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As the 45th Anniversary of WOR-FM's July 30th 1966 going on the air approaches, I'll continue with some fun old airchecks and music only from 1967 and before.
And I know there are radio freaks like myself who LOVE those old airchecks.
In many cases they bring back happier times better than music does!
The strike was settled, and the DJ's began on Oct. 8th 1966...a Saturday...rather odd!
They were feeling their way around as most of us would starting a new job, but possibly not aware of their iconic status as Firsts.
Scott Muni and Murray the "K" in particular had to re-invent themselves, not be the Top 40 people they were remembered as.
They did so very nicely, and by the time I got an FM radio in '67 were almost totally different- much more likable, laidback and friendly.
And they played music AM Radio wouldn't go near, lol!
Enjoy the memories, or make some new ones!
Here's that all-important link to take you back to an exciting time in Radio, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on July 31, 2011 at 3:48pm
Glad you liked it, those old clips are fun and bring back wonderful memories- probably more so for me because I was here, and you may be just hearing a guy for the first time.
I always think about picking music for movies or TV because I am so theme oriented.
But what happened to you being a DJ?
Last I remember we were trying to get you into stereo, lol!
It is nice that I was the one to introduce you to the Vanilla Fudge's You Keep Me Hanging On.
That was the centerpiece for me in that chapter.
And once you've heard it, it is unforgettable!
If I Were A Carpenter, a song written by a great folkie Tim Hardin.
And he was pretty upset that Bobby Darin had such a big hit with his song because it is note for note the way Hardin did it.
Years later, Darin wrote a song called Sing A Simple Song Of Freedom for Hardin, but although an excellent song, it didn't go far.
Tim Hardin is a guy I should do before everyone forgets him- you'd be amazed at his short, briliant songs.
Tell the wife you are much better than me.
Never mind fixing the fence and replacing the old crappy sliding glass door, I have trouble hanging damn curtains, lol!
I am not all that handy, but very very proud when I do fix something!
This WOR-FM series will continue for at least two week, I keep finding stuff and I am having a ball doing it.
As always, thanks for listening and writing,
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on July 29, 2011 at 2:24pm


Another great set my friend.  Let me tell you, I love listening to all the old clips.  I have to say that my dream job alternates between picking music for movies and being a DJ.  I love this stuff but I know so little about it. 


Great set of songs.  I really dig the Vanilla Fudge track Keep Me Hanging On.  Of course, I've never heard it, but it's definitely my favorite from this show.


One other song comment, my wife would tell you that if I were a carpenter, I'd fix the friggin' fence and replace the old crappy sliding glass door (which I think was popular about the same time frame as your subject) with French doors.

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