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Closing it out as usual this year with John Lennon, who died on Dec. 8th, 1980.
That's 31 years ago- meaning there is a whole generation of people who don't remember it firsthand.
Those of us who do will never forget it.
Monday Night Football anyone?
I'll be more Beatle-ish in this episode, mainly because John & Paul dominated the output for the group back then, and there are more never heard things to choose from.
So some very intriguing music here.
Ending with a song that is right in that "never forget it" mold.
Here's the link to John and his infectious laugh, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on December 8, 2011 at 3:17pm
Well I told you the Lennon part would be intriguing, lol!
It felt right to me to say nothing at the beginning of the 2nd half, to go right to the doctor.
Of course then I was left with such sadness, the only way out was that John & Paul laughing (especially John) on that funny take of And Your Bird Can Sing.
I am not a big fan of the song Mind Games either, but for many years I have had a set of music in mind it would fit so well in- man, I gotta do that set on a Personal Day show.
I did say 1995, Free As A Bird was the opening track of the very first volume of the 3 volumes in the Beatles Anthology series- 2 CD's each.
It was also a CD single, fleshed out with 3 other songs.
And since I saw it, one of those other songs may just be the opening for my 2 Christmas Party shows beginning next week.
By the way, ALL of the Beatles do leads on Free As A Bird, not just Paul...Ringo's is a bit hard to catch.
You are correct, Empty Garden by Elton John is a tribute to Lennon, and had I a little more time I would have finally played it, can't remember if I ever have.
But that's a song I am sure was played on regular radio, easily heard.
I went for the more obscure, and far more beautifully heartfelt, The Dakota by Christine Lavin (she's Irish, you were close, lol!).
Strangest thing was this half came out today, on the precise date Dec. 8th!
Another strange, the Golden Pell goes to a doctor talking at a press conference, lol!
Guess that was a good pick on my part.
Thanks for the awesome job comment, makes me feel real good about the show,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 8, 2011 at 2:46pm


That opening is very emotional.  You can hear the gasps when the speaker says he was DOA.  Very emotional


Love the next song.  The laughing is hilarious.  I love blooper stuff like that.


I’ve never been a big fan of the song Mind Games.  But you know what, it’s a lot better to me in the context of a tribute show, like this.  The radio add was cool to hear.


The first take of Strawberry Fields was neat to hear.  I’ll vote for the version we are used to though as the definitive. 


Love the Free As A Bird demo/finished version comparison.  I think you said the studio version was from 1995 (or maybe you said ’85).  I’m not familiar with the album it was released on, so does that mean we got new Beatles music in 1995.  The added vocals by Paul work beautifully.


The song by Christine Lavine (no idea how to spell her name) was a nice tribute.  Which brings me to a question for you.  Wasn’t the song Empty Garden by Elton John a tribute to Lennon?  Just curious because I think that’s a terrific song as well.


I’m giving the Golden Pell to the opening  press conference…for emotional impact.


Awesome job Mike.

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