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More honoring the Saints with our Music!
St. Peter is a big-name Saint, and that photo above is the famous and beautiful Basilica named after him in Rome.
He appears in very, very, very many songs, but sometimes you have to listen for it.
That's the case with the first two songs in this chapter.
Followed by one that has his name in the title.
I'll finally get around to that All Saints Day/Halloween connection.
Then, I've talked before about how when I do these Themes, I go back mentally and try to think of the first song I can remember hearing about the selected subject.
In this case I already knew that, so what came to mind was the first Saint song I bought!
It was quite by accident- the song was included on an Oldies album I bought many years ago, and certainly not the reason I purchased that album.
But over the years it grew on me, and it was done by the very influential Doo Wop group, the Harptones.
A group that should be in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame.
But they aren't.
Proving again, at least to me, what a sham that place is!
By the way, I still have that album.
As all Music Collectors know, we NEVER throw anything away, lol!
Oh, and I did what I always do, I pulled out too many songs for just one hour- frankly I don't think a Theme is worth just one hour, too much would be left out.
So this will be continued next week with some real good music that you undoubtedly thought I SHOULD have played this week, lol!
But first things first, some surprises, some fun in here.
Here's the link you just click on to hear my "inspired" selections for this 2nd half of this week, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on November 9, 2011 at 7:55pm

Gotcha my man!
Like I said, I have been busy.

Among other things, I write and am doing voiceovers from home now, besides what I do at the TV station.

More money, but I am falling behind on things.

I got a bunch for you.


Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 9, 2011 at 7:50pm

Mike, I really, really, really, really like that Joan Osborne song...hint hint.

Comment by Mike Pell on November 9, 2011 at 7:27pm

NO NO don't tell me you were serious.

Maybe everything that happens is in your mind...even me, lol!
And why shovel, it keeps snowing anyway?

Comment by Jon on November 9, 2011 at 5:13pm

And I was 100% serious!


Snowglobe dweller, eh? Kinda cramped I would think? And all that shoveling!!!

Comment by Mike Pell on November 9, 2011 at 1:18pm

Hahahahahaha...oh man, that's even funnier than The Perfect!

You got it right, yeah...that's the ticket!

Mike, Snowglobe Dweller at St. Elegius

Comment by Jon on November 9, 2011 at 7:09am

Let's see if I get this right:


One of the doctors had an autistic son. At the end of the last episode the cameras panned away from the hospital until you finally see it in a snowglobe being held by the son. So, everything that happened was in his mind.

Comment by Mike Pell on November 8, 2011 at 9:15pm
What are you talking about?
You have a crazed imagination, kid!
Just kidding, lol!
I was so proud of myself for thinking of the Theme From St. Elsewhere for the Saints show- man, was I clever!
I knew I was running long and figured I would just play part of it underneath me.
Well, I talked so damn much you didn't hear much of it, lol!
People may not have even realized I played the song that I was so proud of thinking of!
If you or anyone else wants it, I'll send it to you.
Sorry, and thanks for writing to me,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 8, 2011 at 9:04pm
A round-tripper with those first 3 eh? Cool!
And you sold Tennessee Ernie a pack of peanuts when you were sixteen tons, lol?
You worked the Masters, that's impressive.
And I assume Ernie was a nice guy, he came across that way.
St James Infirmary, I always call it the Blues Hospital, an old great song.
And a THREE-WAY TIE for the Golden Pell???
Commander Cody can be very funny, although that too is an old song from before his time.
I like when he sings he's been smoking for 25 years and ain't dead yet, lol!
Where To Now St. Peter by Elton John dates back to the Tumbleweed Connection LP, and there weren't as many EJ songs to choose from like today.
As a result, the FM station I listened to played it a number of times- I always liked it, never forgot it.
St. Teresa by Joan Osborne is just great, and one of those songs that you play one day and suddenly your ears perk up and you absolutely love it.
That's what happened to me when I played it for the show, it took on a whole new dimension.
Funny thing, I thought listeners would think this was the weakest episode.
I had decided because of all those songs I had thought of, I would do another hour- and elected to hold back on some heavy-hitters that I would have used for just one show.
Just goes to show you, you never know, lol!
Thanks for listening, writing, and liking my presentation,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 8, 2011 at 7:29pm
I see RJ had a similar reaction, and so do I with that Sixteen Tons song, although it's Mom and my whole Aunts & Uncles family, not just my Father- he primarily liked big bands.
No 8-tracks when that song was out...I don't think, lol!
I ain't that much older than you guys!
But we had one like that, and far more often than not, it didn't work.
It was a nice piece of furniture you put stuff on, lol!
To their credit, the New Orleans Saints came into existence on All Saints Day, nice...just a brief mention.
Joan Osborne is no relation to Ozzy, she even spells it different.
She's a strangely attractive woman to me, I think because she is not fat not skinny, just looks like she could kill me in the sack, lol!
And I'd let her!
She did that song about God, "One Of Us", remember?
I think you are right, a retro show, that I didn't notice at the time.
It's fun, I just sit down and play songs and connections form for me, sometimes later I figure out what it was.
The beauty of free-form radio, even I am surprised by what comes next.
Thanks for the listen and writing, you even made me nostalgiac, lol,
Comment by Jon on November 8, 2011 at 4:58pm
Did I miss the St. Elsewhere theme? Sounded like just a part, maybe it was that short? Anyway, it was all in the kids imagination, just to ruin the show for everyone else.

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