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We continue with our Fathers theme, and these last 2 episodes will be the most difficult.
No better example of how music can reach into your heart, and extract all sorts of memories, and cause your eyes to water.
I present Part 5 with the subject of CONFLICTS.
They seem to be mostly between Fathers and Sons, but I may just feel that way because I was a son, and the eldest son at that.
Make no mistake, the intention here is to push buttons- regret, anger, sadness, and anything you may feel depending on your own personal relationship with your Father.
We will begin with a scene from a famous movie that captures the Generation Gap perfectly.
Then go on to play some songs that you may relate to more than you’d like to admit.
In this chapter, we will also have a spoken introduction to a live song and NOT play the song, a Biblical tale of Father/Son, and the best ever song in my opinion about these seemingly unavoidable differences
One last chapter to go…and it’ll be a doozy!
Here's the link to a family war-zone, at WLSO.FM:


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Comment by Mike Pell on June 24, 2011 at 7:43am
That was a serious segment- and one I could relate to very much.
I thought my father was a shitty dad, and he pissed me off so much when I was under 10 years old I never got over it.
Unlike others, I have no life lessons or memorable quotes I got from him.
But I grew up pretty good just the same- like I told Scott, I had my Mother.
Yeah man, isn't that a brilliant quote from Cliff Eberhardt's My Father's Shoes"I've never asked you to be more like me"?
If I had thought of it, I would have used it!
Ah...thanfully someone is mentioning the Wainright song- and that is a poignant statement, "Your startin' up and I'm winding down". 
It's easy enough to see why you would be affected by that line, cause if it ain't true now it will be someday.
There is a great bitter dialogue going on in that Cat Stevens song, and he sings from both Father & Son points of view.
"From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen". 
It is extremely insightful, 'cause that's exactly what happens, and we all can relate.
Good to hear from you buddy, and nice you thought that chapter was superb.
Frankly, I did too!
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on June 23, 2011 at 2:17pm


Such a serious show.  But a good one.  I, like Scott, have never, ever had a problem with my old man.  I love him like crazy and always have.  He has been a great influence on everyone around him, although some of those folks weren't smart enough to be like him. 


First of all, I really liked the Springsteen clip you played, but 3 lines, one each from 3 of the songs you played, stood out to me:


The first one, you actually quoted on the show.  I had jotted it down while listening, "I've never asked you to be more like me".  How freakin' true is that?


Number two comes from Mr. Wainright.  "Your startin' up and I'm winding down".  Don't really know why, but I love that lyric.


Lastly, courtesy of Cat Stevens.  "From the moment I could talk I was ordered to listen".  Wow.  That is extremely insightful, 'cause that's exactly what happens.  And, I've heard this song on XM recently, because I remember hearing that line recently and thinking how true it was. 


Anyway, superb show, about to listen to part 5.


Comment by Mike Pell on June 22, 2011 at 3:17pm
No apologies needed, if you are nice enough to write, that's good enough for me.
I shouldn't EXPECT that from anyone.
And all Good Luck with that new job.
In this freakin' economy, you FOUND one...take a bow, lol!
You ought to do a radio show, because you have this sometimes unique way of looking at things.
For instance, I never for a moment thought of this until you pointed it out:
Love the opening clip, the voice inflections remind me of the typical over-acting that was done in the 40's - 50's theater.  Cracks me up!  "GET OFF MY BACK! ...  Dad, Dad, I love you!"  hahahahaha are right on point my man...the over-acting of old radio...hahahahahaha!!!!
That next one was Cliff Eberhardt's My Father's Shoes, a great song and I am happy to have introduced it to you.
He is a terrific artist worth checking out, and one of those I listen to when I am looking for something adult & folky- it's not always easy to find intelligent, adult music nowadays for smart people to listen to.
I can't place the Supertramp melody either, but his talking about his father fit the mood.
Nobody has mentioned the Loudon Wainwright song I think is so dead on.
Or the Stones' Prodigal Son from Beggars Banquet- that song has been a friend to me for many years- damn catchy, bluesy, and seems to me, acoustic (rare for them).
I do know dramatic conflict with my Father, like with Springsteen's old man, but as a kid I took Latin and learned "de mortis nil nisi bonum".
"Say nothing but good about the dead!"
So you can feel bad about me, and I'll envy you.
You are very lucky, but then I wasn't deprived- my Mom was GREAT!
She was the one who taught me how to play ball (she had been a tomboy), and she was the one who showed up in the freezing cold to watch me play hockey, etc.
And I have no doubt that pain you hear in those songs comes from deep inside those artists about their fathers- and yes, that was the whole point.
Please...please listen to how I end it all in Part 6- I don't think you will ever forget it.
Good to hear from you, glad you thought it was a great show, and knock 'em dead at the new job,
Comment by Scott on June 22, 2011 at 12:32pm

Hey Mike!  My apologies for disappearing on your last couple of shows.  I'm starting a new job next week and have been transitioning from my last job and all the pre-employment work, blah blah blah...


Love the opening clip, the voice inflections remind me of the typical over-acting that was done in the 40's - 50's theater.  Cracks me up!  "GET OFF MY BACK! ...  Dad, Dad, I love you!"  hahahahaha.


Nice transition into the first track too!  Really really nice!  First time Ive ever heard it, loved it!  And I know nothing of the artist.


Im not a Springsteen fan at all really...  But I loved the backing acoutic on the rap, the beginning of it sounded very much like some older Suypertramp melody, cant' quite place it, but its what came to mind until he started talking.


I am thankful that I don't know dramatic conflict with my Father, I had a great one and an even better relationship with him.  I feel bad for those who did though, I can hear pain in some of thesew tracks, and I guess thats the point, right?


Great show Mike!

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