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Can anyone throw out any other singers/bands with female singers in the classic rock and 80s rock style?

I know about Heart (I have two CDs, want one more, and maybe a hits).

Doro (Have EVERYTHING, need to relisten),


Lita Ford/Runaways (I only like some Lita and Runaway songs now).

I have a few CDs from heavier death/thrash bands like Arch Enemy (I might trade them) and The Agonist (In my trade pile) that I am not interested in anymore.

I have a few more bands, CDs, but looking for ideas/more names.

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The one I don't see above would be Pat Benatar.  I'm sure you are familiar with her, probably just didn't think to list her or you don't really like her.  I just listened to a more recent CD of hers that I picked up from the used CD store, I think it's called Imortia (probably spelled it wrong), but it was very, very good.  Very acoustic based with some electric work.  Definitely worth checking out.

Her catalog is impressive!  Almost all of it is worth checking out

She is playing with Loverboy and Journey this year, but I don't think I can go. I only have Crimes of Passion from Itunes. It would be nice to collect a good Best Of CD (and the real CD of Crimes). I see them used from time to time.

In addition to who you and R mentioned, dont forget...

  • Joan Jett
  • Patty Smyth (put out some solid pop rock in the 80's - was VH's top replacement for Roth but she turned them down and they settled for Hagar)
  • Rossington Collins (RJ posted both of those albums recently, they were great!)
  • The Motels (In the 80's Martha Davis was a seductress!)
  • Berlin (Speaking of hot front women in the 80's, look up Terri Nunn!!)

Missing Persons--Speaking of Terri Nunn, you can't forget Dale Bozzio

Girlschool--British metal band

The Pretenders--Chrissie Hynde? C'mon!

The Bangles--Much more than what you heard on the radio

The Go-Go's--Really nothing to say about them

4 Non Blondes--One album, but a fine album it is

Veruca Salt--Used to have two female lead singers, now one cause the two hate each other. This is more 90's stuff though.

If you're interested in more current stuff, here's a few off the top of my head:

No Doubt



Heather Nova

The Breeders




Letter's To Cleo

Florence & The Machine

Oh yeah...Blondie!

Don't know if they are even together anymore, and Jon knows these ladies, but I really like an album called "Freaks Of Nature" by Drain STH.

They have a very heavy, down-tuned guitar tone, but with plenty of harmony and melody in the vocals. I believe Jon may even have their 2nd release, which I have never heard.

Have all of their 2 releases, yes I do!

Joanna Dean (kind of hard to find but her Misbehavin' album is great and she did one as a band called Bad Romance)


Lee Aaron


Lee Aaron has some good songs. Her first album Metal Queen is really good, some of the other releases are hit and miss (I have a few REAL CDs, and a few from Itunes "I don't really like Itunes now").

I found Joanna Dean on Youtube (two songs) really good.

I picked up Joanna Dean from Ebay! :)

Another good band that I forgot about is Damone. I actually really like their Out Here All Night CD, and an Iron Maiden cover of Wasted Years.


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