angels Tour, it was brought back for the 2015 R40 Live Tour.


From the same album, but nevertheless a fine video, and that's what counts. A Farewell to Kings is the fifth studio album by Canadian rock band Rush, released in 1977. It was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, and mixed at Advision Studios in London. A Farewell to Kings would become Rush's first US gold-selling album, receiving the certification within two months of its release, and was eventually certified platinum


Probably THE favorite song by RUSH, mine of course. This live-version is in fact better than the studio-version imo. One of my biggest regrets is, that I never saw RUSH live. I doubt there ever will be another chance. "Red Sector A" is a song by Rush that provides a first-person account of a nameless protagonist living in an unspecified prison camp setting. "Red Sector A" first appeared on the band's 1984 album Grace Under Pressure.Lyricist Neil Peart has stated that the detailed imagery in the song intentionally evokes concentration camps of the Holocaust, although he left the lyrics ambiguous enough that they could deal with any similar prison camp scenario. The song was inspired in part by Geddy Lee's mother's accounts of the Holocaust.


From the first RUSH-album I bought, "Hold Your Fire" in 1987. Still I really, really like this album. You always treassure the first RUSH-album you buy, I've heard. It's true in my case. "Lock and Key" is a song written, produced and performed by Canadian rock band Rush. It is a promotional single from their twelfth studio album, Hold Your Fire. The song focuses on keeping a "killer instinct", meaning to kill somebody for no reason, under control. Critics gave the song liking reviews, with some saying it had quality of a hit single, and would make it on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. The song's music video was originally released in 1987, and was produced by Bob Jason and directed by T. Vanden Ende.


It wasn't until I "met" you guys, that I started to listen to RUSH-albums released after 1989 (Presto was imo a lousy album, that's what I though, when I bought it in 1989, anyway). This is a nice video. They seem like funny guys (except Peart, maybe). "Driven" is a song by Canadian rock band Rush from their 1996 album Test For Echo. It was the third of five singles released from the album, and reached #3 on the US mainstream rock chart. When played live, the song often includes a bass solo by Geddy Lee, as heard on the live albums Different Stages and Rush in Rio.


From Snakes And Arrows, the first "new" RUSH-album I bought in 20 years (I bought it in 2010, as far as I recall). What made me a fan again, was the live-tour DVD, released also in 2010. What an awesome DVD!! Talking to you guys about RUSH and buying seeing that DVD made me buy mot of the RUSH-albums, I hadn't bought back in the day. Snakes & Arrows is the nineteenth studio album, and the eighteenth of all-original material, by the Canadian rock band Rush. Released on May 1, 2007, it was their first studio outing since 2004's Feedback, and their last studio album officially with Atlantic Records (at least in the US, where they changed distributors to Roadrunner Records as of August 31, 2011). The album was recorded in five weeks between November and December 2006 at Allaire Studios in New York’s Catskill Mountains and mixed and mastered at Ocean Way Studios in Los Angeles, California. Snakes & Arrows was released on CD on May 1, 2007, as a double LP album on June 19 (limited to 5,000 copies), as well as the new MVI (Music Video Interactive) format (limited to 25,000 copies) on June 26. Snakes & Arrows debuted at #3 on the The Billboard 200 chart where it remained for 14 weeks. It was certified gold in Canada in September 2007. The track "Malignant Narcissism" was nominated for a Grammy Award under the category Best Rock Instrumental Performance. The album was named as one of Classic Rock‘s 10 essential progressive rock albums of the decade. It was reissued and remastered in 2013 as a part of the box set The Studio Albums 1989–2007.

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CLOSER TO THE HEART ...  Best band ever dude!  Best ballad by the best band ever dude!  My son will tell you A Farewell To Kings is the best band evers best album ever dude!

A FAREWELL TO KINGS ... Best band ever dude! You must really like this album since you kick off this weeks with 2 from the same album, totally ignoring 2112.  I do like the Kimono era they just make them more cool for reasons unknown!

RED SECTOR A (LIVE) ... Best band ever dude! but you totally skipped over the best band ever's best album!  In fact you totally skipped their best top 3.  But I do like the album cover and really the album has held up very well

LOCK AND KEY ...  Best band ever dude!  but this is my least favorite Rush album, its so think and poppy, though it has stellar moments - it is the best band ever after all.  You definitely could've picked a worse tune from it, in fact you could've picked the only song the band has called a "mistake", so I'm glad you didn't...

DRIVEN ...  Best band ever dude! Another so-so album for me.  This song however, is easily the best on it, its a stellar tune!

FAR CRY ...  Best band ever dude!  Here's what I wrote about this opening track a few years back...  Far Cry is a real strong opener, I’ve often contended that there are several guitar moments that remind me of Hemispheres, hints of Prog.  To me this is a great album though it seems to have sunk in the catalog background a bit ...  The album does contain its fair share of instrumentals but its a strong album that, for me, really re-established them after a long period of uncertainty

Nice work dude!!

2112 IS my favorite Rush-album, and I did try to find a suitable video with no luck.

Closer - Love the opening lyric of this song. The bass is cool too. I wish I had a decent computer setup to listen to this on. Mine is simple and crappy. Anyway, this is cool song and it's pretty short, which is cool.

AFTK - I dig the acoustic beginning for sure. I also like the imagery of the video. What's the deal with the long shirts or coats or whatever those are. I think probably that everybody in the world is now embarrassed by the clothing that they chose back then. Song is certainly cool.

RSA - Not one of my favorites, but a good song none the less. The music really fits the story wonderfully.

L&K - I don't know if I have heard this one or not. It's got that typical Lee bass playing. But wow, this is smothered in eighties everything. Not that I'm complaining, I loved the eighties. Lifeson has no rhythm at all, but he can play the heck out of a guitar. And why does Lee hold the bass while playing keys? We know he can't do both at the same time.

Driven - The riff on this is very cool. I also like the way they can switch from electric to acoustic and back to electric so easily. First time I've heard this as well, and I do like it. There's no way Scottie G. can like the video, as it appears to take place in an old warehouse or plant of some kind.

FC - I like the video, it's entertaining. The song is okay, no real complaints. Lee is an incredible bassist for sure.

I like Rush much more than I used to. I probably have almost if not every album in their catalog. However, I don't have the time needed to get really invested in the stuff. I guess those good old days are gone forever, but it was a great ride for sure. I can't put Rush in my top 5 bands, but they are very good.

Best band ever dude!


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