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Sorry, no NEW show this week, my computer was in the shop and one couldn't be done.
I'll pick it back up from where we left off next week though.
And I PROMISE you that during the span of this Salute To Radio Series, you will hear things you have never heard before.
You will hear things that haven’t been played on the radio in Ages.
You will hear things that will delight you, surprise you, sadden you, anger you, and much much more.
If only computers were as dependable as Radio!
So as for this episode, listen to it for the first time or listen again.
These shows seem to get better after they marinate for a week or so, lol!
It's A Salute To Radio, marking my 15th Anniversary in a few weeks of doing a regular weekly show at the same Radio Station!
I did something similar to this 5 years ago for the 10th Anniversary.
In actual fact, I started there on August 25, 1998 as a Fill-In guy, but by October 20th 1998 I had The Rock Show, so that's why I am doing this now.
Radio is a topic that means so much to me that I am hoping this Theme series will be the BEST thing I have ever done.
When I get wrapped up in one of these Series, I am never sure how long they will go on, but this will be BIG!
For those who have never listened to my show before, now would be a perfect time to sample what I do.
My description for the way I present our Music has always been “Get on the bus with me, and I will take you somewhere- making various stops along the way.”
And so it will be with this Series.
I'll begin with a Radio Song Montage, play one of the all-time great Rock & Roll Namedropping tunes, then another that you've heard I'm sure, but may never have noticed how prominent a role the Radio plays in it...and so on so forth, doing my thing.
Included in this Opening Chapter will be some History- of this show and Radio itself.
I sincerely hope you like this.
Cause I am just getting started!
Here are those links to choose from, and listen to what was so important to me growing up and still is near and dear, at Mike Pell Rockollections:
At Podomatic:

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Comment by Mike Pell on October 8, 2013 at 2:57pm


You really can make me laugh, lol!

I told that bassy  Montage was on tape, didn't mention that I equalized it and that was the best I could get- it would cross over into distortion.

The Bonds? Just killing time till I got to Radio, lol!

You are one of a kind my man- happy to know you!


Comment by Jon on October 7, 2013 at 9:30am

So, I'll just repost a Cliff-notes response:


Bassy. Blew speakers. Bill!

Fast Times!

The Ravyns. Rush? The Kinks? Elvis Costello? The Clash?

Joe Jackson's debut classic? That debut the greatest.

Jack Benny, "drama", weird.


Dexy Midnight Runner? Wasn't. They're the same!

Fireside chat! Bridge! Failing!

Miss. "Radio Mystery Theater".

Elections then? Chads?

Banjoing. Quaint?

Bonds! Deal.

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