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I’m Back -
OK – You know I don’t have a podcast anymore, but I am still making my monthly compilations.
Here is a place you can still find my compilations and they are very
safe downloadable high grade MP 3’s that is broken up in 4 segments.
Also at times I’ll be sending a track through here instead of tying up your E-Mail servers.     ( Thanks Oedipus for the idea ! )
Glad to be back on this great site CRB.
CLICK Below – either open from site for instant listen or save as anywhere in your computer.

Feel free to reply and let know what you think or to be taken out of this compilation folder.
Here is my last compilation. New one for March coming up soon. 
I present RockRoll360. An eclectic, intelligent rock compilation.
Hear a cross between Classic Underground and AAA Radio format.
Along with the great music you’ll find strange oddities- sound bites,
radio station I.D’s, jingles and comedy.  
Here is a list of material from the first compilation.
Save this list if you decide to upload and keep the compilations somewhere in word or notebook.  
                                                             ‡  2 – 2013 MusicMan Compilation   
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1    Hello, hello     Sound bite from my 2 yr. baby Sara Andrade from 1990 – No editing !    
2    BUENA               MORPHINE   
3    LET HER GO                 PASSENGER    
4    WAPS - 91.3 - Akron, Ohio  -           A Happy Place     AAA Radio station  -  I.D.    
5    BOY WITH A COIN                IRON AND WINE    
6    Wanna dance or would you rather suck face              Sound bite from the movie On Golden Pond    
7    DANCE, DANCE, DANCE       #8 in 1964           THE BEACH BOYS    
8    I CAN'T DANCE             #7 in 1992                   GENESIS    
9    I could dance with you till the cows come home                Sound Bite from Groucho Marx       
10    ALL SHE WANTS TO DO IS DANCE         # 9 in 85                    DON HENLEY
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11    HELPLESS   ( Live )                       NEIL YOUNG AND THE BAND    
12    Mexican female speaking                    Sound bite from Selma Hayek    
13    MEXICAN BLACKBIRD                             ZZ TOP    
14    WBOS  ( Music In A Minute )                                                     AAA 92.9 Radio I.D.    
15    Damitall                Comedy from WBCN Radio in Boston    
16    How are you liking the program so far                    Patrick Stewart as Susie Swanson    
17    ENEMIES   ( From their official Video )                     SHINEDOWN    
18    GOODBYE TO YOU                  #65 in 1982               SCANDAL
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19    WBCN - Your station sucks                         - Touch It touch it.     Radio station I.D.    
20    JUDY IS A PUNK                 THE RAMONES    
21    ST. NICK ON THE FOURTH IN A FERVOR                             HA HA TONKA    
22    KFML in Denver  - Watermelon                                                      Vintage Progressive Radio Station I.D.    
23    ALONG COMES MARY    ( Live )                                 THE ASSOCIATION    
24    Colt 45 - with Billy Dee Williams                              Vintage TV Commercial    
25    I NEVER LOVED A MAN ( THE WAY I LOVE YOU)    >                                     #9 in 1967    ARETHA FRANKLIN    
26    Fire burning                            Sound effect    
27    LOVE THAT BURNS                   FLEETWOOD MAC ( Feats. Peter Green )
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29    MANDOLIN RAIN                #4 in 1987                               BRUCE HORNSBY    
30    BLUE SKY                           THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND    
31    Oh ! Don't give up so easily                         Sound bite from TV's Bewitched   
32    DON'T GIVE UP                #72 IN 1987                                 PETER GABRIEL With Kate Bush    
33    Heartbeat                                Sound effect    
34    HEART OF STONE               #19 in 1965                             THE ROLLING STONES    
35    Ohh dun - Ohh dun                                Sound bite from my 2 yr. baby Sara Andrade from 1990 – No editing !

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