Classic Rock Bottom

In this ending chapter, I will take a look at the making of New Year’s Resolutions.
Some New Beginnings.
I can understand the idea of a new year being a time of reflection on the past, and an attempt to go in a different
direction for the future.
But in point of fact, New Year’s Day is just another day- and any day can be a day for making a lifestyle change that will
make you a better, healthier person.
I will show you that in song- and use more “NEW” songs to make my case, keeping within our stated limitation of only
songs that have “NEW” in the title.
So perhaps a more serious chapter than the last.
Don’t look for me on New Year’s Day.
I have a resolution to watch the NHL Winter Classic from Pittsburgh- Penguins versus Capitals
(different from what I say in the show- that was last year, but my watching the
game will not change!).
I wish you all a Happy New Year, filled with health and joy!
Here's the link to Part Two for some more holiday fun, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on December 31, 2010 at 12:39am
Mike, I just realized you are posting "old" shows with the word "new" in the title.   Does that have any hidden meaning? 
You caught me.
Yes, it means Paul Is Dead, lol!
Hey glad I can get you somewhat into Dylan- there is a lot there from him that is deep.
I never watched Murder She Wrote either, but that was her.
And it was from Auntie Mame...I never saw that either, lol!
I just threw that one in to keep you off balance, and it said what I wanted it to.
You do like Neil Diamond, so try and get that album, Velvet Gloves & Spit.
There was a minor hit on it that the FM stations played about him growing up, called Brooklyn Roads.
You don't have ANY Moody Blues?
For shame!
That's worth a resolution, and try and get those first 7 in order, shows how they grew.
Gotta do a whole show on Jethro Tull, lol!
Enjoy the last day of 2010 my friend.
It has been a highlight of the year for me, meeting you great guys!
Happy New Year,
Comment by Mike Pell on December 31, 2010 at 12:28am
Happy New Morning to you Scott, when you read this!
Good luck with that getting in shape- you can do it!
Funny you called my getting the Dylan album before its "street date".
I was around Times Square one night, and a guy had a box of the new Dylan albums- just selling them on the street.
Think I gave him 2 bucks for one, they must have "fallen off a truck", lol!
Ah, those Core 7 Moody Blues albums are the best!
Beginning with Days Of Future Passed.
And that track I played was from the 7th, called Seventh Sojourn.
Think I'll feature Jethro Tull for a whole show for you guys, lol!
Yeah, I know about the Hurricanes and their Stanley Cup- but that minor league team might be fun.
A lot of guys play rough so they will be noticed by the bigs.
Sure, I'll push 25 for you...getting off!!!
Actually I just wanted to play some samba music to expose that to everyone who listens.
There are so many types of music out there, and I'll work them in if I can.
Oh man, that IS a cliche, lol!
Happy New Year, this one has been great meeting guys like you,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 30, 2010 at 11:00am

Mike, I just realized you are posting "old" shows with the word "new" in the title.   Does that have any hidden meaning?  Probably not. 


Anyway, I liked the Dylan opener.  I thought that was him as it played, but wasn't sure.  Again, I'm not particularly a fan of Dylan, but I can appreciate the occasional song, and most of what I've heard by him has been right here on Rockollections.


That Open A New Window by Angela Landsbury sounds like a show tune.  Wasn't she the star of Murder, She Wrote???  I never watched it though.


Anything by Neil Diamond works for me.  Practically New Born was a first listen for me, so I enjoyed that.


I liked that Moody Blues song.  I don't have any of their work (does that sound familiar coming from me), but I feel like I should have some.  Maybe I'll make that a New Year's resolution...


The Jethro Tull song was very decent, but I'm sure you know mine and Scott's feelings on JT.


Good show, enjoy the last 2 days of 2010 my friend.

Comment by Scott on December 30, 2010 at 9:33am

Hey Mike!  Nappy New Morning to you to!  Looking forward to this...


I am not in the habit of resolutions, but this year I'm gonna get back into shape if it kills me.  I got a good start this past year, just need to keep going now...


Loved the Dylan opener!  Ive been going back listening to some of his stuff, impressive!  Getting a new release before everyone else is a cool experience isnt it?  I guess that fact that you recall its "procurement" so fondly (I can hear it in your voice) that its a special record for you.  I have several records that come with stories that make them special, but none about getting a release before its street date.  I need to work on that, hahaha..


The Moody Blues are another band whom Ive really been enjoying a renaissance with.  The quality of their song writing is just staggering!  They are consistent also, they actually a 1999 release titled "Strange Times" that is really strong!


I need to notify Niels that you've played a Jethro Tull song.  He'll be pleased!  hahaha...  I actually liked them in small doses.  I think RJ and I have come to the conclusion that anything beyond 3 Tull songs in a row and they they start to run into each other. 


Another hockey reference?  Its been awhile but havent we had this discussion before?  I dont know enough about it tio have an intelligent coversation, but maybe I need to add a resolution to go see some Hockey games, in Charlotte we have a triple A team, The Checkers,  and up the road in Raleigh we have the NHL Hurricanes (fairly recent Stanley Cup champs also!) 


OK so now I have two resolutions, thanks Mike!


The closer was interesting.... It feels alot like elevator music!  hahaha.  Can you push 25 for me please?


Be safe and talk to you next year!  (so cliche')

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