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Continuing on with Dire Straits, their next album was Love Over Gold.
The title was taken from some graffitti they saw!
It was their first # 1 album in the UK.
After a song from that album, I wanna play a good old piece of Rock & Roll, that I knew as a B-side to a single I had by Dire Straits. Turns out, over in England it was on an EP.
As we talked about previously, they still love those EP’s in England.
Brothers In Arms was their next album, a huge hit.
And the title track was the World’s 1st CD single!
In fact, the album was one of the first CD’s around to choose from.
I’ll bring this show home with an appropriate song...but clumsily and I apologize.
I had fun doing this one and I think you can hear it in me!
Here's the link to my latest Communique, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on August 25, 2011 at 11:26pm
Sure I am having a great vacation.
An earthquake already and a hurricane coming, lol!
And the week I took in July the temp reached 105 degrees!
Love Over Gold posted is nice, but what about Making Movies- that was temporarily your favoriet, lol?
I've never been in Detroit, but that being on Telegraph Road must have been surreal for a fan like you.
Talk about making a connection, and primarily because you are NOT from there.
I mean, I never think of all the songs about Broadway when I am on it because I live in NYC.
Yeah, that was a good line about those lovable record companies, it just came to me as do most things- and they must love you as the perfect consumer who owns all three formats of those releases!
The On Every Street album we just didn't get to, although I did play Calling Elvis in a series I did on Telephones (which I highly recommend you listen to in all its glory archived at WLSO.FM, lol!).
No reason other than I went with the songs I knew the longest- much like old friends are better than new friends, right?
Plus Dire Straits songs do run long.
And I noticed one song in the show that Engineer Ken started to fade out of, then seemed to change his mind and bring it back up.
So I guess he was watching the time and doing some editing.
Thanks for writing, its good to hear from an expert on a group I really like,
Comment by Scott on August 25, 2011 at 9:06am

Mike - Hope your having a great vacation!


I posted Love Over Gold in SHT #3 ( - Just driving home my point from part 1 -


I digress...  Recently I was in Detroit Michigan.  My first time.  I was shuttled from the airport to downtown.  On the way we passed "Telegraph Road", talk about one of those moments where you connect with a song!  So I googled Lover Over Gold and there in the WIki was this ...

Mark Knopfler said, while on tour, he… "in fact, was driving down that road, and I was reading a book at the time, called Growth of the Soil [by the Norwegian author Knut Hamsun], and I just put the two together. I was driving down this Telegraph Road… and it just went on and on and on forever, it's like what they call linear development. And I just started to think, I wondered how that road must have been when it started, what it must have first been. And then really that's how it all came about yeah, I just put that book together and the place where I was, I was actually sitting in the front of the tour bus, at the time."  

Maybe Jon can shed more light on what it was when it began since he's from there, but my main point was the "Real" connection to the tune.  Just cool stuff.


Lovable record companies...  good one Mike! hahaha...  I have purchased most of the dire straits releases on vinyl and CD, and then again remastered!  Geez!  9x platinum indeed!


On Every Street is missing, is there a reason?  ...  I like that album too.

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