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Welcome to my annual two-week Christmas Party.
It is usually an exercise in experimentation, and this year is no exception.
All I knew when I sat down to do this show was that I had an opening song- then it took on a life of its own.
And that life of its own was to first musically state the obvious, lol!
I invite you to join me for an eclectic collection of Christmas songs that flow together, at least in my fill-in-the-blank mind.
With Radio's tight playlists today, I humbly state it's hard to imagine you will hear some of these anywhere else- certainly not in the same show.
New, old, loud, soft, electric, acoustic, blues,'s all in here.
So snuggle up next to your speakers and please do enjoy the first stocking leg of our Holiday Party!
Here's the link to the frenzied activity at the North Pole, via WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on December 14, 2011 at 7:20am
I don't remember our conversation from last year, and I am glad I don't- although that wouldn't stop me, lol!
I am different though, about playing things you won't hear at other places...the same old same old.
In fact, when I was done with this show that was completely free-form, I suddenly had the fear that I was the ONLY one who would know these songs, lol!
I mean, wait till you hear Part Two!
Did I play Chris Trapper last year?
There was a time when I could remember every song I ever played, and I never liked repeating a song on any future show.
I know it gets harder with doing more show and as time passes, simply because there are more and more to recall, but I think the biggest reason is because I do the show from home now.
There was a distinct difference mentally to travelling to the radio station and teaming with Engineer Ken that made it easier to store what was played in my fill-in-the-blank-head!.
Home is too comfortable for those memories to stick as much.
I do know that was the first time I have ever played Snoopy's Christmas.
And  the Golden Pell goes to Charles Brown, a good choice since it's the original, for me tied with the Eagles and a few others.
As you could hear, those two songs were inspired by my playing Sarah MacLachlan- a listener could practically SEE the thought bubble take place!
I didn't mean to speak over My Decorations as much as I did- sometimes I think I TALK too much, lol!
Don't worry, you'll get to hear it all.
Thanks for listening & writing, YOU are off to a nice start too, lol,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 13, 2011 at 4:52pm


Here we go, the dreaded Christmas show.  Do you remember our conversation about it last year?  Having said that, I have come to enjoy your show, simply because you play stuff I don't hear on a usual basis.


The opener was cool, as was the Chris Trapper song.  And I believe you played Trapper last year, but I can't recall the song.  You actually sent it to me I think.


I do love Snoopy's Christmas.  That's always a fun song that I don't mind hearing every year.  But how 'bout the version of Please Come Home For Christmas that you played by Charles Brown.  Very nice.  My favorite version is still by the Eagles, but this one get's the Golden Pell.


My Decorations.  That was a great sounding parody.  Would have like to have heard it all.


Nice start bro-man.

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