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6 Seasons Late To The ANTARES Party

     The next CD is coming from the Instrumental pile. Let's get one thing out of the way; Joe Rodriguez is Antares. (so does it say in the…

Started by Yngve J. ChapleenLatest Reply

5 Weeks Late To The Jacula Party

     Never heard anything from Antonius Rex. (apparently it's a post Jacula band, not that I know who they are either) All I know, it's a P…

Started by Yngve J. ChapleenLatest Reply

4 Days Late To The F. Party

     One of the hardest working and criminally underrated musician of the 80's. Not a household name, but it's hard to believe you haven't…

Started by Yngve J. ChapleenLatest Reply

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16 Candles Late To The Anyone's Party

     This weeks album, like many in my Progressive Rock collection comes highly recommended by my friend who eats, breaths and sleeps Progr…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

3 on Sunday
Reply by Mike Pell

15 Years Late To The Fire And Brimstone Preachers Party

     I think we already established the fact that I love humor. It's the first thing I read in newspapers. Hägar The Horrible, Calvin And H…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

5 Jun 17
Reply by Jon

14 Apollos Late To The Arch Armageddon Party

     Not very often, but occasionally I do buy CD's blindly. Some of the reasons might be because the artist(s) never let me down, the rele…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

2 Jun 10
Reply by Jon

13 Fridays Late To The Bad News Party

Before Spinal Tap, there was Bad News. Well, technically they first appeared in the British series "The Comic Strip Presents..." back in 19…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

3 Jun 7
Reply by RJhog (Admin)

12 Bricks Late To The Berlin Party

     Today I was going to continue exploring the funny side of the Rock music, but decided to postpone that post for later date and try som…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

5 May 28
Reply by Jon

11 Volumes Late To The PArTy LANIPS

     During the 90's, if you went to a second hand store there were two things you could always count on finding in a CD bin. One was the 1…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

1 May 18
Reply by Scott

10 Magnitudes Late To The 9.0 Party

     This can be considered a Supergroup in making. Initially, Peter Marrino formed the band after Cacophony split up. He was also known to…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

3 May 14
Reply by Jon

9 Months Late To The Igor Party

     Today's Artist spotlighted has a very scarce internet footprint. Perhaps the store where I got the CD had little bit more info on him,…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

3 May 7
Reply by Yngve J. Chapleen

8 Balls Late To The Aldridge Party

ANTHONY ALDRIDGES SKABOOSH! - Freetown CD ℗ 1988/1993 ROCK 1. Movin' Up And Movin' On2. Fanfare / Bareback Ridin'3. Freedom4. Time5. Starti…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

2 Apr 22
Reply by Scott

7 Deadly Sins Late To The Aaron Party

LEE AARON - Bodyrock CD ℗ 1989 AOR 1.Nasty Boyz 2. Yesterday 3. Gotta Thing For You 4. Rock Candy 5. Tough Girls, Don't Cry 6. Sweet Talk 7…

Started by Yngve J. Chapleen

0 Apr 12


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