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Well, I must say it is with some sadness that I bring us to the Grand Finale of this look at Angels.
As always, I hope you have enjoyed this topic and journey, using music as our guide.
I asked some Questions With Musical Answers in this Series, and I've got one more.
Angels...where do you Find Them?
Then, I feel we are all from time to time Angels to other people in our lives, the more often the better- we just don't have the Wings!
I will close with the BEST song I could think of to say what I wanted.
In Loving Memory of Angel Murphy, Oct. 19th, 1960 to Feb. 14th, 2007.
Goodnight, and I hope I did you proud. 
Here are the links to listen, and I must tell you doing this last episode is when it all hit me the most, at Mike Pell Rockollections:

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Comment by Mike Pell on April 5, 2013 at 10:39am
Thanks, it was a labor of love.
That's a very good point about Jon's crazed taste in voices, lol!
I'll get around to playing Sedaka's Bad Blood someday- the guy had/has a terrific talent for catchy songs.
As for Undercover Angel, as I am looking at them, some songs just fall into groups- little stops along the way that I like to make.
I knew I would play songs about where do you meet Angels, I just didn't know when.
Honestly, I wasn't holding back and it almost was in Part One.
But then it seemed like a good fit in the absolute last episode.
The fact that you kept reminding me of it did make it a little more fun holding it back though, lol!
Knew I'd get you when I finally did lay it in there!
Wingless Angel gets the Golden Pell, and that's the one I thought you might pick.
I wasn't sure, but it was the song I kept hearing in my head for days after.
I guess it's on CD but I took it from good old vinyl.
There is a part near the end that doesn't seem to belong in there, and is a reference to another song on the album called Survivors- which I think I played on one of the 9/11 shows.
Did you notice that?
That Billy Joel song is beautiful, and for what it says, I thought it was the best ending I could have for my old girl Angel!
I am BEYOND delighted that you are so much more pleasant than Jon...that nitpicking, hard-to-please crank!
Glad he listens though, lol!
And I thank you for the listen and writing all the way through that lengthy series,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on April 4, 2013 at 10:46am

Mike, that's a nice little tribute to Angel and a nice little collection of songs.

At first, I was gonna give the Golden Pell to Broken Radio, such a nice song.  Jon doesn't like Bruce's voice, but you should hear the voices of some of the singers he posts around this place.  Hard to believe.

 I also liked the Neil Sedadka song, but my favorite by him is Bad Blood.  

And you FINALLY played Undercover Angel.  I wonder, were you just holding me at bay until the end or did you just get tired of hearing me request it?  Either way, it works for me.

Then I was gonna give the GP to Temporary Angel.  That's a very decent country song.

However, Wingless Angel is the GP winner.  I really, really liked it.

And that Billy Joel song is beautiful.  Always liked it.  That won't change.

Aren't you glad that I'm so much more pleasant than Jon?

Comment by Mike Pell on April 4, 2013 at 1:08am
You make yourself laugh alright- you are your OWN biggest fan, LOL!
In your usual hard-to-please mood, right off I get a couple of no thanks!
Oh man...hahahahaha!
It's Jesse Malin, in case you want to rush out and buy his albums.
Actually it's pretty impressive for an unknown guy to get Bruuuuuuce to sing with him- you gotta admit that.
I like the Ben Harper song, that's why I played it.
You don't!
But surpisingly you did like the old Neil Sedaka song.
I am a part time angel, but do spend most of my time on the bench, lol!
SSSHH...a surprise for RJ!
As a Moody Blues EXPERT (with a complete Music collection I might add), I have to rule that the John Stewart song sounds nothing like any Moodies song I can think of.
You are, sorry to say and to my mind, wrong!
Survey says...LOL!
That John Stewart song came from a vinyl album, and damn I couldn't even find the lyrics for it on the internet.
I wanted to see them to verify what I said, what I've always felt the song says.
On a serious note, I felt the Billy Joel song was the best pick I could make to end with.
It choked me up, as I knew it would.
So saying goodbye BEFORE playing it made sense to me, didn't want people to have to deal with a blubbering DJ/Musicologist!
It's TINKERbell, and she is a nut, LOL!
Thanks for the listen, and writing to berate me as I expect,
Comment by Jon on April 3, 2013 at 4:59pm

What would I do if an angel walked by? I would tinkle! Tee hee hee hee hee hee hee. Man, I STILL make myself laugh.

The first song started off good and then Jesse Mellon (sp?) began singing and then it was Bruuuuuuce. Umm, no thanks?

Ben Harper? No, didn't do anything for me.

But Neil Sedaka I like. I liked this song.

No. You are not a part time angel. Unless you're a bench player?

Have heard Undercover Angel many times. It's ok. Pat Green was a nice song though. 

John Stewart? Never knew he sang songs. Really nice song, it reminded me of The Moody Blues. Am I wrong?

That's a really nice Billy Joel song, have always liked it as well as the album it came from, and a lot of people don't like that album. What do they know??

Hey, I just thought of something. Is Tinkle Bell and angel?

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