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Autumn is rapidly becoming tied for my favorite Season.
It brings with it the promise of my beloved Winter.
I know over 90% will disagree with me, but Summer is just something I have to annually sweat and get through so I can enjoy the cold weather.
Obviously, waiting for the bus is preferable in Fall- don't tell the squirrels, but I freeze my nuts off waiting for public transportation in Winter, lol!
The only thing that could improve The Fall would be snow, and we've had some of that already.
Not much to speak of though, so forget I spoke of it.
As I go happily through this beautiful Season, over the years I've noticed that Autumn Songs have a distinctive sound.
Quite a few emotions in them, mostly melancholy, sadness at the passing of Summer.
But for me Autumn is invigorating!
I'll speak of my fondness for sitting in a park here in Brooklyn, oh about a mile from where I live- it is an isolated spot, never crowded, where I can read, write and particularly listen to Music- surrounded by private houses that can't be seen, so I feel I could be anywhere BUT the big city.
It's a truly restful spot.
And my friends are under strict orders that should I ever begin to feed the birds or squirrels, they are to shoot me... immediately blow my freakin' head off for doing such an Old Guy thing, lol!
Like the weather, some nice Music here.
Please do enjoy it.
Here's the brisk link to two meanings of Cool music, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on November 19, 2011 at 6:33pm
I guess I did bookend it, open & close with a couple of good ones.
But now there is a Platinum Pell...hahahahahaha?
Turns out Steve Forbert closes the show too, he made it in there twice.
I enjoy both the wide open spaces and the "big city", it's all a matter of balance.
As I get older though, I do seek the rural, even if it's just that park I mentioned.
And particularly at this time of the year.
Happy to provide some solitude for you, thanks for writing my friend,
Comment by Scott on November 18, 2011 at 12:47pm

The "bookends" were really very cool!  And the Golden Pell may belong to the opener, but the best song, the Platinum Pell, was Steve Forberts "Autumn This Year".


I can picture the solitude of a rooftop in a such a condensed place. That was a nice mental picture you drew.  I come from a place with wide open spaces and sometimes miss that here in the "big city"


Thanks for the 30 minutes of solitude!

Comment by Mike Pell on November 17, 2011 at 1:46am
Bookends eh...the name of a great Simon & Garfunkel album.
Nice to get the Golden Pell for the Moody Blues member Justin Hayward's song, Forever Autumn.
But again I am surprised you never heard it before, how'd that happen?
You SHOULD feel bad about those not having those Gordon Lightfoot tunes, lol!
I wouldn't call you dumb...oh wait...nah, just missing out on some of the smartest and best music you will ever hear.
Oh well, check your mailbox soon.
Not sure why you think of Autumn with Hazy Shade Of Winter, maybe like me you know it means Winter is coming.
I played Hazy Shade Of Winter, by the originals, Simon & Garfunkel, not the Bangles version in a Winter series I did that is still at WLSO.FM.
California Dreaming, I believe that takes place in Winter, and in New York City. 
Don't think Winter when I am doing Autumn, what's wrong with you...and get some Gordon Lightfoot, lol!

I wonder if we will hear November Rain by GNR???????

The last half is already here, and I went more Folk I guess because of the seasonal, poetic lyrics, so no Runny Noses, lol!
Thanks for listening my friend, and writing,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on November 16, 2011 at 4:24pm

Mike, the bookends of this show are my favorite.  Yep, the first and the last song. 


I've never heard the Justin Heyward song, and it's really good.  It's so good, I'm awarding it a "Golden Pell". 


And I just want you to know, you make me feel bad everytime you play a Gordon Lightfoot tune.  It's because it always makes me feel kinda dumb for not owning any of his music.


On a side not, there are two songs that always make me think of Autumn, although they are both about Winter.  Hazy Shade Of Winter, the Bangles version (not S&G), and California Dreaming.  Don't know why, but those are synonamous with Autumn for me.


I wonder if we will hear November Rain by GNR???????


Good show brother!

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