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I have long had this idea for an opening set for a 4th Of July show, and this year I am finally going to do it!
As you well know, it was July 4, 1776 when we declared our independence from Great Britain.
Much had taken place here in the Colonies since the end of the French & Indian War, leading up to this courageous breakup with the then world's strongest power, England.
So naturally I will start off with a British band, lol!
All kidding aside, the lead-in is irresistible.
This year is America's 236th Birthday, on the day the Declaration Of Independence (my favorite document ever!) was approved and ratified. 
Older than me, but I'm pretty damned independent too!
So in fact, it's the Declaration Of Independence and it's reading that we really celebrate each year.
This took place at the 2nd Continental Congress in Philadelphia (the 1st was there too).
Their meetings had taken place during uncommonly hot and humid weather (global warming back then, lol?).
And rather than allow the crowds outside- both for and against- to eavesdrop and shout things that might sway delegate's votes, they closed all door and windows.
Bear in mind, there was no air conditioning then, so they were Patriots for that alone.
They wanted Freedom, not comfort!
From Rock to Folk, it's Music about Revolution and the Aftermath, in this opening chapter for Independence Day 2012.
Listen to the words, think, and enjoy!
Here's the link to those sacred memories of 236 years ago, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on July 7, 2012 at 2:46am
How many times do I have to tell you, The Beatles DID hang the moon, lol!
Well well, a serious disagreement with Scott over the Golden Pell, lol!
Jon went nuts over that song...I mean really nuts...not that he had far to go, lol!
Can never go wrong with Tom Paxton as a choice either, he's always solid.
First heard that song years ago, can't even figure out when...never, ever heard it on the radio.
It is terrific and I love it too.
I'll wear that Golden Pell too, since there are now spaces on my shelf, lol!
Stepping back impartially and just hearing it as a listener, I really dug that opening set.
How would it be possible to open a 4th Of July show with the Beatles?
What I said, and they sang, it was perfect!
And I thought I could sneak up on people with the Thunderclap Newman song...the unexpected!
Plus the Elton John had a certain amount of smarts too.
I LIKED this episode, lol!
I took a look around at that Coverville, and bookmarked it, so I thank you for the link.
Waterloo Sunset is part of a two or three way tie for my favorite Kinks song EVER- and you know how I love the Kinks!
The Moody Blues too, so I gotta hear one of my fave modern groups who I have been listening to since they started, Fountains Of Wayne, do a Moodies song!
Thanks for YOUR double duty with your marathon listening too, always good to hear what you think.
Getting tired, so I'll write on Pt.2 tomorrow,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on July 6, 2012 at 10:04am

Great songs Mike!  Loved hearing The Beatles (although they did not hang the moon), Elton John, the new one from Neil Young and Crazy Horse, and even the Tracy Chapman song.  But, I respectfully disagree with my buddy Scott on the Golden Pell recipient.  I'm going with the guy that helped steady John Sebastian while he was holding the ladder for The Beatles to hang the moon, Tom Paxton.  I absolutely loved I'm The Man Who Built The Bridges.  That's a terrific song.


I almost forgot, the Thunderclap Newman song is really cool too.


On a side note, remember that podcast I told you about?  It's called Coverville.  They did a 4Th of July show that made me think of something you'd do.  It was American artists covering British Invasion artists.  It was very cool, and here are just a few very nice covers they played:


Time Of The Season (Zombies) - Shaw-Blades (I actually have this album and had forgotten about this cover)

Waterloo Sunset (Kinks) - Jackson Browne and Ray Davies

Bus Stop (Hollies) - Material Issue (a smokin' good cover of a great song)

The Story In Your Eyes (Moody Blues) - Fountains Of Wayne (totally thought about you and your attempts to get me into the Moody Blues.  I've heard this original on the radio several times and I really like it).


They are no competition to you my friend, but some of the stuff they play is pretty darn good, as above.  Check it out at if you are interested. 

Comment by Mike Pell on July 5, 2012 at 7:16pm
I was very proud of that opening set, I really thought it was smart!
Nah, there's no mystery with the Beatles' Revolution.
Frankly I was too lazy to look at the White Album to be sure, but Revolution as a single was the one I played, it came out before the album and was much faster.
I knew they called the slower one something different on the album, thought it might be Revolution #2 but Revolution #1 is what it is.
Revolution #9 is that crazy sound montage by John Lennon that everyone used to skip over, lol!
So what I played is Revolution number nothing!
I haven't listened to the rest of that Neil Young & Crazy Horse CD yet, but it was very odd to me that with all the lyrics (and there are many) in the original Woody Guthrie tune, he chose to pick one stanza and beat it to death.
And at a rather lengthy 5 1/2 minutes- distorted geetar or not, lol!
Alright...the Golden Pell for playing Tracy Chapman!
I am honored and humbled, lol!
And to make sure you didn't waste a joke, I got it and like it...hahahahahaha...gotta run run run run run run run run...
Thanks for listening and writing, I see you had a doubleheader, which actually might be the right way to listen, keeps the continuity,
Comment by Scott on July 5, 2012 at 7:41am

Like the Tracy Chapman tune!

Well we have full blown mystery on our hands.  You said the White albums version of Revolution was #2, I could've swore it was #9, but when I looked it up on Amazon it said #1.  hmmmm...

Thanks for the Crazy Horse tune!  Ive been wanting to hear this! Isn't it just like Neil Young to put a distorted geetar on a tune like This Land Is Your Land.  Awesome!

I get to beat RJ to the Golden Pell yet again!  This week it is Tracy Chapman, pretty cool stuff!

Great show Mike, but I gotta run run run run run run run run...

Comment by Mike Pell on July 5, 2012 at 1:47am
Jon...oh Jon,
Tom Paxton is merely mentioning all the nameless hard-working people who built up this KNOW that, lol!
And he is the one who says we are going to send tyrants to frying hell.
So the last song has hell in it, and as a bonus the very first song I play in Part Two will have hell in it too.
Look at it as a sort of dedication, lol!
This Land Is Our Land has a lot of lyrics, but Neil just focused on the walking on the grass ones.
Over & over again...weird...but then he has always been weird.
Thanks for listening, and you were the first one to write to me, I appreciate it,
Comment by Jon on July 3, 2012 at 5:29pm

Never know those were the words to "This Land Is Our Land". Interesting.

Ok, could Tom Paxton been more arrogant? Did he really do all that stuff? I think NOT!

In one of the songs I could have sworn someone mentioned something about hell? Am I right? Can't find it now.  

Except for that last arrogant song, me likey!

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