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We begin this 2nd half with a song that is not a Christmas song at all.
But so Joyous it seemed right to play.
Then a quick 180, with a song by Tracy Newman and the Reinforcements that made Dolly Parton cry!
After that, an annual tradition, the Beatle Christmas Message to their fan club members.
I never knew about these until Scott Muni played them all on WNEW-FM in his first years at the station.
I'll be playing their first one from 1963.
They were very young back then, and when some engineer plucks you in front of a microphone and tells you to say some things about the past year and Christmas, it can be daunting.
And that is what Engineer Ken Stanley would occasionally surprise me with, telling me not enough time for a song so just wing it for 2 minutes, lol!
But it’s good training for you, and I can be gabby when needed.
Now think about THIS, and this is scary, it is the 50TH Anniversary of that Beatles recording.
And will be each year as I go along playing them in order!
As always, one thing I can promise you is that you will NOT hear the same old, same old Christmas music.
The big, happy, wonderful Christmas Day looms ever closer…
Hope this gets you in the spirit.
Next week a special show, as it falls on Christmas Eve and I don't remember that happening.
But do enjoy this one!
Here are the links as the Annual Party continues, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

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Comment by Mike Pell on December 26, 2013 at 3:04pm
Jon & Scott,
Sorry for the delay in responding, but I was music & computered out- plus I had a lot of the holiday things to do.
But that exchange between you two was one of the funniest things I have ever read!
Every time I re-read it I laugh my ass off.
I don't even know how to begin a response, lol!
Jon, was Simon & Simon Carly & Lucy?
No Waitresses serving the mice eh?
And Scott, your own island?
Poor Hector, bring him back!
Oh man, I used to get the socks and underwear and I HATED that!
Those were not FUN...or TOYS!
But that's a great idea, making sure each one of your kids gets a fresh six-pack in their stocking every year, LOL!
That Fogelberg song is a classic, had to play it for Christmas Eve.
Oh NO, Hector had a 25 mile walk...hope he had a few bat sandwiches.
Merry Christmas guys- that was some brilliant writing, much better than anything I see in other places!
You should be paid.
Even though Jon had no Christmas spirit.
And I was to blame, LOL!
Thanks for listening and writing, and especially the laughter...very funny stuff,
Comment by Mike Pell on December 21, 2013 at 1:11pm
You thought the Tracey Newman song was kinda funny?
You have no feewings...or feelings eiher, lol!
At that point, I think the Beatles were just high on life, as I frequently feel.
But do you actually have those Christmas discs or are you pulling my leg (let go dammit!)?
No it makes no difference, maybe the first half of the show was better.
Oh wait, so it was the Puppini Sisters that made all the difference!
Seems you are taken by them and are stalking them now, lol!
THIS is funny:
Sigh. I'm not in the Xmas spirit. I blame Mike Pell.
Thanks for the listen and writing...and blame for all to see, lol,
Comment by Mike Pell on December 21, 2013 at 12:36pm
Oh man, it would have been fun to hang around with the Beatles!
And you can hear John is the ringleader- it also seems like somebody goosed Paul, that's gotta be the "Ouch!", maybe Ringo was goosed too if you listen close, lol!
Yes there were my Beatles, McCartney, Van Morrison staples- but they all had a reason for being in there.
And the Golden Pell goes to Spotlight On Christmas by Rufus Wainright!
Funny, that's a song I wasn't even sure I would play.
I mean, I like it a lot, but the decision to play it was because it sounded good to me coming out of the Tracy Newman song!
Been busy like everyone else, and I am at this moment doing the next show.
ALL the songs in it will take place on Christmas Eve!
Thanks for the listen and writing my good friend,
Comment by Jon on December 19, 2013 at 8:13am

That Tracey Newman song was sad? I thought it was kinda funny. Maybe I have no feewings. 

Well, I guess the Beatles did do substances before I thought they took substances? Wnder how muh those discs are worth? Should I sell mine?

Oh, I dunno. I kinda liked the first show better. Is that ok? If it isn't, does it really make a difference?

I think it was the Puppini Sisters in the first show. I checked out some of their albums and they cover some very interesting songs.

Sigh. I'm not in the Xmas spirit. I blame Mike Pell.  

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 18, 2013 at 2:12pm

Another good show Mike.

Let me tell you, those Beatles must have been just hilarious to hang around with.  That little message was brilliantly funny.  Such a shame two of 'em are gone.

The Mama song by Tracy Newman was good, but not the Golden Pell winner.

The Beatles, McCartney and Van Morrison, all staples.

Chuck Berry and David Mayfield Parade were cool.

But the Golden Pell goes to the best song here: Spotlight On Christmas by Rufus Wainright.  Very nice Christmas song.

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