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Oh man, it is HOT!
This always happens when I am on vacation.
I was supposed to be on a historic battlefield tomorrow, but that's called off- there would be one more fatality... from the heat...ME, LOL!
Looks like I will work on a series that will begin next week, about a famous Radio Station!
But for now, I'll finish off my Personal Day and Odds & Ends show with another long set.
Over the years, and decades again, I had always meant to put these songs together, and whenever I would hear one of them it would remind me of it.
As promised in the prior episode, using the TITLES of these tunes, instructions on doing The Mike Pell Shuffle, LOL!
And I'll close this Volume Two out with one of my fave artists- he's been around since the 50's and is still making excellent, valid CD's!
Best of all, after a trip almost off the deep end, he's had his life together since 1968, still married to the same woman, a nice guy and a good man.
Pretty good for a New Yorker!
I'll be doing a Volume Three soon enough, another collection of music I like that has been hanging around waiting to be played.
Thanks for indulging me.
Here's the link, and don't hurt yourself doing the MP Shuffle lol, to WLSO.FM:

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