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We are just a bit late this year, but we didn't forget.  So here are the artists that are being inducted into the Classic Rock Bottom Hall Of Fame for 2014.  Please feel free to share your comments below.  

Jimi Hendrix

Judas Priest

The Rolling Stones

The Doors

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Dammit...Warren Zevon should be a no brainer for inclusion.

I can only say, that I agree 100% regarding these 5 inductees.

I don't have a problem with the bands that are in. I just wanted Zevon in!

I'm not much of a Doors fan, but I see why they're in...  No arguments from me...  But I feel a Corporate Rock ballot may be in order next year....

A good list, a solid list!

Some good bands in this hall, but how can Alice Cooper not be in, but KISS is?

Are you talking about the CRB HOF or the RnR HOF?

I'm pissed at the exclusion of people who'd like to vote. I did several years ago, but lately I have not been invited to participate. Ya'll can all kiss my ass, bunch of snobs....

Here's my list of 2014 HOF members


Big Jim Slade

Dirty Dave Osti

Ledfoot Messiah


Now go make some more lists that only a handful of people see any damn way...maybe there is a reason so few people get on here? Maybe there's a reason we get new people, and after a short while, they just disappear, and you dont hear from them again???? The line for snobs forms to the right...

I just went back and checked. Four years of inductees, and no Creedence? No Elvis? (and yes, Elvis does belong in a REAL R'n'R HOF).

I could not agree with you more. 

I would put Elvis in without a doubt.  He defined RNR back then.  We just can't put everybody in at the same time.  Everybody has their own agenda, and rightfully so.  But we are only inducting 5 artists per year.  I think we have twenty or so artists in so far.  And CCR, Elvis, Alice Cooper and many more certainly deserve to be in.  Eventually they will be.  I also think all of the artists that have been inducted to this point deserve it.  So to put in CCR, a Heart or a Deep Purple or a Cheap Trick would have to have been left off.  But all four are deserving.  

Now, speaking to Scandal and Gordon, are you guys saying you would like to have some sort of input with the selection committee?  

Yes I would. I was invited to participate on the first one, maybe even the second one, but no invitation since then.

I am ok to limiting it to 5 inductees per year. In years to come, there may be a point where even 5 might be too many (down the road a few more years or so). My personal feeling is that every single artist inducted so far deserve to be, except for Cheap Trick. But, I understand that CT is a favorite of others here, so I am ok with artists I personally dont feel belong still being inducted. Its a voting system, and all votes should be counted equally.

Perhaps it would have been wiser to induct the "older" artists that have been around longer (musically speaking) first. So...if Creedence, Elvis, Alice Cooper were in, then others such as Cheap Trick or Heart might have to wait longer to get in.

But long story short, the exclusion of some of us not getting a chance to voice our opinion is what I'm upset about. If you guys are going to have this "exclusivity" among a handful of you, then this site will continue to be under appreciated, under utilized, and quite frankly, the same handful of people who actually participate will continue to be the ONLY ones who participate. With the "library" of music that can be heard here, this should be a popular site. But there is only a handful of people that visit often, and thats a shame.

It seems when "new people" visit or join...they dont stay around too long. I can think of 3 examples off the top of my head at the moment. I remember the lady (from Europe somewhere, I believe), who joined, and was posting a ton of videos for a few weeks, and then she's gone, and has n't been back. I remember they young dude from California, named Matt or Mark maybe? Either way, I remember him because he too was a big Michael Schenker fan...have not heard from him in ages. And then there is Danno Longhair...used to participate a lot, and now I never see much from him.

The point I'm trying to make is that the more people who enjoy the site, the better it will be. Being exclusive is not going to help promote the site.


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