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At 4:15pm on March 21, 2014, Mike Pell said…

Too late to say that my man, I am on a Magical Mystery Tour!

At 4:13pm on March 21, 2014, Mike Pell said…

Here it is, Mr. Pithy.

"Happy Birthday, Mike. I'd sing you a song, but don't wanna. I'd send you a gift, but don't wanna. That's just the way it is!"

Kinda like song lyrics to a new kind of Birthday song, LOL!

At 2:52pm on March 21, 2014, Mike Pell said…

Thanks so much for remembering Jon!

Do you see what you wrote Last Year?

I hadn't yet realized how insanely funny you were yet, LOL!

At 3:04pm on March 3, 2014, Gordon Williams said…

Thanks for the Birthday wishes!I hit the old "double nickel" this time!

At 9:29am on February 17, 2014, RJhog (Admin) said…

Thank you homey.  At work, nothing special today.

At 9:46pm on November 24, 2013, Scott said…

Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday HYPO LUXA....  Happy birthday to you!

At 9:55am on November 24, 2013, Niels (Mod) said…
Happy birthday, Jon. NOW it's 50, right?
At 8:48am on November 24, 2013, RJhog (Admin) said…

Happy birthday homey!

At 11:00am on November 16, 2013, Niels (Mod) said…
I will definitely get more Ayreon.
At 9:50am on November 16, 2013, Niels (Mod) said…
It IS Ayreon. I have the same feeling about that album, after listening to it 6 times now, that I had last year with Epicloud and the year before, with Trstimony 2.
How could I dislike this album? It's a double concept Prog-album involving science. I'm sold!
At 11:53am on September 5, 2013, RJhog (Admin) said…

I didn't notice.  I haven't seen any spam from her.  At least she didn't join here.

At 11:41am on September 5, 2013, RJhog (Admin) said…

Nope.  Is she that new member?

At 11:28am on September 5, 2013, RJhog (Admin) said…

Thanks.  I don't see it on the LFAOTW grid.

At 11:07am on September 5, 2013, RJhog (Admin) said…

Where is McVicar?  Didn't you post that on here, or was it that other site that shall remain nameless?

At 10:30pm on August 21, 2013, RJhog (Admin) said…

Guitarist Paul Gilbert Praises Ace Frehley: "I Love Ace!"

Zoom in (real dimensions: 510 x 598)Image

In the August issue of "Popular 1" magazine, renowned guitarist Paul Gilbert (Racer X, Mr. Big) spoke about his career and the influence of Ace Frehley. An excerpt follows:

"When I was younger I had the first two discs of live KISS, 'Alive!' and 'Alive II.' I loved those albums' solos, his vibrato is so good, it's great and natural. I love those two albums. I love Ace! I saw a picture of KISS before hearing his music and thought, 'Wow, they must be heavy and noisy.' And I asked my friend [about them]. He said, 'Oh yeah, they have a song call 'Beth.' I said, 'Is that KISS??' (Laughs) I finally got the double album KISS 'Alive!,' Do not know why, do not know how I got it, but I got that disc, put the disc in and [it was] heavier, with great guitar solos. It was really good to learn to play rock, because it was a simple and straightforward rock. I also wanted to play the drums so I also wanted to be Peter Criss. As a fan I loved those live albums." -- Paul Gilbert

At 1:07pm on June 23, 2013, Scott said…
Thank you sir
At 1:07pm on April 9, 2013, Niels (Mod) said…
Thank you.
At 5:28pm on April 5, 2013, Gordon Williams said…

Yeah, I rejoined because I started a new job, and my old email was deleted by my old company, so I could not figure out a way to post comments without rejoining. I think RJHog is going to get it straightened out for me.

Anyway, listened to some more Zebra today! I gots lots of catching up to do!

At 1:14pm on March 22, 2013, Mike Pell said…


See, now that sounds like the guy off his meds again, lol!

I'd sing you a song, but don't wanna. I'd send you a gift, but don't wanna. That's just the way it is!

Thanks for the Happy Birthday, I did my best but it just wasn't good enough!

And holy crap, there were Birthday Wishes here from last year I never noticed...hahahahaha!

Man I go around places not seeing things.

So to all who wished me a Happy Birthday last year and were too pissed of to do so again, I THANK YOU!


At 5:14pm on March 18, 2013, Michael J. Andrade said…

Thanks Jon - 59 is the new 41 - Problem is last year 58 was the new 37. How did I lose 3 years . Ahhhhhh ! 


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