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Radiohead was one of my aboslute favorite bands in the end of the 90's. But like so many other bands, they started to dissapoint me with their "new" albums, and after buying a couple of dissapointing albums from them, I "left" them. It's certainly not the first band, that disspaointed me in that way, but in Radiohead's case, I probably never have experienced a band going from an absolutely great sounding album to terrible sound records. But they decided themselves, to be an experimenting band instead of the 90's Pop/Rock/Prog-band they were, when they released Pablo Honey, The Bends and especially OK Computer, one of my alltime favorite albums, and imo one of the 3 best albums released in the 90's.


I noticed this song being played on the radio back then, but I wasn't that impressed. It has always reminded me of another song, to the point were I didn't think this song sounded original at all. My wife loved this song, around the time, I met her, though.


My favorite song (and video) by Radiohead. When I saw this on MTV in 1995 or whatever, I decided to get the next album Radiohead would release. But I did also buy The Bends, where this song end the album, and as you know, the best albums end with the best songs. Still, The Bends is not Radiohead's best album. It's definitely their second best, but it's a bit boring listening to these days. I LOVE this song, though.


(I have no idea, if this video is offensive to americans, but it IS a cartoon) I know, I'm the only one around here, claiming that this is one of the 3 best albums released in the 90's (the other two are by Soundgarden and Smashing Pumpkins), but I stand by this, and I'm not the only one. This is by far the most populare Radiohead-album as far as I know. I got to see them in concert, when this still was the newest album, they had released. But they also played a great deal of new songs, and it didn't sound too promising to me.


Another one of my favorite-songs from OK Computer, the "ballad" on the album. They also had some very nice video's in the 90's.


When I saw Radiohead in concert in the very start of 2000, they started the concert with this song. The guitarist walked on stage, plugged in, turned on an old radio, and eventually the whole band entered the stage, playing this song from the upcoming album. At first, I thought it sounded okay, but I hoped, there would be much better songs on the album......there wasn't. Well, only a couple, then. KID A, released in the spring of 2000 was very dissapointing. Nowadays I read on the net, that some of their fans claims this is the best album of all time??!! This performance from a TV-show must be from around the time, I saw them live.


I gave them one last chance, and they released a new album shortly after KID A (which was meant to be a double-album, which it should had been imo) Amnesiac, the album was released in 2001, and it was better than KID A, but it was nowhere near as good as OK Computer, and eventually I stopped listening and especially buying music by Radiohead. But still, they have a place in my personal music-history. They have made one of the alltimes best.....25 albums. Recently, they released a new album, and since 2016 still is one VERY weak year, album-wise, I bought the album on ITunes. But let's just say, it won't be AOTY 2016.

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My son loves OK Computer, I never got it...

CREEP ... But I like this one! Nice sound and feel, I love the contrast in the music and the transition from mellow to heavy.

STREET SPIRIT ... Kind of has the same vibe as Creep with no heaviness. Arent these guys supposed to be highly experimental? Kind of a droner this one is.

PARANOID ANDROID ... ok, heres the weird Radiohead I had always known them to be. Offensive video? No... Weird video? Yes, very... I dont get it.

NO SURPRISES ... These guys are far more mellow than I expected. My son loves this, I dont.

THE NATIONAL ANTHEM ... uh... well that was noisy.

BURN THE WITCH ... I love a feel good song and video! OK , maybe just the video.

I think you already said this wouldn't go over with me and likely Jeff either. Going out on a limb for him here, but I'm betting I'm right. I've gotta call my son and find out what I'm missing.

So after working on ACDC for the past 6 months I finally had a chance to investigate a band Ive been picking at for the past year or so.  They are called The Pineapple Thief, maybe you know them.  So far I like them a lot!  But a couple albums are hit and miss.  But in reading the reviews of several albums, fans of the band state that Radiohead fans would love them.  

Ugh!  Im no radiohead fan, but I do like Pineapples Thiefs.  Reconcile that one!

I bought a Pineapple Thief-album a few years back. I don't remember comparing it to Radiohead?!

I found it a bit boring, so there MIGHT be comparison from you?

Back in the 90's, Radiohead was compared with U2. Later on, a lot of the alternative bands have been compared with Radiohead, especially bands, that sounds like Radiohead might had sounded like, if they had continued the "big" sound from "OK Computer". At the top of my head, I can't think of any bandnames now, though? Maybe Pineapple Thief? 

You know, after listening to a few new rock-albums like Acid Roulette by Scorpion Child,This Is Your Life by Augustines or Hollow bones by Rival Sons, I keep returning to the Aja-album.

Do you know any similar albums, I don't know of? I like this kind of music right now.

You might try another Steely Dan, check out Pretzel Logic


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