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Putting this out there early on a borrowed laptop, as I digest lunch and relax, then plan the next travel move.
And hey, since this is 4 tears old I have been doing the radio thing for over 13 years now, even twice won awards.
Who would have guessed?
I have a few songs for a Labor Day to open this chapter up.
The Manfred Mann show I did a while back was a very popular one, and on it I mentioned the first version of Bob Dylan’s If You Gotta Go I ever heard was in French by the Fairport Convention. They called it Si Du Dois Partir.
Don’t ask me to pronounce it, but I will play it.
From French to Spanish, with a song I haven’t played in decades by the Young Rascals.
It was, I believe, the flip side of Groovin’- and the Rascals, like all the truly good ones, were known for some amazing flip sides.
I can easily think of two or three more that are better than most A-sides!
Then some humble self-indulgence.
I started at my station on August 25, 1998- and miraculously have lasted now over 9 years!
I may seem like a sweetheart of a guy on the air, but…it was touch and go many a time, lol!
So two songs for that- one a great big thanks to any and all who listen or have anything to do with the show.
The other for my inspiration, Scott Muni.
I play music the way I do because of Scott, and of course several other muses.
But Scottso was the first that did it for me, and gave me the bug to present songs in a hopefully smart fashion- for a smart audience.
Beginning in December 1967, and lasting for I don’t know how many years, Scott ended his show every day with this song.
And in those early FM years, he used to be on SEVEN DAYS a week!
He would after that always play it on his anniversary show, and I would always tear up from all the great memories that radio, and true radio personalities (which are becoming extinct), can uniquely provide.
I still miss the guy, and I will do my weak, lame imitation of him to close this one out.
As I have been on the internet for only a short time, just think, you missed all the incredibly dumb and stupid things I have said and done in the years prior.
Be as thankful for that as I am so hugely thankful to you for listening now, lol!
Here's the link to listen, eating big meals makes me sleepy, at WLSO.FM:

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