Classic Rock Bottom


So what are you listening to right now?  Any genre is cool.


For me:


Scott's Hidden Treasure

Depeche Mode - Wrong (courtesy of Niels)

Kim Mitchell - Akimbo Alogo (courtesy of Jon)

Next week's Album of the Week (hint: think orchestra)

Shinedown - The Sound of Madness

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“ I think we all look for clues that we are not utterly alone. Clues we find in literature and paintings and music and even someone’s eyes; clues that demonstrate that someone else has felt the same indescribable feelings, seen the same things, or passed by the same spot even if it was by candlelight three hundred years ago. It means everything, like finding footprints in the sand of a deserted island. ”
                                                                                                                                        — Jonathan Hull

“ Or, like waiting for someone to say... Hey, I have that same album you do. Because the void which surrounds our deserted island of communication here is like a never lifting fog that prevents us to see beyond its boundaries by the same token. Complying with the rules of this island does not only require one's acceptance of being ignored but also the persistence of not replying to others. ”
                                                                                                                         — Yngve J. Chapleen

Desert Island Collection: DIGIPAK ALBUMS

ACCEPT – Breaker ℗1981/©2000
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, Hype-Sticker

Alex Beyrodt's VOODOO CIRCLE – Locked & Loaded ℗2021
Note: Digipak CD

ASTRAL DOORS – Worship Or Die ℗2019
Note: Digipak CD

ATOMIC ROOSTER – Death Walks Behind You ℗1970/©2000
Note: Digipak CD

BABY SNAKES – Gunslingers ℗2013/©2015
Note: Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, ft./ Trond Holter (Wig Wam)

BIRTH CONTROL – Hoodoo Man ℗1973/©2005
Note: Digipak CD, + 5 Bonus Tracks

BLINDSIDE BLUES BAND – Raised On Rock ℗2010
Note: Digipak CD, ft./ Mike Onesko

JEFF BOWDERS – The Pilgrimage Of Thingamuhjig ℗2010
Note: Digipak CD, Drum Virtuoso, ft./ Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Philip Bynoe, Larry Mitchell, Richie Kotzen

DEAN CLEA / EMIR HOT – The Quarterworlds Of Fantasia ℗2008
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso's

LEONARD COHEN – You Want It Darker ℗2016
Note: Digipak CD

DEAD LORD – Surrender ℗2020
Note: Digipak CD, + 3 Bonus Tracks

DGM – Hidden Place ℗2003
Note: Digipak CD, Diego Reali (guitar)

DOMAIN – The Sixth Dimension ℗2003
Note: Enhanced Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, Axel "Ironfinger" Ritt (guitar), Carsten "Lizard" Schulz (vocal)

STÉPHANE DUFOUR – Distortion ℗?
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Saints & Sinners)

EAST – Blue Paradise ℗1981/©2014
Note: Remastered Digipak CD, + 2 Bonus Tracks, János Varga (guitar)

MARTINA EDOFF – Unity ℗2015
Note: Digipak CD, Vocal Virtuoso

ELECTRIC BOYS – Ups!de Down ℗2021
Note: Digipak CD

EPITAPH – Epitaph ℗1971/©2014
Note: Digipak CD, + 5 Bonus Tracks

EXLIBRIS – Humagination ℗2013
Note: Digipak CD, Holo-Sticker

MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS – Blacklight Sonatas ℗2007
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Howling Iguanas)

Note: Digipak CD

GERARD – Irony Of Fate ℗1991/©2001
Note: Digipak CD w/OBI

PAUL GILBERT – Werewolves Of Portland ℗2021
Note: Digipak CD w/OBI, + Bonus Track

GRAVE DIGGER – Excalibur ℗1999/©2000
Note: Digipak CD, + Bonus Track

GURU GURU – Dance Of The Flames ℗1974/©2006
Note: Remastered Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, Hype-Sticker

HÄLLAS – Isle Of Wisdom ℗2022
Note: Digipak CD

HELLOÏSE – Fata Morgana ℗2001
Note: Digipak CD, Ernst van Ee (drums), ft./ Robby Valentine

JADE WARRIOR – Released ℗1971/©2022
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + Bonus Track

BANE JELIĆ – East West ℗2015
Note: Digipak CD, Black Disc, Guitar Virtuoso (Viktorija)

JERUSALEM – Escalator ℗2009
Note: Digipak CD, Geoff Downes (keyboards)

Note: Digipak CD, Vocal Virtuoso (Astral Doors, Civil War, Lion's Share)

NILS PATRIK JOHANSSON – The Great Conspiracy ℗2020
Note: Note: Digipak CD, Vocal Virtuoso (Astral Doors, Civil War, Lion's Share)

JOHN 5 – Vertigo ℗2004
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Rob Zombie, DLR)

JOHN 5 – Songs For Sanity ℗2005
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Rob Zombie, DLR), ft./ Albert Lee, Steve Vai

JOHN 5 – The Art Of Malice ℗2010
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Rob Zombie, DLR), ft./ Billy Sheehan

TOBY KNAPP – The Architect of Paradox ℗2016
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Onward)

JASON KUI – Naka ℗2020
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso, ft./ Andy James, Andy Timmons

VITALIJ KUPRIJ – Forward And Beyond ℗2004
Note: Digipak CD, Keyboard Virtuoso (Artension, Ring Of Fire) ft./ George Bellas, Michael Romeo, Michael Harris, Jeff Kollman, Roger Staffelbach, Francesco Fareri, Borislav Mitic

LILLIAN AXE – Love + War ℗1989/©2007
Note: Remastered, Ltd. Ed. No. 584/2000 Digipak Gold CD, Holo-Sticker

SVETLANA LOBODA – Anti-Crisis Girl ℗2009
Note: Enhanced Digipak CD

LOCOMOTIV GT – London - 1973 ℗1974/©2001
Note: Digipak CD, ft./ Jack Bruce
Tagline: The first CD release of the original analog recordings made in London between 1973-1974

KIKO LOUREIRO – Fullblast ℗2009
Note: Digipak CD w/OBI, Guitar Virtuoso (Angra, Megadeth), ft./ Mike Terrana

MANIMAL – Armageddon ℗2021
Note: Digipak CD

NEIL MERRYWEATHER – Kryptonite ℗1975/©2021
Note: Digipak CD, + 2 Bonus Tracks

OCTOPUS – The Boat Of Thoughts ℗1977/©2009
Note: Digipak CD

ΩMEGA – Working ℗1981/©2021
Note: Digipak CD

ΩMEGA– Testamentum ℗2020
Note: Digipak CD

AXEL RUDI PELL – Game Of Sins ℗2016
Note: Ltd. Ed. Digipak CD, + Bonus Track

PELL MELL – Rhapsody ℗1975/©1998
Note: Digipak CD

JOHN PETRUCCI – Terminal Velocity ℗2020
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Dream Theater), ft./ Dave LaRue, Mike Portnoy

GLENN PROUDFOOT – Lick 'Em ℗2010/©2013
Note: Digipak CD w/OBI, Guitar Virtuoso (The Nerve)

REBEL – Stargazer ℗1982/©2021
Note: Digipak CD, John Lawton, Tommy Clauss

Note: Digipak CD w/OBI, Guitar Virtuoso (All That Remains)

LAZA RISTOVSKI – Merge + 2/3 ℗1982/1983/©2008
Note: 2 on 1 Digipak CD, Keyboard Virtuoso (Bijelo Dugme)

ROB ROCK – Eyes Of Eternity ℗2003
Note: Ltd. Ed. Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, Vocal Virtuoso (Impellitteri), Hype-Sticker, ft./Alex Argento, Axel Rudi Pell, Carl Johan Grimmark, Gus G., Howie Simon, Jack Frost, Jeff Kollman, Jimi Bell, Mistheria, Rick Renstrom, Roy Z., The Warlock, Tom Naumann, Mistheria

ROBERT RODRIGO – Wrath ℗2011
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso

ULI JON ROTH – Metamorphosis ℗2003
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Scorpions), ft./ Don Airey
Tagline: Vivaldi's Four Seasons

ROSS THE BOSS – New Metal Leader ℗2008
Note: Ltd. Ed. Enhanced Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, ex-Manowar guitarist, Hype-Sticker

JORDAN RUDESS – Wired For Madness ℗2019
Note: Digipak CD, Keyboard Virtuoso (Dream Theater), incl. Catalog Leef, Hype-Sticker, ft./ Jonas Reingold, Marco Minnemann, Rod Morgenstein, Guthrie Govan, Joe Bonamassa, John Petrucci, Vinnie Moore, James LaBrie

SAVATAGE – Handful Of Rain ℗2011
Note: Digipak CD, + 2 Bonus Tracks, Alex Skolnick (guitar)

SEVEN SERAPHIM – Believe In Angels ℗2003
Note: Digipak CD, Andrew Szucs (guitar)

DEREK SHERINIAN – Black Utopia ℗2003
Note: Digipak CD, incl. Catalog, Keyboard Virtuoso (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Sons Of Apollo) ft./ Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Sheehan, Simon Phillips, Tony Franklin, Brian Tichy, Al Di Meola, Jerry Goodman, Zakk Wylde, Steve Lukather

DEREK SHERINIAN – Mythology ℗2004
Note: Digipak CD, incl. Catalog, Hype-Sticker, Keyboard Virtuoso (Black Country Communion, Dream Theater, Sons Of Apollo) ft./ Simon Phillips, Tony Franklin, Brian Tichy, Jerry Goodman, Zakk Wylde, Allan Holdsworth, Steve Stevens, Marco Mendoza, John Sykes, Steve Lukather

SINNER – One Bullet Left ℗2011
Note: Ltd. Ed. Enhanced Digipak CD, + 2 Bonus Tracks, Video Clip, Hype-Sticker

SINNER – Brotherhood ℗2022
Note: Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, Hype-Sticker

SIX FOOT SIX – End Of All ℗2020
Note: Digipak CD

SUGARLOAF – Sputnik ℗2019
Note: Digipak CD

TAMAS SZEKERES – White Shapes Of Blue ℗2019
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Omega, Omen)

SZÍJÁRTÓ ZSOLT – Stoppos A Galaxisban ℗2019
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Omen)

RON THAL – The Adventures Of Bumblefoot (And Other Tales Of Woe...) ℗1995/©2009
Note: Digipak CD, + 7 Bonus Tracks, Guitar Virtuoso (Guns N' Roses, Sons Of Apollo)

THE MURDER OF MY SWEET – Divanity ℗2010
Note: Enhanced Digipak CD, + Video Clip, Holo-Sticker

THE SPOTNICKS – Never Trust Robots / Chart Toppers ℗1978/1977/©2003
Note: Remastered, 2 on 1 Digipak CD

THE TRASHMEN – Surfin' Bird ℗1964/©2010
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, Mono

THRASHER – Burning At The Speed Of Light ℗1985/©2008
Note: Digipak Gold CD, Holo-Sticker, ft./ Billy Sheehan, Carl Canedy, Jack Starr, Rhett Forrester

TITANIC – Eagle Rock ℗1973/©2010
Note: Digipak CD, + 4 Bonus Tracks

TOAD – Toad ℗1971/©2017
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + 4 Bonus Tracks, Vic Vergeat (guitar)

TOAD – Tomorrow Blue ℗1972/©2017
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + 5 Bonus Tracks, Vic Vergeat (guitar)

R. M. TOČAK – R. M. Točak ℗1977/©2009
Note: Remastered, Digipak, Guitar Virtuoso (Smak)

TURBOKILL – Vice World ℗2019
Note: Digipak CD

TWENTY SIXTY SIX AND THEN – Reflections! ℗1972/1991/©?
Note: Remastered, Second Edition, Digipak CD, A compilation featuring tracks from "Reflections On The Future" (2 to 4) and "Reflections On The Past" (1, 5 to 8)

Note: Digipak CD, English Ed. Guitar Virtuoso (East)

SALVO VECCHIO – The Warm Light Of Night ℗2011
Note: Digipak CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Ivory)

PACO VENTURA – Black Moon ℗2015
Note: Digipak CD w/OBI, Guitar Virtuoso (Medina Azahara), ft./ John Norum, Patrick Rondat, Bruce Kulick, Roland Grapow, Göran Edman, Joe Lynn Turner, Fabio Lione, Kiko Loureiro

VOW WOW – Beat Of A Metal Motion ℗1984/©2011
Note: Enhanced Digipak Blu-spec CD w/OBI, + Bonus Movie, Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar)

VOW WOW – III ℗1986/©2011
Note: Enhanced Digipak Blu-spec CD w/OBI, + Bonus Movie, Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar)

VOW WOW – V ℗1987/©2011
Note: Enhanced Digipak Blu-spec CD w/OBI, + Bonus Movie, Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar), Neil Murray (bass), Rei Atsumi (keyboards)

VOW WOW – Mountain Top ℗1990/©2011
Note: Enhanced Digipak Blu-spec CD w/OBI, + Bonus Movie, Kyoji Yamamoto (guitar)

WIG WAM – Non Stop Rock'n'Roll ℗2010
Note: Digipak CD, + Bonus Track, Holo-Sticker

MARK WOOD – Turbow ℗2016
Note: Digipak CD, El. Violin Virtuoso, ft./ Joe Franco

YARDBIRDS – Birdland ℗2003
Note: Digipak CD w/ Embossed Cover, ft./ Jeff 'Skunk' Baxter, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Slash, Brian May, Steve Lukather

YELLO – You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess ℗1983/©2005
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + 6 Bonus Tracks

YELLO – Stella ℗1985/©2005
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + 4 Bonus Tracks

YELLO – One Second ℗1987/©2005
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + 5 Bonus Tracks, ft./ Shirley Bassey

YELLO – Flag ℗1988/©2005
Note: Remastered, Digipak CD, + 3 Bonus Tracks

MARTY YOUNG – Show Hand ℗2009
Note: Digipak CD w/Slide-On OBI, Guitar Virtuoso, ft./ Stuart Hamm, Lars Eric Mattsson, Neil Zaza, Derek Sherinian

ZOLDAR & CLARK – The Ghost Of Way ℗1977/©2008
Note: Digipak CD, ft./ Jeff Cannata, Jimi Bell, James Christian

My playlist this week!

Illusory - Crimson Wreath

House Of Lords - Saints and Sinners

Brian Howe - Tangled in Blue

Mary Chapin Carpenter - Stones In The Road

The Cars - Heartbeat City

Red Lotus - De Pinche Nada 

Cyndi Thomson - My World

Armored Saint - Raising Fear

Various—Detroit Rock City: Music From The Motion Picture
Steely Dan—Aja
Def Leppard—High 'N' Dry
Outlaws—Ghost Riders
George Michael—Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1
The Kinks—Give The People What They Want
Nazareth—Hair Of The Dog
Iron Maiden—Piece Of Mind
Queen—The Miracle (Deluxe Edition)
Threshold—Dividing Lines
Peter Frampton—Classics Volume 12
Headspace—I Am Anonymous
Crosby, Stills & Nash—Daylight Again
Robert Plant—The Principle Of Moments
Wishbone Ash—Argus
Six By Six—Six By Six
Hanoi Rocks—Two Steps From The Move
The Michael Schenker Group—Assault Attack
Judas Priest—British Steel
Van Halen—Women And Children First
Metallica—Kill 'Em All
Megadeth—Rust In Peace
AC/DC—Back In Black
The Joe Perry Project—I've Got The Rock 'N' Rolls Again
Rolling Stones—Jump Back: The Best Of The Rolling Stones
The Who—Who's Next


I've got the Def Leppard, Iron Maiden, Robert Plant, Journey, Judas Priest, Van Halen, Metallica and AC/DC albums.

“ There's the juiciest music that makes me so happy, music that I need on that deserted island when I'm stranded for the rest of my life, and nobody cares that it's there. ”
                                                                                                       — Esperanza Spalding

“ Finally someone worth spending eternity together on a deserted island.
Hopefully, our definition of "juiciest" music is the same. ”
                                                                                         — Yngve J. Chapleen

Desert Island Collection: BEST OF/GREATEST HITS CDs

LAURA BRANIGANThe Best Of Branigan ℗1995
Note: 13-Tracks CD, Vocal Virtuoso

CSEPREGI ÉVAJubileum ℗2002
Note: 14-Tracks CD, Vocal Virtuoso of Newton Family

LORDIThe Monster Show ℗2004
Note: 12-Tracks CD + 3 Videos DVD, PAL, Hype Sticker

YNGWIE J. MALMSTEENInstrumental Best Album ℗2004
Note: 15-Tracks CD, Japan Ed. no OBI, Guitar Virtuoso (Steeler, Alcatrazz)

Note: 14-Tracks CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Steeler, Alcatrazz),  ft./ Tim Ripper Owens, Hype Sticker

FREDDIE MERCURYThe Great Pretender ℗1992
Note: 11-Tracks CD, Vocal Virtuoso of Queen

LEONARD COHENGreatest Hits ℗1975/©2009
Note: 17-Tracks CD, 1975 Ed. expanded w/ 5 later Tracks

THE ALAN PARSONS PROJECTThe Instrumental Works ℗1988
Note: 10-Tracks CD

AXEL RUDI PELLThe Ballads ℗1993
Note: 10-Tracks CD, Guitar Virtuoso (Steeler) ft./ Jeff Scott Soto, Rob Rock

SHOUT / TAMPLIN – At The Top Of Their Lungs ℗1992
Note: 14-Tracks CD, 2 previously unreleased Tracks

BILLY SQUIRE16 Strokes: The Best Of Billy Squier ℗1995
Note: 16-Tracks CD, (ex-Piper), Club Ed.

SHAKIN STEVENSCollectable ℗2004
Note: Remastered, 24-Tracks CD + 12 Videos DVD, PAL

STEVE VAIThe Infinite Steve Vai: An Anthology ℗2003
Note: 2x CD, 32-Tracks, Guitar Virtuoso (DLR, Whitesnake, Alcatrazz), Hype-Sticker, Y-Fold-Sticker

URIAH HEEPThe Best Of Uriah Heep ℗1976/©?
Note: 9-Tracks CD, Club Ed.

ZZ TOPGreatest Hits ℗1992
Note: 18-Tracks CD, Club Ed.

HETES FOGATVajdasági Lakodalmas ℗?
Note: 18-Tracks CD, Hungarian Wedding Music

Note: 10-Tracks CD, The Authentic Hungarian Romany Sound

APOSTOLAranyalbum - Nehéz A Boldogságtól Búcsút Venni ℗1996
Note: 15-Track Gold CD

MÁTÉ PÉTEREgy Darabot A Szívemből ℗1989/©1994
Note: 20-Tracks CD

SZANDIAranyos ℗1993
Note: 17-Tracks CD, ft./ Fenyő Miklós, Szikora Róbert, Faragó Judy István

ZOLTÁN ERIKACsak Neked! ℗1990/©?
Note: 14-Tracks CD

BAJAGA I INSTRUKTORI – Dvadeseti Vek ℗1996
Note: 18-Tracks CD, (ex-Riblja Čorba)

VALENTINOThe Platinum Collection ℗2007
Note: 18-Tracks CD

ZDRAVKO ČOLIĆ39 Hitova ℗2007/©2008
Note: 2CD, 39-Tracks, (ex-Korni Grupa, Ambasadori)

ADAM ANTAntics In The Forbidden Zone ℗1990
Note: 21-Tracks CD, incl. Adam Ant & Adam And The Ants hits

THE CREATURESA Bestiary Of ℗1997
Note: 18-Tracks CD

DSCHINGHIS KHANHuh Hah Dschinghis Khan - Ihre Grössten Erfolge ℗1993
Note: 16-Track CD, Partially Mixed

Note: 14-Tracks CD, Bonus Track

EDDY GRANTGrant's Greatest ℗1999
Note: 18-Tracks CD

JUDGE DREAD – The Beast Of ℗2000
Note: 16-Tracks CD
Tagline: 16 Pulsating Big Ones

MICHIYA HARUHATABest Works 1987-2008 ~ Route86 ~ ℗2008
Note: 24-Tracks 2CD w/OBI, Guitar Vituoso (Tube)

TOMOYASU HOTEIElectric Samurai ℗2004
Note: 14-Tracks CD w/OBI, incl 2 New Songs, Guitar Virtuoso (Kill Bill Soundtrack)

JEAN MICHEL JARREImages: The Best Of ℗1991
Note: 17-Tracks CD

THE CYCLE – Instrumental:2006~2012 ℗2012
Note: 12-Tracks CD w/OBI, Panther (guitars)

RICHARD VIMAL Aquarythmies ℗2001
Note: 18-Tracks CD

TOMITA Tomita's Greatest Hits CD ℗1979/©1986
Note: 14-Tracks CD

RICK WAKEMANRecollections - The Very Best Of (1973-1979) ℗2000/©2014
Note: 14-Tracks CD w/OBI

KYOJI YAMAMOTOGuitar Man ℗1982/©2007
Note: Remastered, 15-Tracks CD w/OBI, Guitar Virtuoso (Bow Wow, Phenomena)

NEOTON FAMILIAAttrakció ℗1988/©?
Note: 16-Tracks CD

20 FINGERS20 Fingers ℗1995
Note: Rare 19-Track CD, Made In Germany Version (ZYX Music), ft./ Katrina, Big Sister, Bongo Boys, Dance Factor, Ted Tubbacki & Goober, Vicki R., Gillette, Rochelle, Nerada, Roula, Max-A-Million, Jr. Flex, Cassandra, 20 Fingers

E-ROTICGreatest Tits ℗1998
Note: 15-Tracks CD

BONEY M. 200020th Century Hits ℗1999
Note: 20-Tracks CD

DORIS D & THE PINSShine Up & Other Great Hits ℗1991
Note: 14-Tracks, "The Silver Collection" tray

BOWIEBest Of Bowie ℗2002
Note: Remastered, 38-Tracks 2CD, Released in 21 territories with its own track listing based upon local popularity, All in all 63 tracks were in the pot, As an identifier the spine had the country's flag printed on

C.C. CATCHGreatest Hits ℗2018
Note: 21-Tracks CD

KIM WILDEThe Singles Collection 1981 - 1993 ℗1993/©?
Note: 17-Tracks CD, incl. Bonus Track

CHERThe Very Best Of Cher ℗2003
Note: 42-Tracks 2CD

PHIL COLLINS...Hits ℗1998/©?
Note: 16-Tracks CD, Club Ed.

PAUL YOUNGFrom Time To Time (The Singles Collection) ℗1991
Note: 15-Tracks CD, Club Ed.

GABRY PONTESelection ℗2003
Note: 37-Tracks 2CD, Holo-Sticker (ex-Eiffel 65)

REDNEXGreatest Hits & Remixes ℗2019
Note: 30-Tracks 2CD

JOYGrand Collection ℗2001
Note: 16-Tracks CD, Holo-Sticker

LA BIONDA – Collections ℗2009
Note: 12-Tracks CD, Holo-Sticker

ROXETTE – Hits (A Collection Of Their 20 Greatest Songs) ℗2006/©2012
Note: 20-Tracks, Exclusive Canadian Tour Edition CD

SECRET SERVICETop Secret* (*Greatest Hits) ℗2000
Note: 20-Tracks CD

SUPERMAXBest Of (30th Anniversary Edition) ℗2008
Note: 17-Tracks CD + 27 Videos DVD

1135. LarkinPoe - Blood Harmony 

1136. Billy Idol - The Roadside EP/The Cage EP

1137. The Cult - Under The Midnight Sun

1138. John Moreland - Birds In Athens Ceiling 

1139. Whiskey Myers - Tornillo

1140. Ghost - Impera

1141. Arlo McKinley - This Mess We’re In

1142. Sammy Hagar And The Circle - Crazy Times

1143. Kiss - Creatures Of The Night 40th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

1144. Kiss - Destroyer 45th Anniversary Deluxe Edition

I've got both of those Billy Idol EPs but I haven't gotten around to listening to the The Cage yet. And while I do have the two Kiss albums, I don't have those deluxe editions.

My playlist this week!

Illusory - Crimson Wreath

Night Ranger - Dawn Patrol

Night Ranger - 7 Wishes

Night Ranger - Big Life

Night Ranger - High Road

Great White - Hooked

Great White - Can't Get There From Here

Christopher Cross—Christopher Cross
The Smithereens—The Lost Album
Kansas—In The Spirit Of Things
Jefferson Starship—Modern Times
Pink Floyd—Wish You Were Here
Funkadelic—Maggot Brain
Chicago—Chicago V
The Charlie Daniels Band—Million Mile Reflections
Uriah Heep—Sonic Origami
UFO—Will The Last Man Standing (Turn Out The Lights)
Big Wreck—Ghosts
Rush—Moving Pictures
King's X—Dogman
Queen—A Night At The Opera
Joe Jackson—Look Sharp!
The Pretty Reckless—Other Worlds
Toto—Falling In Between
Chris Caffery—Faces
Enuff Z'Nuff—Animals With Human Intelligence
Enya—Paint The Sky With Stars: The Best Of Enya
Anthrax—Return Of The Killer A's
Andy Taylor—Thunder
Lillian Axe—Psychoschizophrenia
Blue Oyster Cult—Heaven Forbid
Motley Crue—Motley Crue
Various—I, Tonya (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Arc Angels—Arc Angels
Trans-Siberian Orchestra—Christmas Eve And Other Stories
Daryl Hall & John Oates—Big Bam Boom
In This Moment—A Star-Crossed Wasteland
Skid Row—The Gang's All Here
John Elefante—On My Way To The Sun
Black Sabbath—Mob Rules
Dream Evil—The Book Of Heavy Metal
Molly Hatchet—Flirtin' With Disaster
Therion—Secret Of The Runes
Krokus---One Vice At A Time
Deep Purple—Purpendicular
ZZ Top—Recycler


I've got the Rush, Yes, Chris Caffery, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Black Sabbath and Extreme albums.

I MIGHT have that Lillian Axe album, I have to check my Big Box of Cassettes. I know I have a Lillian Axe album in there but I can't remember which one.

if not, get it. Great album.

“ I've been asked over the years to compile a list of desert-island discs.
I couldn't do that.
If I was trapped on a desert island, I don't think I'd want 10 songs to bring with me. ”

                                                                                                                                — John Lydon

“ Neither would I.
10.000 songs is the bare minimum. ”
                                                       — Yngve J. Chapleen

Desert Island Collection Best Of/Greatest Hits: (Take Two)

BRYAN ADAMSAnthology ℗2005
Note: 36-Tracks 2CD, ft./ Tina Turner, Sting & Rod Stewart, Bonnie Raitt, Pamela Anderson

ANGELAn Anthology ℗1992
Note: 20-Tracks CD

BOSTONGreatest Hits ℗1997/©?
Note: 16-Tracks CD

BON JOVICross Road ℗1994
Note: 14-Tracks CD, No Barcode US Club Ed.

DOKKENThe Very Best Of Dokken ℗1999
Note: 16-Tracks CD, Can. Club Edition, + KXM/George Lynch Guitar Pick

CHILLIWACKGreatest Hits ℗1982/©2002
Note: Remastered, 13-Tracks CD, + Enhanced w/ 2 Videos, originally releases as "Segue"

HONEYMOON SUITEThe Essentials ℗2005
Note: Remastered, 12-Tracks CD

Note: Remastered, 40-Tracks 2CD

DEEP PURPLEDeepest Purple: The Very Best Of Deep Purple ℗1980/©?
Note: 12-Tracks CD

Note: 13-Tracks CD

LITA FORDGreatest Hits ℗1993
Note: 10-Tracks CD

ALDO NOVAA Portrait Of Aldo Nova ℗1991
Note: 18-Tracks

FOREIGNERThe Very Best...And Beyond ℗1992/©?
Note: 17-Tracks CD, Can. Club Edition

LOVERBOYClassics - Their Greatest Hits ℗1994
Note: 176Tracks CD, Can. Club Ed.

SAMMY HAGARThe Best Of Sammy Hagar ℗1992
Note: 14-Tracks, US No Barcode Club Ed.

SAMMY HAGARUnboxed ℗1994
Note: 12-Tracks, US No Barcode Club Ed.

HARLEQUINGreatest Hits ℗1989
Note: 14-Tracks CD

PRISMOver 60 Minutes With... Prism ℗1988
Note: 17-Tracks CD

HEADPINSGreatest Hits ℗1988/©?
Note: 15-Tracks CD

TROOPERHits From 10 Albums ℗2010
Note: 17-Tracks CD

HEARTGreatest Hits ℗1998
Note: 17-Tracks CD, Can. No Barcode Club Edition

HEARTGreatest Hits ℗2000
Note: 18-Tracks CD, in North America releases as "Greatest Hits 1985 - 1995"

LED ZEPPELINRemasters ℗1990
Note: Remastered, 26-Tracks 2CD

LUCIFER'S FRIENDAwakening ℗2015
Note: 2CD, CD1= 10-Old Tracks Compilation, CD2= 4 New Tracks

MAX WEBSTERThe Best Of Max Webster ℗2001
Note: 12-Tracks CD
Tagline: 20th Century Masters The Millennium Collection

TEAZEThe Best Of Teaze ℗1990/©2000
Note: 17-Tracks CD

GARY MOORE & COLOSSEUM II – Streets And Walkways - The Best Of ℗1996
Note: 15-Tracks CD

SANTANAThe Best Of Santana ℗1998
Note: 16-Tracks CD

OMEGAAnthology 1968-1979 ℗2017
Note: 31-Tracks 2CD, incl. Hype-Sticker, Y-Fold-Seal

TONY CAREY – A Lonely Life - The Anthology ℗2008
Note: 17-Tracks CD, 4-Page Booklet

THE WHOGreatest Hits ℗2009
Note: 19-Tracks CD

RED RIDEROver 60 Minutes With... Red Rider ℗1987
Note: 17-Tracks CD, Tom Cochrane vocal, guitar

BABE RUTH – Grand Slam: The Best Of Babe Ruth ℗1994/©2018
Note: 16-Tracks CD, MOCD Sticker, Bernie Marsden guitar

RUSHGold ℗2006
Note: 29-Tracks 2CD

SHOOTING STARAnthology ℗2007
Note: 36-Tracks 2CD, "Flesh And Blood" song version

PIRAMISExclusive ℗1992
Note: 13-Tracks CD

SOCRATES DRANK THE CONIUM – The Very Best Of... ℗2005
Note: 14-Tracks CD

SAGA1978 - 1993 All The Best ℗1993
Note: 15-Tracks CD, Can. Club Ed.

SUPERTRAMPThe Very Best Of Supertramp ℗1989/©2014
Note: 15-Tracks SHM-CD w/OBI

EMERSON, LAKE & PALMERBest Of Emerson, Lake & Palmer ℗1999
Note: Remastered Audiophile Ed., 14-Tracks 24 Karat Gold CD

TOTO – Best - Hold The Line ℗2000
Note: Remastered, 17-Tracks CD

PAT TRAVERSAn Anthology Vol. 1 ℗1990
Note: 15-Tracks CD

PAT TRAVERSAn Anthology Vol. 2 ℗1990
Note: 15-Tracks CD

GALIJAThe Best Of - Najveći Hitovi ℗2009
Note: 18-Tracks CD

GRIVASamo Najbolje ℗2002
Note: 18-Tracks CD

LEB I SOLAnthology ℗1995
Note: 34-Tracks 2CD

ATOMSKO SKLONIŠTE – 1976 - 1986 ℗1997
Note: 18-Tracks CD-RP

POMARANČANekaj Peklenskih (Od 1980 Do 1986) ℗1993
Note: 17-Tracks CD

RIBLJA ČORBAThe Best Of - Najbolje I Bolje Od Najboljeg ℗2009
Note: 40-Tracks 2CD

SMAKStar? Mlad. Večan? (Najveći Hitovi) ℗1997/©2002
Note: 15-Tracks CD, incl. Bonus Track

TEŠKA INDUSTRIJATeška Industrija ℗1995
Note: 15-Tracks CD

KARTHAGOThe Best Of Karthago ℗1994
Note: 14-Tracks CD

KORÁL – Homok A Szélben - Válogatás ℗1993
Note: 18-Tracks CD

HELIXOver 60 Minutes With... ℗1989
Note: 21-Tracks CD

KROKUS – Stayed Awake All Night / The Best Of Krokus ℗1989/©?
Note: 10-Tracks CD

PRIMAL FEAR – Metal Is Forever - The Very Best Of Primal Fear ℗2006
Note: 25-Tracks 2CD, incl. Metal Classics Bonus CD

QUIET RIOT The Randy Rhoads Years ℗1993
Note: 10-Tracks CD

THIN LIZZY – Dedication: The Very Best Of Thin Lizzy ℗1991
Note: 18-Tracks CD, US No Barcode Club Ed.

SAMSON – Burning Emotion (The Best Of 1985-1990) ℗1995
Note: 15-Tracks CD

VANDENBERGBest Of Vandenberg ℗1988
Note: 11-Tracks CD

UFOThe Best Of The Rest ℗1988
Note: 17-Tracks CD, Ca. No Barcode Club Ed.

UFOEssential ℗1992
Note: 16-Tracks CD, US No Barcode Club Ed.

AEROSMITHDevil's Got A New DisguiseThe Very Best Of Aerosmith℗2006
Note: Ltd. Ed. 18-Tracks CD + 4 Videos DVD w/OBI, Guitar Pick

HELLOWEENSweet Seductions ℗2017
Note: 46-Tracks 3HQCD + 21 Videos DVD w/OBI

IRON MAIDEN – From Fear To Eternity: The Best Of 1990-2010 ℗2011
Note: 23-Tracks 2CD, Hype-Sticker

Desert Island Collection: RE-RECORDED/RE-MIXED CDs

EDDA WORKSFire & Rain ℗1998
Note: 14-Tracks CD, Edda Compilation, music re-recorded w/ English lyrics

POKOLGÉPMomentum – Végtelen Úton ℗2002
Note: Enhanced 13- Tracks CD, Re-recorded Ballads Compilation, incl. 1 New Song

ULI JON ROTHScorpions Revisited ℗2015
Note: 20-Tracks 2CD w/OBI, incl. Bonus Track, Re-Recorded Scorpions songs from Roth's era

SABATONMetalizer Re-Armed ℗2007/©2019
Note: Ltd. Ed. to 300 pcs 2CD w/OBI, Hype-Sticker, CD1= Re-Recordings of the "Fist For Fight" demos + 4 Bonus Tracks, CD2= "Fist For Fight"

RICK WAKEMANGreatest Hits ℗1994
Note: 22-Tracks CD, Re-Recorded Instrumental Versions

DANGER ZONEUndying - Reloaded ℗2012/©2017
Note: Remastered Ltd. Ed. Japan only CD w/OBI + 2 Bonus Tracks, Re-Mixed/Keyboards added to their 2012 album

M.ILL.IONBack On Track ℗2021
Note: 15-Tracks CD, Re-Recorded/Re-Mixed songs from 3 previous albums + 3 New Tracks

BILLY IDOLVital Idol ℗1985/©1987
Note: 8-Tracks CD, Re-Mixed songs, 1 more song than on the 1985 release

MODERN TALKINGBack For Good - The 7th Album ℗1998
Note: 18-Tracks CD, 11 Hit Re-Mixes + 4 New Songs, 1 Medley, 2 Original Hits

NAPOLEON BOULEVARDBest Of 1985-1989 ℗2009
Note: 13-Tracks CD, 2009 Remakes

TAMÁS SZEKERES – Guitarmania ℗1989/©1994
Note: CD, Re-Recorded w/ dif. musicians + 3 added Tracks to the 1989 album, Guitar Virtuoso (Omega, Omen)

聖飢魔II (Seikima-Ⅱ)Akuma Nativity "Songs Of The Sword" ℗2009
Note: Reg Ed. 18-Tracks CD w/OBI, Hype-Sticker, Re-Recorded Best Off w/ some lyrics in English

KISSSmashes, Thrashes & Hits ℗1988
Note: 15-Tracks CD, Can. No Barcode/Logo Club Ed., Re-Mixed Versions to blend the sound of dif. era, 2 New Songs, "Beth" is the '88 version sung by Eric Carr, "Deuce" is longer by 17 sec., "Rock and Roll All Nite" is also longer

Desert Island Collection: VARIOUS - COMPILATION CDs

AGNETHA FÄLTSKOG – That's Me - The Greatest Hits ℗1998
Note: 19-Tracks CD, 3 Bonus Tracks, Selection of Agnetha Fältskog solo and ABBA

SAROLTA ZALATNAYSarolta Zalatnay ℗2007
Note: 19-Tracks CD w/OBI, 3 Bonus Tracks, Selection of S.Z. w/Locomotiv GT, Metro, Skorpio, Omega

Note: 17-Tracks Promo-CD, Selection of Eurythmics, Annie Lennox, David A. Stewart, Texas, Sinéad O'Connor

Note: 9-Tracks CD, Selection of Samantha Fox, Sabrina, Danuta

BOB GELDOF & The BOOMTOWN RATS – Great Songs Of Indifference: The Best Of ℗1994/©1997
Note: 16-Tracks CD, Selection of Bob Geldof, The Boomtown Rats

MIDGE URE & ULTRAVOX – If I Was: The Very Best Of ℗1993
Note: 17-Tracks CD, US No Barcode Club Ed., Selection of Midge Ure, Ultravox, Phillip Lynott, Band Aid

DIRE STRAITS & MARK KNOPFLER – Private Investigations - The Best Of ℗2005
Note: 22-Tracks 2CD

THE ZOMBIESThe Zombies And Beyond ℗2008
Note: 20-Tracks CD in Super Jewel Case, Selection of The Zombies, Colin Blunstone, The Alan Parsons Project ft./ Colin Blunstone, Dave Stewart ft./ Colin Blunstone, Argent


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