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February 7th 1964, 48 years ago TODAY, the Beatles arrived in America at New York's JFK Airport!
2 days later they did their first live performance here on the Ed Sullivan show.
And that quite simply changed music forever!
What better way to remember than with some of their Beatlemania-era early songs?
And this will be the final Covered By The Beatles show simply because I have run out of material they covered- tunes they didn't write but were originally done by mostly American artists.
Although I now can think of TWO others I will play in some other show at some future date.
If you want a cheat sheet, you can look up the British album I will begin with, Beatles For Sale.
It came out in December 1964 in the U.K., and oddly was preceded by A Hard Day's Night, which consisted of all Lennon/McCartney songs- so NO covers!
These songs you will be hearing were chosen by the band because they were stage favorites...ones they enjoyed playing in concert.
Let's see if you enjoy them as recorded, with the original versions behind them!
Here's the link to pick your preferred version, at WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on February 10, 2012 at 11:02pm
Rock And Roll Music is a tough call, slight edge to Chuck for me.
Mr. Moonlight, I don't like any- that may be the ONLY Beatle song I don't like!
I agree though, the Merseybeats may be the most tolerable...and you might be right with that spelling, I think they used one or two words at different times.
Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey goes to Little Richard
Words Of Love is the toughest call of all, since I love the Beatles and Buddy Holly so much.
And the Beatles don't stray from Buddy much at all on that one.
But I'll take and give the Golden Pell to Buddy Holly myself, lol!
Thanks for the writing and the listening,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on February 10, 2012 at 3:26pm

1. Rock And Roll Music -  This one is a draw for me.  Both versions are really good, as is the song in general.


2. Mr. Moonlight -  This one improved with each version you played.  I think the cover by The Mersey Beats (no idea how that is spelled) is easily the best.


3. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey -  Edge to Little Richard on this one.


4. Words Of Love - Edge to Buddy Holley and The Crickets.  Heck, I'm even giving the original version the Golden Pell.


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