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For their initial visit to America on Feb.7, 1964, I will continue through the covers on that first Beatle album in England, Please Please Me.
One of them was the title song of a play, and on the soundtrack for that play as well as 2 other versions that charted, it was an instrumental.
But we will hear the Beatles sing it, followed by the original FIRST rendition with lyrics!
I'll also be dipping into their second LP, With The Beatles.
And I forgot to mention last time, much of the fun here is in comparing the versions- do you like the Beatle one better or is the original the one that does it for you?
It was a joy and a labor of love for me to do this show, and additional volumes will be forthcoming.
Hope you like this chapter, as I can virtually guarantee you will be introduced to music you have not heard before.
Here's the link to hear it, and please bring an open mind, to WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on February 5, 2011 at 1:16am
I am happy you agree about the fun, I am getting nice responses about this show.
Now for me, I prefer the Shirelles' Baby It's You, but the Beatles' A Taste Of Honey.
As I told Niels, the Isley Brothers version of Twist And Shout is outstanding, but there is just something about knowing that Lennon's voice had gone after all the vocals he had done on that song, plus the others they did that day, that makes me lean to the Beatle one as superior.
I mean, he was screaming with all he had!
In fact, I originally didn't intend to play 4 Till There Was You's- but I felt I wouldn't be able to get both versions of the next song to fit, thought I'd run out of time.
But I had the songs, I always overkill, lol, so I thought I'd just play the four, with the instrumental by Chet Atkins something I could talk under and say goodbye.
Peggy Lee was a helluva sexy singer.
And I thought the same thing, wondering why McCartney from Liverpool would be singing what sounded like "sore" to me?
Plus I was waiting for him to say SING-ing & RING-ing, but I guess that is my memory of the Ed Sullivan appearance.
If you get the chance, listen to that!
I found it very I wasn't sure I liked them even singing such a song, lol!
But I like it now.
As always, thanks for the listen and the writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on February 5, 2011 at 12:57am
Thanks Niels.
I am not sure about Twist and Shout although I lean that way, but most certainly 'Till There Was You is the best version I have ever heard, with all its odd pronunciations.
It is a song for Grandma, but it was the beginning of our being surprised by the Beatles.
And boy, was THAT going to continue as the albums came out, lol!
Nice of you to listen and write,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on February 4, 2011 at 10:46am

I agree with you Mike, that was fun.  This part was more of a draw between The Beatles versions and the originals. 

I prefer The Beatles on each of the first two songs, Baby It's You and A Taste Of Honey, but the originals weren't bad at all.

However, I like the Isley Bros. version of Twist N Shout better.  That's a cool soul song.

I found what you did with Til There Was You very intersting.  I love that you played 4 versions of that song.  The funny thing to me as an American is Paul's pronunciation of the word "saw" as "sar" (I never sar them winging).  And while I though Anita Bryant and Chet Atkins versions were very nice, I really like Peggy Lee's version.  That's a beautiful voice there.  I'd say here version and The Beatles version was a draw. 

Another great and fun show.  Thanks bro.

Comment by Niels (Mod) on February 3, 2011 at 11:31am

Another great show, Mike.

This time, there were two songs, Beatles made their own: Especially "Twist and shout" but also "'Till there was you". Paul McCartney sings that song extremely well, even though it IS a hint of the kind of songs, he will write later on, that Lennon called something like "songs for Grandma'" 

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