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It is time to wrap up our Salute To Mothers.
This final chapter will have a song my buddy Mike and I always laugh along with to begin, followed by an early R&B song from before there was Rock & Roll, but whose sound clearly forecasts what was to come.
After that, as I said a few days ago, I'll turn serious in this Finale!
There was a Phoebe Snow song I was looking for, and finally found just in time for the end of this series.
It was on an old cassette tape from about 1983, has held up remarkably well, and it is a live-on-the-radio acoustic song performed on the old WNEW-FM here in New York (when it was a listenable station!).
It is dedicated to her brain-damaged daughter, Valerie Rose, called Stand Your Ground.
As far as I can find out, it was never officially released, so this may be one of the only ways to hear it.
So sad Phoebe died last month!
Followed by a song that deals with Mothers and the Thread running through 3 generations.
Then we conclude with the unfortunate but honest part of this series, the inevitable end that comes to us all.
It is the natural order of things that parents are predestined to die before their children.
And Mothers, Angels that they be, are not exempt.
I hope you enjoyed the fun, laughs and tears with our respectful and loving Celebration Of Mothers, Mamas, Moms & Mas.
Here's the link that closes the series out, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on May 21, 2011 at 12:29am
Yeah that Mother In-Law is hysterical, by Ernie K. Doe from New Orleans in 1961.
Me & my pal Mike Hennessy always laugh our asses off!
And the Phoebe Snow song was the polar opposite- my late girlfriend had a daughter with something like that, and she was so devoted to her, still can bring me to tears.
Hank Sr. did some brilliant stuff, songs that are still done today, even by rockers!
Julia is such a soft song I can understand why you might not recognize John Lennon singing it- it is on the Beatles White Album.
As for Let It Be, I always thought McCartney was referring to the Virgin Mary.
Finally, your preferences are so important to me, I am considering submitting a list of songs before I do a show for your approval, lol!
It's a true story about that Hall and Oates song, first time I heard it on the radio after my Mom passed away it hit me, took on a new meaning and I always remember that.
But it can almost perfectly fit that situation, can't it?
As for this:
You should have played the long version instead of the short version.
It makes everyone happy, especially at the terrestrial station that is the real home for my show, if I keep each half at 28 minutes...allows them to play PSA's, promos, etc.
Playing the long version of H&O would have made things even more difficult, since I alerted them that the final part would run over to almost 29 1/2 minutes.
And because of the sensitive, loving and personal feelings I had for that ending, I could not bring myself to cut anything out.
They agreed!
Thanks for listening all the way through my friend, it was at times emotional for me,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on May 19, 2011 at 10:31am


I really like that song about the Mother In-Law.  That's hilarious.  Luckily for me, I have a terrific Mom In-Law, so I can definitely laugh at this. 


The song by Phoebe Snow was really beautiful and sad at the same time.  I sometimes wonder how folks cope with that sort of thing.  I'm not really sure I could.  My hat is off to them.


It's nice to hear something from Hank Sr.  And that's really a dark, brooding song.  Very sad.


I knew John Lennon's mother was named Julia, but I had no idea that was him singing.  I also had no idea that Let It Be had anything to do with Paul's Mom.  I guess I always imagined a Nun when he sand Mother Mary. 


Almost forgot, great call on the Hall and Oates song.  I would have never thought of that fitting here.  I love the song, but you messed up.  You should have played the long version instead of the short version.  Well, you didn't really mess up, that's just my preference, and I know how important my preference is to you.

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