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What is your opinion on Walmart exclusive releases?  I just picked up Journey's Eclipse, but maybe the sheen has worn off of Walmart a little bit.  What I mean is, the package isn't nearly as nice as the last time.  Only one disc this time, in a digipak (not a jewel case, which isn't different than last time, but nothing to hold the disc securely). 


It was also kind of a pain to get.  Today is the official release date, but my wife went by WM this morning around 8:30 and couldn not purchase it.  A sales associate told her the companies rep had not been by to stock the cd.  When she went back for me around 1pm, she could only find one cd in stock.  That's crazy. 


Anyway, we have gotten some pretty cool WM exclusives, including Journey's Revelation, Kiss' Sonic Boom and The Eagles' Long Road Out Of Eden, but this one's packaging just seems like a bit of a let down.

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Along with BCC I listened to Journey's new one this afternoon and this is their best album since "Frontiers". Period. I think Mr Schon said this was a heavy album, and it actually is. I don't think I've heard this much geetar shredding on a Journey album before. What was kind of cool was the song "Someone", it sounds like a song that could have been on "Infinity", or "Evolution". Definite total thumbs up from me.

The more I hear it, the more I like it as well.  Actually, there are only two songs right now that I don't like and that is the first two ballads (Tantra, which is gosh awful, and She's A Mystery, which should be much better than it is).  How heavy is that instrumental?  I say killer heavy, especially Castronovo. 


Here are my problems so far.  Arnel's accent.  Not his voice, that's fine, but his accent is somewhat annoying.  Also, I can't hear Schon's guitar as well as I would like to.  Maybe it's my hearing, but it seems as though the mix isn't quite right.

Tantra is one of the worst songs I've ever heard from Journey.  Rubbish!


The rest of the album continues to grow on me though...

I'm so glad to hear it's not just me...

As far as the Walmart exclusives go, for the most part they are alright. Most of the exclusive releases seem to be from bands that have seen better days although a few like AC-DC are bands still making some serious sales. Works out good for Walmart obviously anyway.

As far as the new stuff being out I can give a little insight as I have been working for Walmart in the electronics area for several years. Basically it just seems to depend on the store and how the music inventory is set up the vendor. My store the CD's are typically set out by the vendor, at least as far as the new releases go. We will at times put out the older titles but a lot of the time its the vendor doing anything else. Basically we are at the mercy of the vendor as to what time he wants to show up... the guy that comes to my store is usually pretty reliable and can generally make it to our store at the least by late morning, specially if there is a big release like with the Gaga album.

This is cool, we got ourselves an insider, can keep us updated on the exclusive releases? (The good stuff, naturally).


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