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What is your opinion on Walmart exclusive releases?  I just picked up Journey's Eclipse, but maybe the sheen has worn off of Walmart a little bit.  What I mean is, the package isn't nearly as nice as the last time.  Only one disc this time, in a digipak (not a jewel case, which isn't different than last time, but nothing to hold the disc securely). 


It was also kind of a pain to get.  Today is the official release date, but my wife went by WM this morning around 8:30 and couldn not purchase it.  A sales associate told her the companies rep had not been by to stock the cd.  When she went back for me around 1pm, she could only find one cd in stock.  That's crazy. 


Anyway, we have gotten some pretty cool WM exclusives, including Journey's Revelation, Kiss' Sonic Boom and The Eagles' Long Road Out Of Eden, but this one's packaging just seems like a bit of a let down.

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I had the same issue with Sonic Boom when it came out, I went into Wal Mart and couldnt find it.  Was told the department didnt order it so I had to find another Wal Mart.  I guess if theyre gonna go exclusive they better package it nicer than that too.  Was gonna stop in after work and pick it up myself, but I may wait for your review, especially if theres a chance they wont even have it.  Geez!!!
I'll keep out of this discussion. We don't have Wallmart in Scandinavia.
I think it's European release is 5/21/11, but you probably won't get it anyway, right?  I think I remember you saying you aren't a fan of Journey.  Either way, it'll be in my next NMC.  And you are probably lucky you don't have Walmart in Scandinavia.  I don't have a problem with WM, but many people here in the states do. 
That's right. I was'nt planning on getting it. If I WAS going to buy a Journey-cd, it would be a greatest hits.

I'm not much interested in these exclusives. Be it Wal-Mart or Best Buy or what have you.


The idea is to have the product for sale on the day of release when your doors open for business.


Walmart never has anything up until at best late in the afternoon. Best Buy hardly gets anything worth buying anymore, focusing instead on stocking a music section as if 10 year old girls drooling over that idiotic fop Bieber were the only ones buying music.

I'm buying off Amazon, or eBay or going to places like Newbury Comics or even FYE.  At least these places act like they LIKE music.

I wish there were a Newbury Comics here. I've ordered a bunch of stuff from them and have never had a problem.

There's a Super Duper Walmart about 5 minutes away from us and they always have the new stuff in stock. Haven't been by yet to pick up the journey CD, but will probably stop tomorrow.


As for the extra CD..I can live without it. Seem to be just re-recording of old stuff so no big deal to me.

Went to Wal Mart this morning and they had a display set up with a bunch of new releases. I was on the fence 'cause Lady Ga-Ga's new one was right next to Journey's new one and I was unsure which one to pick up so left the store without picking up anything.



Need some help here...which one should I get? Very limited budget so can't pick up both!

Maybe take a chance on GaGa...Journey's first 3 songs are fantastic...the rest not so much so.  Or better yet, don't get GaGa and buy yourself a nice breakfast.

Okie dokie!

I didnt care for the new Journey release unilt the second and thrid listen.  Its not great by any stretch, but its not bad and it has cool moments.  The songwriting has suffered greatly without Perry there to provide the pop-rock sensibility and catchy hooks.  Its really just Schon rockers and Cain ballads.  Arrival remains there best post-Steve Perry release ... by a mile.
I wouldn't know about the new one since I was told to buy breakfast instead.


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