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After playing songs about Good Mothers last chapter, I promised you Bad Mothers.
And this is a Salute, lol?
Yes, Good, Bad, it takes all kinds.
I'll start with the most notorious Bad Mother I could think of- and this Mom is from one of the most successful albums around.
After that, two songs I will undoubtedly be introducing you to.
If you recall, during my Psychotherapy series last summer I played a pair of strange, but well-received by listeners, songs by Janis Ian and Dory Previn.
This time we'll flip-flop the artists and start with Previn, and her sad and spooky tale.
They are from vinyl LP's and sound like it, but that's the only way I have them.
The common thread connecting these Bad Mothers is that they are manipulative, and most especially possessive.
Not wanting their child to ever leave them!
You'll hear what I mean.
After that, a song by the Who I CHOSE to play from the vinyl- I heard the CD version and found it to be so lacking in sparkle and life it was no contest...the old vinyl copy wins.
And that Mother in the Who song goes beyond Bad into insane, I mean what the...?
I'll close this episode out with an interesting change in direction regarding Mothers- one that is not often talked about, never mind playing songs about.
I hope you enjoy this Part 4, as it is a curious mix of known and unknown!
And with so many Mother songs left, I will continue with them next week for two final installments.
Hey, it's free-form radio, and I pick the music, lol!
You should trust me by now!
Here's the link to some songs about bad that possible? (sure is!),  at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on May 14, 2011 at 1:02am
Thought I'd start with a familiar Pink Floyd tune because it not only fit the topic perfectly, but I knew I would play the next two hardly anybody would be familiar with!
That Dory Previn is beyond dark and into cult movie status, lol!
The Janis Ian song I played previously was in the Psychotherapy series, the one about the girl jumping from the ledge, called Insanity Comes Quietly To The Structured Mind.
I knew I was taking a risk with that current song by Janis, it wouldn't work for everyone.
So you are entitled to your wrong-headed opinion, lol!
Hey we both hit the Who this week!
That's a strange song too, eh? I'm A Boy I tell you!
Rock & Roll Lullaby was a new thought for me, and I wondered how many folks knew it was about an Underage & Unwed Mother.
Ended with my girls, The Roches, and another unmarried girl getting knocked up and left "holding the bag"!
Glad you enjoyed the show, and I always enjoy your writing,
Comment by Mike Pell on May 14, 2011 at 12:48am


The Bad Mamma Jamma show!

Outstanding! Why didn't I think to call it that, lol!
I had to think about them getting pissed at the terrestrial station I work at that takes money from the Corporation For Public Broadcasting when I played "Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls"!
But I always do it anyway, lol!
There is definitely some Grace Slick in Dory Previn, now that you point it out to me.
And those lyrics are indded dark dark dark...she can't get out from under that domineering Mother.
This I love:


So the imagery that comes to mind with that last tune is of 3-4 well quaffed women singing on stage with huge smiles, and Ed Sullivan coming out and saying what nice young ladies they are.  hahahahaha

And old Ed as usual not having a clue what those nice girls were singing ABOUT, LOL!
Thanks for the listen, and your ever increasing insight- makes for a cool read on my part,

Comment by RJhog (Admin) on May 13, 2011 at 2:34pm



I liked the opener.  Good ole Pink Floyd. 


The song Her Mother's Daughter is very dark.  You are right about that.  I thought that one was okay, but I must say I didn't like the Janice Ian song.  Now, I know you've played her before and from what I can remember I liked it, but this one just kinda irritated my ears.  Just one of my wrong opinions, right?


The Who, in any show, is cool.  They are the featured artist in this weeks Album Of The Week, but not the album this is from.  Good song.


Believe it or not, I liked the B.J. Thomas song.  It had that 70's AM Radio vibe if you ask me. 


As always, good show.

Comment by Scott on May 13, 2011 at 9:21am

The Bad Mamma Jamma show!  WooHoo!


That Floyd song came to mind on Mothers Day for me also.  Have to laugh everytime I think of the line "Mother do you think they'll try to break my balls"...  classic, but then again so is The Wall as a whole.


Never heard that second tune but it brings Grace Slick and the Airplane to mind.  Sure fits them.  The lyrics are dark dark dark.  "I sure hate you mother", "I'll never leave you mother" - uh, psycho!  Carrie-like even...


So the imagery that comes to mind with that last tune is of 3-4 well quaffed women singing on stage with huge smiles, and Ed Sullivan coming out and saying what nice young ladies they are.  hahahahaha


Cool show!

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