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It seems to me, and this surprised me, that there are more songs about Fathers than Mothers.
No scientific study here, just what I have experienced while picking out songs.
I don't exactly know why, but I always thought Mothers would have the most!
Continuing on with our Salute to Fathers, opening Part 3 we again begin things on the Lighter Side.
Then we will get VERY serious with some beautiful songs from Daughters to Fathers.
And all true stories- including the first one by the Daughter of a semi-famous old actor that ends with a situation I cannot even imagine.
If you are not moved by these songs, then you must have hated your old man!
After that, we'll be going the other way, with Fathers to Daughters.
Among the poets visiting this time are Kenny Rankin, briefly and with his THEN little girls, Amanda McBroom, Megan McDonough with the Four Bitchin’ Babes, Judy Collins, and more.
Plus the usual surprises as always.
Hope you enjoy this portion- another coming very soon.
Here's the link to my favorite chapter so far, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on June 17, 2011 at 12:27am
There is always weirdness going on in my life, and to make things even stranger, I just came home knowing I would write to you and I heard that Stevie Wonder song in Starbucks, lol!
Nope, nothing wrong with subdued shows, as I always want it to reflect how I am feeling in the moment.
That was very nicely put by you about my playing what I want, and people can easily play what they want.
This is so true for anyone, and actually made me laugh out loud:
If I wanted to hear what RJhog wanted to hear, I'd play it. But I want to hear what The Pell would play.
Brilliant in its simple logic, and I love being called The Pell, LOL!
I am very flattered by that, and appreciate it more than I can say.
While I do care what people want to hear, it is not the overriding factor- if I believe in a song, and it fits the topic, I will go with it whether anyone has ever heard it or not.
So I get to introduce people to things they may not hear any other way.
And it is fun to go into Classic Rock or Country or Folk or Gospel or R & B or Oldies or anything else.
Take the song Erroll Flynn for instance- I am sure you had never heard of its existence, and WHERE else would you have ever heard it?
It would have remained out of your life forever.
And I think that was the BEST song in that chapter also!
But Megan McDonough's My Father is a close second, while the Judy Collins one I have heard maybe a little too often.
I have been playing the Kenny Rankin one for years, since my friends starting having kids and I would play it for them.
That is spooky though, you pause the song and it keeps palying- Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" is haunting both of us, lol!
Another thing we have in common, I played the entire long version of the song from the album- like you I respect the artist's vision and the length of the song they choose.
While I am surprised the hard-rockin', lots of heavy-metal You likes Rick Springfield, I will be equally surprised if I like him, lol!
There is one old song I vaguely remember by him I like, but sure, please do send the songs.
I am open to anything, and those titles and the way you describe the songs make them sound very interesting!
Thanks for the listen and the always intelligent, incisive writing,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on June 15, 2011 at 2:10pm


There is some weirdness going on around here.  More on that later.


This was a rather subdued show.  Not that there is anything wrong with that (Seinfeld reference).  But seriously, about as far from classic rock for a whole show as I've heard you go.  Again, not a bad thing.  'Cause you see, that's why I like your show.  You play what you want to play.  You don't worry about what RJhog wants to hear.  That's what I worry about on the little amateur show I'm doing.  I find myself wanting to please folks, but can't they just do that themselves?  If I wanted to hear what RJhog wanted to hear, I'd play it.  But I want to hear what The Pell would play.  So for me, who cares if it's Classic Rock or Country or Folk or Gospel?


Anyway, the Cosby bit was a trip.  Very funny (Knocked his face clean off).


The best song to me was the one about Erroll Flynn. 


Now, about that weirdness.  So I'm listening to Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely" on your show, and I have to pause it for a moment.  I hit pause and take out the ear buds, and I still hear Isn't She Lovely.  It kinda freaked me out 'cause I know I hit pause.  Then I realized the exact same song was on the radio that plays through the office speakers.  Very spooky.


Lastly, I have 3 Rick Springfield songs that you must hear.  I know that it's too late this year, and you probably wouldn't play 'em anyway, but you have to hear 'em.  Maybe one will make your Father's Day show one of these years:


My Father's Chair

Like Father, Like Son

April 24, 1981


All of these are about his father, with the last one being the earliest released, obviously named for the day his Dad died.  The second one has a bit of an Eleanor Rigby feel, while the first one I listed is my personal tearjerking favorite.  I'll get these to you.



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