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I don't know why it took me so long to listen to the Beatles BBC Sessions, guess I thought it would be dull, and besides, I had those new re-mastered CD's they put out last year to listen to.
Well, looking for a new approach for this year's annual remembrance of the deaths of George Harrison and John Lennon, I finally gave the BBC tapes a shot.
And these selections from 1963 are a JOY, a REVELATION!
Full of humor, they play so many both known and obscure old American Rock & Roll songs, you can see how closely they were listening to anything they could get their hands on from this country- many of them B-sides that even I wasn't familiar with.
Plus, like the Ed Sullivan Show and others, and unlike American Bandstand and others, the Beatles played LIVE on these BBC shows.
They had a grand time goofing on host Brian Matthew, just laugh out loud funny!
We'll take George in this first half hour naturally, since he died 9 years ago on Nov.29, 2001.
Not just the BBC Sessions though, also a look at George's sometimes seemingly hidden spirituality, even in hit songs- got one where it sneaks in at the end.
Would you be surprised to learn that George was the FIRST of the Beatles to do a solo project, back in 1968 when the group was still together?
Some music from that, including a song that is a far cry from what the Moody Blues did the same year, not to mention the album Oasis put out years later.
If you are the adventurous type, I have things here you probably have never heard.
Definitely not the same old same old.
Do enjoy!

Here's the link to a terrific listening experience- not me, George and the lads, lol, at WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on December 8, 2010 at 7:01pm
We didn't land our astronauts on the moon until 1969.
Giving the Beatles plenty of time to hang it for them, lol!
Comment by Mike Pell on December 8, 2010 at 7:00pm
RJ... The Beatles didnt hang the moon until after 1965.

You tell him Scott, lol!
And in '66 Rubber Soul and Revolver...and then in 1967 the Greatest Album Ever Made!
They kept hanging the moon, lol!
Comment by Mike Pell on December 8, 2010 at 6:57pm
RJ, you old fuddy-duddy, the Beatles DID hang the moon!
After all, they are the Greatest Band That Ever Existed, lol!
Having lived through it, and I am talking AFTER Beatlemania, each album beginning with Rubber Soul was an eagerly anticipated gift from high on Mt. Olympus.
You had to be there!
But once again you come through with your open mind to all music, kind of reminds me of me, and you were entertained.
That's the main thing.
Crackerbox Palace is a great song, don't know why you don't hear it more- so I played it.
But I feel that way about many songs.
The BBC Sessions were RADIO shows, either The Saturday Club or later Pop Go The Beatles, and not at all like American Bandstand because you couldn't see them, and they didn't lip-synch like on that TV show- they played live!
As you could hear, they were just excellent at everything they did.
John is coming later.
Thanks for the listen and the writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on December 8, 2010 at 6:43pm
Niels I love the Beatles too, the Greatest Band That Ever Existed!
I'm telling you, those BBC Sessions are great.
There are 2 CD's full of stuff- and I only cherry picked a few by George & John for these memorial purposes.
Interesting to hear that Buddy Holly Crying, Waiting, Hoping by George.
I don't think I have seen the "Concert for George"- DVD, I am not much for videos.
But I have heard it.
And you are right, it is VERY good.

Isn't it the soundtrack to the movie "Family Way" with music by Paul McCartney (and George Martin?!) from '66/'67 that was the first Beatles solo-album?

Very very sharp my friend.
But it appears since it was released as by the George Martin Orchestra, it doesn't count and the winner is still George Harrison's Wonderwall.
Thanks for listening and especially the challenge in the writing, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 8, 2010 at 1:10pm
Well who hung it before then? I know it was there, President Kennedy said we would get there by the end of the 60's...somebody had to hang it...:-)
Comment by Scott on December 8, 2010 at 11:45am
RJ... The Beatles didnt hang the moon until after 1965.
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 8, 2010 at 9:54am
I'm not the biggest Beatles fan, and I'm not one who thinks they hung the moon. But I do have tremendous respect for what they brought to rock and roll music. Having said that, this was an entertaining show to listen to. I can't say a particular song stood out to me, but I did like Crackerbox Palace the best. I also liked the Elvis cover.

I'm not familiar with these BBC sessions at all. Is this some kind of show like American Bandstand or something along those lines? Either way, it's very, very cool that they played live. And their harmonies and ability to sing with each other stands out most to me.
Comment by Niels (Mod) on December 8, 2010 at 4:32am
Good show!! I love the Beatles, and I have'nt heard BBC sessions before, just like you, I thought they were uninteresting, but it was great to hear, I especially liked the Buddy Holly-cover "Crying, Waiting, Hoping". Speaking of George, have you ever seen the "Concert for George"-DVD? A concert-movie recorded a year after his death with his friends playing his music, friends like Paul, Ringo, Clapton, Tom Petty, Monty Python, Jeff Lynne and more. It's VERY, very good!!
By the way, I'snt it the soundtrack to the movie "Family Way" with music by Paul McCartney (and George Martin?!) from '66/'67 that was the first Beatles solo-album?
Comment by Mike Pell on December 7, 2010 at 10:16pm
Yes, 50% of the Beatles are gone, the ones I never did and never will see in concert.
I wish they were here too, and they would have put out some music in some form together.
I don't know if you have heard the re-mastered Beatles CD's fro last September, but the biggest thing that struck me was how great a drummer Ringo was, and how great a guitarist George was.
The music is so crisp that previously unheard things rise to the forefront.
I was familiar with Ain't Nothin' Shakin' but not the other two either.
"I forgot to remember to forget" - classic! Yeah, and an old Sun records classic.
The Beatles were good as a live band, just as they were the best at everything!
I was kicking myself in the rear for having gone so long without listening to those performances, what a delight.
I love Crackerbox Palace too.
And that chanting is Ommmmmm- as I made a reference to the Moody Blues Om, on their 1968 album In Search Of The Lost Chord, maybe my favorite song by them.
John is next.
Thanks for the great great show, and thanks for listening,
Comment by Scott on December 7, 2010 at 11:44am
Awesome topic! Ive never heard of the BBC sessions either. But love this series idea! Too bad it comes at the expense of half the Beatles! Wish they were still here, ans I believe we'd have had new Beatles music by now. oh well...

Roll over Beethoven sounds crisp and fresh! What kind of comes through is Ringo's back beat. He is so underrated as a drummer, not sure he could whip up a great drum solo, but as a rock drummer he really shined, maybe the best "Beat Keeper" in the business?

Not familiar with the 2nd, 3rd and 4th songs. But enjoyed them very much! Very much American rock and roll as you mentioned. Your point about that is very valid! Especially since this was suppose to be a British invasion. hmmmmm...

"I forgot to remember to forget" - classic!

A lot of these tracks are totally new to me. Thanks! But what a great live band! I guess I'm a bit taken back at how good those live tracks sound, especially since they were such great songwriters and studio magicians, one tends to forget that they are band and they played live! Maybe the only thing the Beatles are underrated for, but maybe that's partly due to the fact they stopped doing live shows.

Love Crackerbox Palace!

The chanting at the end is ummm.. interesting, I knew he was spiritual in a Hindu-ish sort of way. Makes you wonder what spiritual implements were used to write such intense pieces? hahahaha...

Great great show!

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