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One of the things I have noticed over the years with these Christmas shows is that I am a great stater of the obvious.
I like to begin shows by telling you it's Christmastime (and THERE...I've made a decision, but you'll have to listen to understand what that means).
So I will do it again with the BEST NEW Christmas song I have heard in the last year!
And other non-informative alerts too...I am a piece of work, lol!
Even though we kept pace with the Beatles and their Christmas Messages from 1963 to 1969, it ain't over with them.
I have a 1964 outtake, and the first thing that jumps out at you is how nervous they are.
Of course, they were very young, and when some engineer plucks you in front of a microphone and tells you to say some things about the past year and Christmas, it can be daunting.
And THAT is what Engineer Ken would occasionally surprise me with, tell me not enough time for a song so just wing it for 2 minutes, lol!
But it's good training for you, and I can be gabby when needed.
From icons to icon next.
A very short, swooning song from the early days of Rock & Roll by Litlle Lambsie Penn (that is correct, lol), to Elvis Presley, about how she wants to spend Christmas with him, and using the titles of many of his songs to make her case.
She is Songdropping!
It is easy to see where I might go after that.
Simply put, an enjoyable chapter with some DIFFERENT Songs Of The Season that you ought to enjoy (hear that, commercial radio?).

Here's the link to the nearest cyberspace chimney, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on December 23, 2010 at 5:35pm
Hey Scott, I do a lot of things backwards, it just comes naturally, lol!
Oh that's right, the uke opening- that's what originally grabbed me, it sounded so catchy!
Thanks for reminding me, gonna play it now.
It makes no never mind to me, I like Chicago with Cetera or without, and like I told RJ it's a solid Christmas album.
The copy I have was pulled and deleted, then replaced with a longer version, more songs.
They considered re-mixing it, but I'm glad they didn't.
The Beatles were definitely on more than kazoo, lol-I suspect at that time it was booze- very common for the Brit bands at that time.
Too bad about your feeling about Elvis, you are missing out.
Maybe like me as you get older you'll realize just how damn good he was.
The voice stayed great forever, but if you listen to the REAL early things, the stuff he did on Sun records, he was a true groundbreaker for Rock & Roll.
The energy on those songs is unreal, and Sam Phillips knew he was onto something.
I liked the Chris Isaak song too.
So either it's a good song or we are both weird, lol!
Merry Christmas to you too Scott, it has been a pleasure for me to find you guys who love the music as much as I do.
Great meeting you, and all the best to you and your family,
Comment by Mike Pell on December 23, 2010 at 5:19pm
Is that Chistmas For Cowboys by John Denver with the Muppets?
I have a vinyl album by them, but I've never played it all the way through, lol!
Hey, 5 or 6 songs from my shows, that's an excellent score for me.
I'll take it.
Comment by Mike Pell on December 23, 2010 at 5:16pm
No kidding, a Somewhere Over The Rainbow vibe with the Chris Trapper song?
Never noticed, I just liked it, lol!
That Chicago album was new to me too, but that particular song seemed to fit there.
But the album is solid,and what you'd expect from them.
Man, didn't the Beatles sound nervous, with all that giggling and stuff?
They were just kids.
Brilliant response with your Little Lambsie Penn stance!
You're correct about Priscilla, and Lambsie would have been even more suited for Jerry Lee Lewis, lol!
I have seen Eddie Murphy do Elvis, but the surprising best was done by Andy Kauffman!
And hey, she wasn't bad for a girl.
Some years ago, I played Elvis Imitators by Steve Goodman.
If I can find it, I'll send it to you- maybe you can put it up's very funny.
I got lucky and played your favorite Christmas tune, Blue Christmas by Elvis.
Good to know you HAVE one, lol!
By the way, my Mom always loved Elvis' voice!
I'm sure Chris Isaak was trying to do that, cause it jumped out at me, and filled my remaining space nicely.
Thanks for listening and writing, and things are getting better for us already- feel it?
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 22, 2010 at 4:31pm



Just a quick you have a song called Chistmas For Cowboys by John Denver?  I just heard it on the radio and I think it's a terrific Christmas song.   If I were to make a Christmas mix tape (or CD I guess), I would definitely put this song on it, along with at least 5-6 that I've heard on your shows.

Comment by Scott on December 22, 2010 at 4:10pm
Hi Mike, I so far behind on your shows now that I'm gonna start with the latest posting and see if I can go backwards...  hahaha

Don't know Chris Trapper (sp?), but loved the uke opening and I'm gonna have to agree, great Christmas song.

I knew that was Chicago.  And since it comes from the period after Cetera, I must continue my preference of Chicago with Cetera versus without.  Nice track though, but it was just ok.

Beatles on Kazoo?  Or were they on something else?  I'll go with he latter, hahaha.  "Happy Christmas and very New Year!"  Yup, they were on something alright.  I kid!

Not much of an Elvis fan though I do respect him, his music is just not for me.  I may be the only one on this site that doesn't care for his stuff.  Sorry....

I liked the Chris Isaak song though, is that weird?  Don't answer that!  hahahaha..

Merry Christmas Mike!  It has been a great time getting to know your show and little about you also!
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on December 22, 2010 at 3:55pm



I did like that first song by Chris Trapper (It's Christmastime).  I got a strong "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" vibe, not the original, but the more recent one that's been in a couple of soundtracks (I believe it was in an Adam Sandler/Drew Berrymore movie called 50 First Dates).  I know my wife would like it 'cause she loves that version of that song.


The Chicago song was pretty cool too.  I've never heard that.


The Beatles bit was funny.  I love how they had to keep identifying who they were.  We take that for granted in this age of TV over Radio.


Now, for that Little Lambsie Penn song.  I strongly disagree with you that she wouldn't have had a chance with Elvis because of the "Little" part of her name.  Didn't he start seeing Priscilla at a very young age (14 or 15)?  I think the "Little" would have been right up his alley...:-)  As far as the song goes, I liked the song dropping, but I didn't care for her attempt at imitating his voice inflections.  Most folks should just leave that to him (although Eddie Murphy does a pretty damn good Elvis imitation, if you don't believe me, you should check out his old video, I think it's Raw, but It could be Delirious, I can't remember which came first).


Blue Christmas by Elvis may just be my favorite Christmas tune.  That's one I never mind hearing.  Even when I'm grouchy.  As I've said before, he would get my vote for the best singing voice ever.


And I thought Chris Isaak sounded a little like Elvis as well.  I'm sure that's what he was trying to do.  That dude's got a pretty decent voice himself.

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