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Sorry for the delay, I had weather-related computer problems.
To open this Chapter of the Past Present and Future, I have one for the couple of people who thought a song I played previously sounded dated.
A different singer, however it's the same song and it is from the same year!
That's what happens when you insult a group I really like, lol!
Finishing up with the Present, I'll have an assortment of Music relating to that.
Capped off by a guy who died on Dec. 31st, 1985, New Year's Eve- and don't forget, this whole Series was inspired by the New Year.
After that, I'll finally venture musically into the Past.
You coming with me?
I'm Goin Back!
Let's listen and have some fun!

Here's the link to first the Present and then back to the Past, at Mike Pell Rockollections:


At Podomatic:


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Comment by Mike Pell on January 28, 2014 at 8:33pm
The show is at Soundcloud, I just didn't put it in the notify email.
But I don't put any artist's names anywhere, that ruins the surpise.
I must have what you wrote wrong.
Rick's song could be on WIndfall, I know not Garden Party.
I hate reality shows except for Pawn Stars.
And I have Time Warner, I find it better, and the station I am the Announcer at is on there, lol!
But my friend loved TWC- he had his fave weather cities punched in there and would check them out.
I go to his house, and I don't know the channel numbers like at mine.
Plus I just realized TWC can stand for The Weather Channel or Time Warner Cable, lol!
I still HAVE The Weather Channel, I just don't know where the hell it is!
Comment by Jon on January 28, 2014 at 8:19pm

Whatever is easier for ya. Soundcloud was just simpler to use when I was checking to make sure I got the artist's name right.

Yeah, that's the show.

Garden Party & WIndfall are the two Rick Nelson albums I recently picked up.

Seriously about TWC? About half their shows are now reality shows, plus you can get weather on your phone or the internet. It's kinda funny, TWC is still fighting this on their website asking people to change to a different carrier. I would be surprised if more than 10 people really are enough about TWC to make the change. 10-15 years ago I would understand since some of the weather women were babes.

Comment by Mike Pell on January 28, 2014 at 8:06pm
Yeah, someone thought Spanky & Our Gang sounded old and YOU are guilty, lol!
I thought Keith sounded dated, but I don't mind dated.
And what the hell are you talking about, I do the show inside...although a plane flying by came out and can be heard in the last chapter I think, lol?
Buzzy Linhart and Frank Zappa, in some ways a very good observation- surprise me now & then.
I never watched the show, but do you mean Friends?
I quit after Seinfeld.
Colin Hay will be glad to hear you didn't like his song or get his name right, lol!
Thea Gilmore was kind of nice, but Phil Ochs is the one I gotta play!
Some of the  protest got lost, and I believe you protest everything just for something to do, lol!
You have a smoking jacket?  Complete with a snifter of brandy?
Inspired by Bobby Darin & Deano I guess eh, lol?
Now how do I know what Rick Nelson albums you bought, lol?
I played it from the Legacy boxed set, but I think I have the original album, can't think of the name now and too cold to look!
The Byrds song depressed you? It's a GREAT song!
I was just talking to a friend of mine, and this is true I swear, he complained about the Weather Channel not being on Direct TV anymore!
Now THAT'S something to be depressed about, lol!
This WAS an eclectic show, the next ones too- and I use that word, but you can have it for the day.
Now this confuses me.
You don't like Podomatic?
I thought it was Soundcloud you didn't like- are you actually preferring Soundcloud?
I care, it's just that I had so much trouble getting the damn show to Podomatic, I let it go at that.
Always thought Podomatic was the more popular one, no?
Thanks for the listen and writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on January 28, 2014 at 7:38pm
No kidding, I'll take Spanky & Our Gang any day, I really like that group, it's the folkie in me.
I wasn't sure about that Buzzy Linhart...still ain't, lol!
Strange how we better appreciate music we once didn't like as we age.
There were songs in this Series that at a an earlier time I never would have considered playing.
Now I like them.
I gotta play the original When I'm Gone by Phil Ochs, it is a genuinely good protest song!
Once In A LIfetime by Bobby Darin is terrific, but years ago I wouldn't have even bothered to listen to a song from a musical, let alone play it on a Rock & Roll show, lol!
One By One by Rick Nelson- actually Rick listed it as One X One like a carpenter or something.
He could sing alright, and a true Rocker he was!
I don't know if he wrote that, I'll look it up.
As a rule, especially in the early days, he did songs written by others- brothers Johnny & Dorsey Burnette famously camped outside his house and gave him a number of hits, while having hits of their own.
Look them up, particularly Johnny.
As time went on Rick did write some, probably most well known was Garden Party.
I've always been a hige fan of his...and Spanky & Our Gang, did I mention that, lol?
Wonder why that happened with the player, but that next to last song was the Byrds- one I love called Goin' Back.
So that means you missed Dean Martin as the last song!
And the Golden Pell to Colin Hay, which was a last second pick by me, apparently a good one, lol!
Rick Nelson would have been my choice, but that's what makes us interesting.
Thanks for the listen and writing,
Comment by Jon on January 27, 2014 at 7:15am

Someone thought Spanky & Our Gang sounded old? How dare they! Who would say something like that?

Maybe you wouldn't have computer problems if you don't do your show outside? I understand you like being free and easy, but there's some times you just need to pull back.

Well, the Keith version sounds like something you would hear on an old sitcom. Something to play during a montage. Just me, probably.

Buzzy Linhart's (or whatever) voice sounds like early Bowie, Frank Zappa and a smidge of Billy Joel during one part. The song sounds like something from Frank Zappa as well. Thank goodness he didn't write that craptacular piece of crappy crap that was the theme show about those stooges in NY that were chums. I WILL NOT mention the name of that show. Unfunny beyond belief yet it was on for 30 years or something?

Not really a good Colin Hayes song, at least to me.

Thea Gilmour was really nice. I like protest. I protest everything, just for something to do. 

Bobby Darin was really cool. Made me want to get out my smoking jacket and have a snifter of brandy.

I recently bought a couple Rick Nelson albums, wonder if this song is on one of those albums? I could look, but will let you decide.

The Byrds song depressed me, but Dean-o perked me back up. Again the smoking jacket was wanted as well as lots of alcohol. Plus I wanted to get a posse together, maybe do Vegas. Hmm, the possibilities. Of course one of the posse would turn into a trivia question since nobody will recall that person's name. That's the way of the world!

This was an eclectic show. WORD OF THE DAY: ECLECTIC. So says I, I says so.

Oh, I don't like podomatic. I listen to the show, and then go back. It's a pain in the arse with podomatic. Not that you care.   


Comment by RJhog (Admin) on January 26, 2014 at 2:43pm

Making Every Minute Count by Keith, good song, I think I liked it better than the other version you played.

The Time To Live Is Now by Buzzy Linhart.  Decent tune.

These Are Our Finest Days by Colin Haye.  That song was really good.  I never liked Men At Work back in the day, but I'm getting a much better appreciation for them as I age.  That includes this solo song.  This is a GP candidate.

When I'm Gone by Thea Gilmore.  This is a quite nice little acoustic song.  Good cover song.

Once In A LIfetime by Bobby Darin was a swinging jazz piece.  That gets the old blood pumping a bit.

One By One by Rick Nelson was a beauty.  Very nice track.  His voice is super soothing in that song.  Question, was he a songwriter?  Just curious, you know, some artists are performers who sing the music of others while some write their own.  I probably should know if he wrote songs, I just don't.

I heard part of the next to last song, most of it.  It sounded sort of like the Byrds musically, not necessarily vocally.  But I couldn't listen to any more of the end of the shoe, the player kept stopping.  It did this at least 5 times.  

But the show was good, and I'm giving the Golden Pell to Collin Haye.  Rick Nelson was a very close second.

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