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I'll start this opening episode off with a few more songs to Ring In The New Year!
Then, taking that thought about a new year prompting Reflections On Life, I will greatly expand on it.
Bringing us the beginning of a new Theme Series- songs about the Past, Present and Future.
Kicked off with a strange song by the old Shangri Las, very open to interpretation and one of their last singles, released in 1966.
And then I will work from what may seem backwards, starting with the Future!
After all, that may be the one most thought of as we hang a New Calendar.
Oh join me for this Musical Trip, cause I will have some surprising choices in this Series, lol!
Here are the links to listen to what is just the beginning, at Mike Pell Rockollections:

At Podomatic:


At Soundcloud: 


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Comment by Mike Pell on January 7, 2014 at 12:24pm
If that's a sign of things to come, it fits right in with my Future songs, lol!
I've come to grips with the fact that trying to change the ones you love is pretty impossible- you just hurt yourself in the process, bang your head against the wall.
It is a brilliant line!
That David Roth hits on some beautiful and truthful things to do This Year- and it's the kind of song I am always happy to find and play.
The Future is kinda long, but I HAD to play it- although the Future sounds kind of always with Cohen- I called him Mr. Morose.
And the first Golden Pell of 2014 goes to the Shangri Las for Past, Present And Future!
It surprises me that both you and Jon liked that one.
It was an impulse play on my part, because of the title.
Never expected a Golden Pell, lol!
Once again, I like your openness to all kinds of music.
Thanks for listening and writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on January 7, 2014 at 10:39am
Just listened to the David Roth, and I don't know about dragging but it does seem to have little hiccups in it.
Like you, I thought it was my computer.
Damn computers anyway- that's a beautiful song!
They are/were the Shangri Las, not the Shanghai La La, lol!
Get off the bridge or I'll have to talk you down!
As far as I know, Future Shock by the Hello People on the album Handsome Devils is the Original!
Possible it was covered by someone else, but I leave that kind of knowledge up to you, lol!
You know the groups I never even heard of...but then I guess so do I, for you.
Leonard Cohen, and we have Puritans here?
No way!
I swear to God, you truly make me laugh out loud with things like this:
I can still care less about the new year. I care so little I don't even capitalize it any longer. It means nothing to me!
Thanks for listening writing and the pretty dependable laugh,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on January 6, 2014 at 10:49am

I'm really having trouble getting going musically so far in 2014.  Hope it's not a sign of things to come.  

For me, three songs stood out.  One lyric in particular in the David Lee Roth song..."I'm letting go of trying to change the ones I love".  Believe me, the ones I love need plenty of changing.  But I'm no longer the man to do it.  I think that line is brilliant.

The Future by Cohen was a cool song.  Kinda long, but cool none-the-less.

But the Golden Pell, the first of 2014, goes out to The Shangrila's for Past, Present And Future.  That was a nice song.

I'm lazy today, that's it.

Comment by Jon on January 6, 2014 at 8:48am

hmm...maybe just me, but there seemed to be a problem with the David Roth song, sounded like it dragged and skipped? Could be my computer. 

I did like the Shanghai La La song, but made me want to jump from a bridge. I am not loved.

That furture shock song was really good, for some reason it seems like it was covered by someone else? Maybe it's the song title.

And another Leonard Cohen song, hope the puritans here don't get offended.

Nice show. But, I can still care less about the new year. I care so little I don't even capitalize it any longer. It means nothing to me!

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