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It is hard to believe that in all these years I have never tackled the subject of Birthdays as a Theme.
Prompted by the fact that my youngest brother's birthday is March 20th, and mine is the next day, I'll take care of that beginning here and now.
Birthdays are fascinating- some people eagerly look forward to them while others dread them.
But the one indisputable fact is that we all have them!
Everyday is someone's birthday.
So a Celebration of All Birthdays Within the Calendar Year, leaving no one out.
And I hope this is a surprise, lol!
Here's the link to blow out those candles, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on March 26, 2012 at 8:50pm
I two-fer?
Are you kidding, you played a DOUBLEHEADER, LOL!
Alright, alright...I got ancient age is a Bitch!
It is perfect, lol!
Another mind-twister from you, man your brain works in a fun way:
never HEARD of Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys. We have cats. I have a mother. I used to watch USA UP..All Night and watched a little bit of the movie "Newsies" but never would have imagined that they would all fit together. are as we say in New York, a pisser!
I should point out that was the only song they did like that, they were not some early Sha Na Na.
That Dylan song My Back Pages is when he was a true poet, the levels of meaning are as varied as each person listening, and each different time they listen.
Shit, you ought to like it...there, I swore for him, lol!
Thanks for the listen and writing, I'll get to the second game of your two later,
Comment by Jon on March 26, 2012 at 5:16pm

I did a twofer today (you'll find out what I mean). What's funny is that when you mentioned one word titles and the Stones song played, I was thinking of ANOTHER one word Stones song. It's from that album with the working zipper..well, back then.

Then I figured I was wrong when the song plaed and then the Beatles song played and then I figured out where you were going.

But with your ancient age, wouldn't that other song have been perfect when someone wishes you a Happy Birthday?

Everything else was great, never HEARD of Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys. We have cats. I have a mother. I used to watch USA UP..All Night and watched a little bit of the movie "Newsies" but never would have imagined that they would all fit together.

Still not a fan of Dylan, have heard this song before and like it. Maybe I am a fan? Oh wait, he didn't swear in this song so I no likey.

Comment by Mike Pell on March 21, 2012 at 12:19am
Thanks for the Happy Birthday, and I won't say what it is but it is a make-a-big-deal-out-of-it one, dammit, lol!
That may just be the first time you have heard the first 3 songs of any show I've done, I wonder?
I would have given the Golden Pell to the Stones, but you already know it.
If I am not mistaken it's one of those rare ones Keith Richards sings lead on.
My second choice is the one you picked!
You did hear the Paul Simon tune on my show, and I believe I sent it to you.
If not, I will.
We talked about that Buddy Holly riff in there.
Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys is right, and it was so weird to hear that played a lot on the hip, progressive WNEW-FM back in those days along with Blind Faith, ELP, Kinks and so many others.
Seemed so out of place, but so enjoyable.
Going Back by The Byrds has long been a favorite of mine.
Back to the Golden Pell  winner Jerry Lee Lewis, I agree, that song is great.
I first heard it some time in the late 90's I think, and loved it immediately.
And I always knew I would use it someday for something.
This was the perfect opportunity, and I think these Birthday shows are shaping up nicely.
They have that intelligent presentation I aim for.
Oh, it was a 2 CD Jerry Lee Lewis greatest hits that I first heard that song on.
And I like a lot of his songs, Crazy Arms included.
That was Dylan with The Band with Forever Young, and it appears twice on his album- one slow, one fast- that was the fast.
Thanks bro for everything.
I am Rocking My Life Away, lol,

No go at WLSO?

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on March 20, 2012 at 2:09pm

Happy Birthday tomorrow bro! 

I've actually heard the first 3 songs...can you believe it?  So those 3 are out for the Golden Pell.  By the way, I haven't heard the Stones song in a long time, so that was a nice listen.  The Beatles, I hear that one often on the radio.  I've heard the P. Simon tune, maybe even on your show, but it's a neat song lyrically.

This is really a tough show to choose a Golden Pell.  I really dig the songs by Cat Mother And The All Night Newsboys (I think that's what you said) and the Raised On The Radio song by The Ravens.  Also, that song by The Byrds was fantastic (Going Back).

But, the winner is Jerry Lee Lewis.  That song is "killer", no pun intended.  The piano playing (no surprise there) and the guitar playing are really good.  Makes me wanna pick up some JLL.  I'll look for a greatest hits disc today.  By the way, I really like his song Crazy Arms, although that has absolutely nothing to do with this show.

Oh yeah, that Dylan tune wasn't bad either.


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