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All good things must come to an end, although it may be presumptuous of me so say that this Series was a good thing, lol!
That Mr. Jones visual indicates something a bit different in this final episode of our extensive and extended look at Rock & Roll Mister Songs.
This Theme within a Theme may get a bit involved, so I am not going to write much about it.
It's always easier for all of us to talk than write.
Hey, I did the work, you just have to listen, lol!
Unrelated to Mr. Jones is the closing song for this whole Series.
I knew weeks ago I would be ending with it, and I giggled my way here to that point.
As always I hope you enjoyed the Trip, and I thank you for taking it with me.
Wonder what Musical Journey awaits my return from vacation?
So many ideas, so little time!
Here are the links to listen, and you can now stop calling me Mister, at Mike Pell Rockollections:

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Comment by Mike Pell on August 15, 2013 at 11:52pm
Sure, if Jon doesn't like it, you probably will, lol!
I've heard that Long December by Counting Crows and have never made up my mind how much I like it.
I do like the Talking Heads though.
See, I thought you'd like The Mavericks song, we both have a bit of Country in us, and that is some good Country ROCK!
But I didn't expect the Golden Pell for it.
That is a surprise.
But hey, that Dylan song is GREAT!
Been friends with that cut for a long time!
And I've never made the connection on the show about that Beatles song and Dylan's, how Lennon references the Mr. Jones in there.
Like I told Jon, I am a HUGE Dave Edmunds fan.
Tunes he makes, it's odd if I DON'T like it.
That Alice song, it's not vinyl and no skip here at home.
You know the importance I put on Beginnings and Endings to these Series.
And modestly of course, I thought it was a brilliant way to end, lol!
Mr. Speed by Kiss and Mr. Make Believe by Gene Simmons I don't think I have, I would only have gotten them from you right?
I just counted the songs I had pulled out, and there were 34 left over...quite a bit without Kiss & Simmons, lol!
Thanks for the listen and writing and being in the long haul,
Comment by Mike Pell on August 15, 2013 at 11:13pm
Hahahahahahahaha...I threw up on my monitor from laughing!
As to the seedy motels, I always used my own name...but I'd be with a female.
Even though I could have used my own apartment, I always thought it was fun to go to motels on Route 9 in Jersey!
Porn flicks on TV, steam baths, Jacuzzis, etc.
Definitely keeps the sex life exciting and a bit kinky.
Right Mr Jones, LOL?
Jesus, physically ill and dead maggots...what a poet, LOL!
Doesn't make me happy, just makes me laugh!
The Talking Heads to the rescue- keep focused!
That Mavericks song is GOOD, but not better than The Counting Crows.
Ooops, didn't mean to say that, lol!
That Dylan song is one of his greatest, Ballad Of A Thin Man.
And nobody namedrops more than Bob-  F. Scott Fitzgerald for one in there.
He does the Ultimate Namedropping song I believe on that album.
I'll be doing an intermittent Series on Namedropping someday.
The Beatles didn't do many hard rocking Blues songs like that one, but they did do a few others.
I am a HUGE Dave Edmunds fan, and the one studio Rockpile album is a classic!
But he and Nick Lowe often played on each other's albums.
I checked the skip from my playback here, and there isn't one, not vinyl either- something must have happened in the upload.
I wasn't doing anything seedy, unless you consider doing the show naked as I always do, lol!
So I didn't bump anything- don't want to hurt my jewels!
Other that that horrid first song, you thosught this was a good show, and a good set all around, except for that first song...pretty good review from you!
What song was that again, LOL?
Thanks for listening and writing and making me laugh,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on August 14, 2013 at 11:48am

I think the first song was okay.  But then again, after seeing Jon's reply, I'm sure you already knew all of that.  The Counting Crows have a song called Long December and it it's fantastic.

I'm not a fan of the Talking Heads, cause like Jon said, they are weird.  Like Jon.  But not me.  

The Mavericks song was way cool.  Not too twangy at all.  It actually reminded me of Glen Campbell a couple of times (vocally).  It tells a great story and it has been awarded the much sought after Golden Pell.  Congratulations to the Mavericks.

Heck, even that Dylan song was okay.  The Beatles, meh.  But two staples for you.  The one song that I didn't care for was Dave Edmunds.

Loved the Alice song.  It does sound like vinyl around the time Jon mentioned.  

Nice show and series.  Too bad you missed the opportunity to play Mr. Speed by Kiss and Mr. Make Believe by Gene Simmons.

Comment by Jon on August 14, 2013 at 7:57am

Why would you be checking into a seedy hotel with a fake name???? Hmm, this is something I probably donn't want to know.

I was praying you wouldn't play Mr Jones. Good golly, this song is and always been horrible. Ranks up there with songs from Poison and Kiss. This song makes my physically ill and I hoped I would never, ever have to hear it again. But, thanks to you and your seediness, I am now vomiting. It's on the screen and I have to wipe it away just to see what the hell I'm typing. I had rice last nice and now it looks like dead maggots are covering the screen. Hope you're happy Mr Seedy-Pants!

Ahh, feel much better now. The Talking Heads! I like them. They're weird. Plus I can do that arm thing from "Once In A Lifetime". Years and years of practice and I can finally admit that I'm a MASTER! Still don't like soup and goats, though.

The Mavericks was was better than The Counting Crows but, then again, anything is. I can belch better than that song. Anyway, even though the Mavericks songs was a bit twangy and too country for my taste, the geetaring was ok. 

More Dylan? You know, it's not going to force me to buy any Dylan even though you keep playing him. Amazingly, this song is decent, so I guess I have to admit that he really does have more than one decent song. Plus it's 1000000000X better than that first song which I will not mention by name again since my palms are still wet and sticky from wiping off the monitor. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a drunk and liked to hang out at the same hotels that you do. Wonder what his reason was? 

I don't know what I'm doing.

And then a seedy loop again with a few songs without Mr in the title. Do like the druggy Beatles of course, and have always liked Dave Edmunds. Rockpile anyone? But still, no Mr in the title, so I have no idea what to do. 

No More Mr Nice Guy skips around the 26:45 mark. Vinyl? Or were you doing something in the studio, something really seedy and you bumped something causing the skip? Could still be vinyl, but you could be doing seedy stuff and bumping the table causing a CD to skip as well. it's true.

Other that that horrid first song, this was a good show, plus a good set all around, except for that first song here. Still making me sick. Blech.     

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