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Getting ready to wrap things up at the late great WOR-FM with these last two chapters, and we will drastically go from joyous celebration to the people responsible for the station's success being fired.
This time out I'll start with a set that begins with an old group you may remember called Sagittarius and their semi-hit, My World Fell Down, with its fantastic harmonies.
Only WOR-FM played it here in NYC.
The DJ's also were allowed to play songs by groups better known for their Top 40 hits but were stretching out and expanding themselves, attempting experimental things- those hidden album cuts that were amazingly progressive for their time!
You'll hear Rosko reading poetry, as he frequently did by a guy with an exotic name that I had never heard of!
And I will begin to re-create a 1-year Anniversary Concert that WOR-FM held on June 11, 1967.
That poster above only lists three acts- in fact there were FIVE acts, and I will get to all of them.
By the way, if you ever wondered what song I use as the theme music for this show, you will get the opportunity to hear it in its grand entirety!
As things would turn out, happy as this event was, those evil, greedy "consultants" were shortly about to swoop down at WOR-FM and ruin everything!
Let's put that aside for now, and just enjoy some truly wonderful Music!
Here's the link to some psychedelic and melodic music, at WLSO.FM:

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Comment by Mike Pell on August 18, 2011 at 1:27pm
Yes the secret is finally revealed, my theme song is Flute Thing by the Blues Project from an album called Projections (clever title!), done surprisingly all the way back in 1966.
There is a real jazz feel to that song, and the whole album is a winner.
If you can, check out Steve's Song, and the rocker Wake Me Shake Me just off the top of my head.
I cared a lot about WOR-FM, I heard Flute Thing by the Blues Project there, but not as much as I loved WNEW-FM- they had no restrictions (like me, lol!), and I was given an education at that station on Folk music that had been going on without my knowledge for years, old Blues, Country especially with Scott Muni playing Johnny Cash all the time, Oldies, Jazz, even Classical now & then.
And each DJ was distinctly different in personality and the music they played- NO playlist.
Unlike today, you didn't NEED another station if you listened to WNEW-FM, you heard all kinds of music in that one place, and it was a Rock station!
They took more of an intellectual approach.
So I nailed that description of the group Sagitarrius eh, lol!
Sounded like The Mamas & Papas meet The Beach Boys to me, and now you too.
If Requiem For The Masses by The Association reminded me of Christmas at all (it doesn't, lol), it would be because of the use of Latin in the song and my Catholic schooling.
I know Snoopy Meets The Red Baron, and you are right, I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, LOL!
Richie Havens has been a terrific artist over the years and still going.
He is well worth digging into, but start at the beginning with Mixed Bag and see if you can listen in a chronological order.
Break On Through by the Doors is one of the greatest debut album openers ever, probably the BEST!
Thanks for listening and writing...HOMEY?....HAHAHAHAHA!
Comment by RJhog (Admin) on August 17, 2011 at 9:34am


Ah yes!  The secret is finally revealed.  Hey, that show them is pretty cool.  Of course, I had never heard anything more than what you play at the beginning of your show.  Now it all makes since, seeing as how you care so much about WOR-FM. 


Your description of the first song played is spot on (The Mamas & Papas meet The Beach Boys).  It really does sound like that.


For some reason, that second song you played, by The Association, made me think of Christmas.  It kind of reminded me of that Snoopy meets the Red Baron song.  You probably have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about.


Really dig the concert at the end of the show.  That Richie Havens song is really good.  You are gonna force me to do some digging.  And the show closer, of course, was terrific.  Break On Through baby!


Great show homey!

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