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Moving on with Part Two of our expansive Celebration Of America, we make a side trip to Broadway for a famous musical- don’t get nervous, it was a COOL one, lol!
Then, does anyone remember the KBC Band (Kantner, Balin, Casady)?
Well, we are gonna play them.
We will have a little more trivia.
And then a good long set of music about People-Americans!
We will conclude this chapter with a song that was a huge hit in the 60’s, that you probably haven’t heard in a LONG time, and maybe were glad you hadn’t, lol!
However, it does meet our requirement for having AMERICA in it.
Frankly, I like it- and we are indebted to these select brave men!
We are at the halfway mark.
Have a GREAT 4th Of July everyone- and with the fireworks, try and keep all those fingers!!!
Here's the link to my Part Two presentation, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on July 2, 2011 at 2:25pm
You know, it's funny- I had never played that song from West Side Story until on this show, and then I played it agan for the Movies, and both times it fit.
But they were FIVE YEARS apart!
And you heard them just months apart...weird!
So The Pell will take that mulligan, lol!
There are songs most times I will NEVER play again because there are too many others in the world.
Paul Kantner, Marty Balin & Jack Casady were all vital original members of the Jefferson Airplane, and that is a very decent song I thought most people would not have ever heard.
We do share that, artistic integrity for the songs, so I played the real beginning for the Guess Who song.
You could actually SEE my mind working on that set.
Start wth American Girls, they grow up to be an American Woman...and since I am doing 2-word titles with American as a first word, I think of American Soldier, which leads my mind to Ballad Of the Green Berets.
Presto, that's how free-form is done, lol!
Toby Keith and a divorce? That sounds depressing.
But if it helped, as music can, then it is a good thing.
I have never been divorced...mainly because I have never been married- I just live with them until they move out, lol!
Saved me a helluva lot of alimony, lol!
That song came out in 2003, so a couple of years later.
Yes I am VERY patriotic, especially since those crazy muslim bastards attacked us on 9/11, and I don't hide it.
That last song was John Phillip Sousa's Stars & Stripes Forever as done brilliantly by Henry Mancini.
Happy Independence Day to you and the family, and many more in a Free Country,
Pell The Patriot
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on July 1, 2011 at 2:13pm


Because you are "The Pell", you get a mulligan on that first song choice.


The second song was much better.  I don't remember that band at all, although I do remember who Balin and Kantner are.  That's a very decent little song.


Of course, I liked Tom Petty.  I can't say it's one of my top 10 Petty songs, but I do like it.  I'm not surprised at all with the inclusion of The Guess Who.  I can't make up my mind if I like that intro or not, but like you and I think, it has to be included for the sake of artistic integrity.


Toby Keith.  I once thought quite highly of him and his music.  His first greatest hits cd was a big help to me back when I was going through a divorce.  I listened to it constantly.  I don't really do so anymore, and I can't say that I care for his current music.  But the man is very patriotic, which I certainly appreciate.  This is a very good song, and if I remember correctly it came out not long after 9/11, is that correct? 


And finally, I thought the inclusion of The Battle Of The Green Berets and that final instrumental (I can't recall the proper name for it), was very fitting. 


Good job by Pell The Patriot.

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