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Another busy week doing voiceovers.
So it's another Encore from 2006.
It's fun and humbling to find and listen to these old shows.
This time Engineer Ken Stanley and I played the Music of the Australian Pub-Rock Band INXS.
If anything, this show is most notable for my inability to say Lead Singer Michael Hutchence's name correctly, lol!
In fact, it was an all-around rough go throughout- sometimes you have those days.
Of course, now 8 years later I am flawless, lol!
Here are the links mate, to Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

At Soundcloud:

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Comment by Mike Pell on November 14, 2014 at 11:23am
Other people tell me there is that same policy at work, and they can't listen to me there.
Hahahhahaha...I DID have a mouthful of bricks, and marbles too, trying to say Hutchence's- not Hutchence...Hutchence's...that was big trouble for Live Radio, lol!
Well I am in the comfort of my home now, and with no distractions I think of what I'l say a little better.
Like in that case, I used to just come in and talk to Engineer Ken until showtime, and then go wing it.
So I never saw that Hutchence's coming!
I saw that INXS Kick, when it was Album Of The Week, and had no idea at that time I'd find this old show that I could use also for Veterand Day.
Listen Like Thieves is a good one!
Golden Pell to Original Sin- we are in sync, I'd pick that too.
Man, I didn't know I could I be downloaded using iTunes.
I would go with Podomatic, mainly cause I know the sound quality is first rate.
I think the downloading is a better way to listen, what do you think?
Thanks for writing and listening, no matter how, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 11, 2014 at 9:20pm

I forgot to tell you that it took me a while to find it in iTunes after I downloaded it.  When you download an iTunes podcast, it goes straight to that part of iTunes.  But now, when I download it from podomatic, it puts it in the regular library as a one song album.  I kind of like that, now that I can actually find it.

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 11, 2014 at 9:12pm

Well, I guess I have yet another new system for listening to Rockollections.  This time I downloaded the show, synced it up to the iPod, and listened comfortably this evening while my son had swimming lessons.  This is all due to the fact that the new social media policy at work say do not post to your blog or other social media while on the clock or from any work computers.

So, I just have to use my terrible memory to write this now.  First, you definitely had a mouthful of bricks when you tried to mention Hutchence.  It was quite comical.  But I'm glad you've done this long enough to no longer have those issues.  

I had forgotten about that first song you played.  The One Thing I think was the title.  I really like it, especially the verses.  Very cool.  And the follow up wasn't bad.  Original Sin.  

The only album by INXS that I own is Kick, and it was Album Of The Week a few weeks back.  It has a handful of cool tracks.  If I were to pick up another one, it would probably be Listen Like Thieves.  

So this was a cool listen.  I see you just posted the next half, so I'll probably try to download that in a bit.

Oh, Golden Pell to Original Sin.

Comment by Mike Pell on November 10, 2014 at 5:47pm

Jon, I'm saying you do shows where you tell us WHY you think these are some of the greatest closing album tracks EVER!

Not just a no-human player, but us the benefit of you infallible knowledge, lol!


Comment by Mike Pell on November 10, 2014 at 5:38pm


Well it only took a bunch of years but I finally hit a favorite of yours, lol!

Now once again, the doing that accent was a spur of the moment decision, because I would get tired of doing the intro the same way every week.

If you didn’t know, the newer Rockollections openings I recorded one time, and now I just play them- why say the same thing each week, just record the damn thing- and I don’t get tired of doing them cause I just play them.

But how about my Groucho Marx, lol?

I tell you man, I hadn’t realized Hutchence was dead when I was kidding around about my trouble with the possessive of his name.

They did have a great run, although it really ended with that silliness of choosing a lead singer on reality TV!

This is clever, eXcesS- I wouldn’t have thought of spelling it that way.

Like I told Jon, there is indeed a Part Two, and those songs may be in there.

And my choice too, honest- Original Sin for the GPell.

Thanks for the listen and writing, got an accent you’d like to hear, lol?


Comment by Jon on November 10, 2014 at 5:19pm

So you're saying I should make a player of what I think are some of the greatest closing album tracks of all time?

Hmmm......that sounds very interesting.

Comment by Mike Pell on November 10, 2014 at 5:17pm


I need a bib when I think of Kylie Minogue, lol!

I am nothing if not smart when it comes to research.

The problem is reading the stuff- WHOA that was tough!

And I’m not done, although I think I settled in a bit more and the reading got better.

Like I say, I’m not done, there is a Part Two, so I may play your song.

Honestly I don’t remember.

As for a series about great last songs on an album, it would be very interesting to say the least.

But so subjective, and with so many albums to choose from, it would be a long series, subject to much second-guessing, and probably one too large to take on.

YOU do it, lol!

Well if “Listen Like Thieves" is first INXS album you bought, that’s good enough for me!

Thanks for the listen and writing, if that’s all you got…g’day mate, lol!


Comment by Scott on November 10, 2014 at 9:20am

You have my attention sir!  INXS is a favorite of mine...

Mike- you have a very good and marketable voice, but accents?  maybe not so much...

The One Thing is still great!  It hasn't lost its edge or catchiness, a timeless track.  And the Original Sin continued the bands INXS innovative approach to New Wave?  You're right to call out all these great albums like you did, what a run?  RJ's post of KICK really brought back some great tunes, and this is a reminder of the bands great song writing...

Things did get a little weird for them with all the Geldof's wife thing.  Shame too, just think of all that music that got left unrealized because of his eXcesS.  You didn't mention Elegantly Wasted or Switch?  Part 2?

Have to agree with Jon on Don't Change...  Great closer.  If you search the site you'll find 1 (and only one) post of closers, it was, much like the albums you posted here, a moment in time of pure unique and unequaled genius....

Oh yeah...  GPell goes to the Original Sin, so underrated!

Comment by Jon on November 10, 2014 at 7:52am

You drooled when you mentioned Kylie Minogue? Nice! She is definitely drool-worthy.

I must thank you for using allmusic for your info, instead of Wikipedia. Smart folks use allmusic.

Yeah, you hade some MAJOR problems with the name there. Major. MAJOR. Kinda funny, though. At least you got the band name right. You COULD have said "Inkses".

Some good songs you played there, but wish you played "Don't Change". One of those great last songs on an album. Would be interesting if someone did a post (or maybe a series) about that.

if I were to pick a favorite album by INXS, it would probably be "Listen Like Thieves". It's the first one I bought for one, plus it's more rock-oriented than dance. 

Ok. That's all I got today.    

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