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This Salute To Radio has been 15 years in the making.
To begin this Grand Finale, I'll have a look at how it must feel for a struggling artist or band to finally get played on the radio- subject nowadays to the odorous, obscene power of Program Directors.
Then a couple of pieces of unfinished business.
First a classic Radio Montage I wish I could say I put together, called The Ghost Of Radio Past.
It was done by Pete Fornatale with much help from Don Feergard and Peter Mocover.
(That’s Fornatale at the end, when he was a student at Fordham University’s radio station.)
And what a job they did!
It is without a doubt a grand, nostalgic trip down Memory Lane for listeners of New York City radio, but a priceless piece of history no matter where you are from.
WOR-FM, WNEW-FM, the AM stations, the FM stations, Alan Freed, Murray the K, Cousin Brucie, Scott Muni, Mad Daddy, B. Mitchell Reed, Bobaloo, and just about anybody else you can think of will be represented here.
But of course, you will not hear ME, lol!
This brilliant time capsule is now at the Museum Of Television & Radio.
As some of you may know, I place a great emphasis on beginning and ending songs during these shows.
I could not think of a finer song than the one I have chosen to go out with.
It says exactly what I want to say to all whose lives have touched mine as a result of both the radio show and the podcasts.
I hope I have been able to touch yours in some small way in return.
And I do think I have kept all my promises during this Radio Series.
Finally, thanks again to anyone who has EVER listened to the show.
To those curious souls who gave me a chance and never came back for more.
And most especially for those who like what I do, and do come back for more.
My goal was always to appeal to the intelligent, serious listener, but bring fun to my presentation.
While I am very proud of many of the things I have done here, the final decision is yours as to whether I succeed in that goal.
I have enjoyed doing these shows my way- blessed with so much freedom- more than just about anything else I have ever done.
Thank you…so much!
Here are the links, it's been a long strange trip getting to this End, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

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Comment by Mike Pell on November 21, 2013 at 7:10pm
I feel the same way.
Can't say for sure but I think RJ meant he would have a stroke, and I now have a better reason than Scott does, lol!
So I doubt there is any stroking thing going on, which takes a lot out of your comments, hahahaha!
The Raspberries ARE cool, but I tell you, Eric Carmen's first solo album remains one of my favorites- I gotta get back into that one and play some stuff from it.
Guess he did kinda go the soft rock route, but hey at times I am mellow.
WINS and WNEW with that sound thingy, well I know the WNEW one was called the News Beetle by people at the stion.
Happy to bring back that obscure memory.
Ugh, I see no reason in here to  play "Strokin'" by Clarence Carter, lol!
You're gonna scratch it till it bleeds, lol!
I didn't have time to explain all the things in that Montage, but Bob Dayton on WABC played the Happy birthday song for the bombing of Hiroshima and that was his last show, he was fired.
Same with Robey Yonge talking about McCartney being dead, he was taken right off the air at about 3AM, and a guy I know and work with Les Marshak, came in the middle of the night to replace him.
It's all in there.
Yeah, Peabody award...for ME, lol!
I do think it was an excellent series, covered a lot of ground in Radio.
Nobody is sure how long canned food lasts, so that can of Dinty Moore beef stew will still be good for Armageddon!
"Nice final show in this series!"
Well thanks for that, from a guy who gives out compliments like cans of Dinty Moore beef stew, LOL!
And thanks for thre listen and writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on November 21, 2013 at 6:43pm
Yes, I think it worked as a close out show.
Scott doesn't like the Smithereens?
Well, now that's two of us, lol!
I thought people might have that reaction with the Raspberries- that's me, Ilay in the bushes and spring one on you.
And I have a vague memory of hearing that too, that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were fans of the band.
Even influenced by them.
It's Dennis Elsas, and he's not that nice a guy anymore- of course, he and many others can say the same about me, lol!
No Golden Pell this week, and no Classic Pell in my mind either.
Oh, and I thought of that LAST song weeks ago, felt it was the best song I could play not only for the Series but even more on a personal level.
Thanks for the listen and writing bro,
Comment by Jon on November 21, 2013 at 8:18am

Always like that Smithereens song. Until now?

"Good thing Scott's not listening, he'd probably stroke out".  is there something we should know? Should I even ask? Yes. Yes, I will:

Stroke out WHAT exactly?

To go even further, Rjhog claims "that specific song has been on his mind of late". Riiiiiiiiight. The SONG. Sure. You betcha.  

(Note that I didn't have anything bad to say about Rjhog, just like my mommy taught me. I'm just questioning the stroking thing.)

The Raspberries are cool. Eric Carmen kinda went the soft rock route though. I wonder if Rjhog thought about stroking a raspberry. What would happen? I have an idea, but don't want to ruin any impressionable yutes that might be reading this.

WINS and WNEW with that sound thingy! I remember that!

As I listen, I'm wondering if you should play "Strokin'" by Clarence Carter on an upcoming show. You know, since that's what Rjhog's into. 

Dick Waffles? Rjhog must be in nirvana.

Happy birthday for the bombing of Hiroshima? Heck, you should play "Hiroshima" by Utopia, but not for Rjhog.

Peabody award? For you? Ok, I guess. Sure. Then you can put it on Ebay!!!!!

You can't tell a woman (or man) that you like their dress nowadays. What a shame. DINTY MOORE! I have a can of Dinty Moore beef stew that's probably about 15 years old. When Armageddon comes, Rjhog will be thinking about stroking while I'll be King since I have that can of stew.

Nice final show in this series! 

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 20, 2013 at 3:37pm

Nice close out show. 

Especially the opening song.  I dig the Smithereens.  Good thing Scott's not listening, he'd probably stroke out.  Funny thing is, for some reason, that specific song has been on my mind of late.

Great memory you pulled out with The Raspberries.  I haven't heard that in ages.  I do remember from several biographies that Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons were/are fans of The Raspberries.  Maybe one day I'll check 'em out further.

The montage was cool.  I heard the name Dennis Elses (no idea how you spell his last name).  I believe I've heard his name on XM's Classic Vinyl as well.  I guess he's still around.

No Golden Pell this week.  Instead, the Classic Pell is broken out and given to The Smithereens.  Their brand of Power Pop rules.

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